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Ex Strongest, Continue to Work Hard at Collecting Materials

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Although it was obvious, Soma couldn’t find any difference between the sight outside the barrier and the one inside.

If he had to mention the difference in all aspect, there were signs of monsters unlike what he had sensed until now, but… was that really about it? After confirming that the signs of monster were quite far away as Soma took a look at the surroundings, he walked out of the barrier with ease.

This was only the story he heard, but this world seemed to be made in the form of a square. It might be said that the place had been cut off, but… he didn’t care too much about it.

Felicia’s log house was at the southern end and the barrier was expanded in a circle shape. The radius of the barrier was about one kilometer, but the size of the world itself was unknown. On the contrary, Soma was certain that it wasn’t twice the size of the barrier.

At any rate, all of it was covered in a forest. Some of the places were cleared, like the one with the log house. There were also places where trees were too dense and light hardly went through. If one thought about it, the environment was diverse. Which was why there were various plants growing here…

“…I remember plants require sunlight, but I really wonder what would happen to ‘that’?” (Soma)

When he looked up while muttering so, it was in the plain sight that there was a sky and a sun was up there. Its position was slightly inclined from the middle sky, and it sunk as time passed.

Then, the night would come, the stars would glitter, and sometimes there were rains. It was normal to wonder what was happening.

He hadn’t heard the details… or rather, Felicia also didn’t aware, but apparently, this was a world created by the Elves. This seemed to be a great magic combined with the power of not few dozens, but hundreds of Elves. Soma didn’t understand it well, but he knew that it was a magic. He thought that he wanted to use it with own hands as soon as possible, but there was no point in being impatient.

To put it simply, he would do things as always–…

— The Rules of Swords – Divine Protection of Dragon God – Battle Ready – Special Rank Presence Detection: Surprise Attack – Null

“I just have to go with my own pace.” (Soma)

— The Rules of Swords – God Killer – Dragon Killer – Divine Protection of Dragon God – Absolute Slash – Lighting Speed: Lightning Sword Flash.

At that moment, he cut off the head of the shadow that came out from behind.

However, he only noticed after a momentary delay, and he let out a breath of relief after confirming its identity. The one he defeated had an appearance of a wild boar.

There were several types of boar-like monsters inhabiting this forest. The materials needed from any of them were fangs, claws and some part of it contained meats. It wouldn’t be a problem to severe the head.

But, in the end of the day, it was only good luck. Depending on the needed parts and the situation, it was possible to miss out what he needed.

“Hmm… as I expected, it’s no good to do like the usual.” (Soma)

Although it was a bit of a hassle, it seemed to be necessary to confirm the appearance every time there was a surprise attack of the monsters. He had to be careful not to kill them instantly, but funny thing was, it would be nice to be like that once in a while.

With that in mind, Soma stripped the materials he needed from the one he just knocked over. He rearranged his mind and continued the search.

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“Anyhow, I got these much today!” (Soma)

Having said that, Felicia blinked her eyes three times when seeing what Soma had lined up on the table.

It had been three hours since Soma went out looking for materials. This took about twice as long as before, but it was inevitable. After all, it seemed that he went outside of the barrier this time. It was normal to take time as the search distance increased.

There was no reason to doubt it. She didn’t doubt him from the beginning. In fact, the materials laid before her was the truth.

When collecting materials, Soma would have taken a basket so far, but that was because the basket was sufficient enough to hold the materials. However, for this time, she lent him a magic tool that had been put meals inside, but… the items that were taken out of the bag were quite unexpected, to be honest.

Among the materials obtained from the monsters, the most needed material for medicines was the blood. It was also one of the most difficult to obtain. Although it wasn’t as much as the dragon’s blood, the best part was to drain the blood while it was still alive since it was better when it was fresh.

The situation would be different if there were a lot of labors and equipment were enough, but there was none here. Which was why gathering materials from the monsters was difficult.

By the way, even though there was no equipment, there were containers for storing blood. There were about a total of thirty small and large containers.

However, there were not suitable for long-term storage as they were naturally required for its freshness. After the death of her predecessor, Felicia lived alone here and he hadn’t used the containers for long time. For that reason, she had no choice but to leave it alone, but she lent all of them to Soma this time, and…

“Honestly, I didn’t expect that you drained the blood.” (Felicia)

“Hmm? Is that so? I think I’ve spent a third of the time of encountering monsters to gather these blood.” (Soma)

To put it simply, he had encountered and repulsed nearly three digits amount of monsters. Certainly, Felicia thought that there were a lot of fangs, claws and others, but… she couldn’t imagine how Soma did that.

As mentioned before, Felicia had gotten out of the barrier only once and that was when her predecessor brought her out. To be honest, she didn’t really remember because she was a little girl, but she still strongly remembered the fear she had at that time.

That was why she never thought of going out of barrier since then… suddenly, a question that she had never thought so much went over her mind. She wondered how strong Soma really was.

Felicia knew about him using a sword, but since she had almost no combat capability, she never cared so much. To be able to fight the monsters showed that Soma was strong…

However, such a thought was blown away without a trace by the event that occurred immediately after. While saying ‘Now that you mention it’, Soma took that thing out.

“Uhm, now that you mention it, I forgot to show you this.” (Soma)

“…? Is there still something else?” (Felicia)

“Well, I was thinking to surprise you, so I took it out last, and…” (Soma)

What Soma took out from the bag-like magic tool was one of the containers for storing blood. It was the largest of them. Even if he collected that much, she had a feeling that she wouldn’t be able to use all of it.

However, such a thought that went by suddenly wasn’t because she was calm. Rather, it was the opposite. It was like an escape from reality.

It was because the contents placed before her was definitely impossible to obtain from those monsters. At first glance, she understood the overwhelming mystical feeling contained in it.

She saw the same thing before once. At that time, she felt a sense of intimidation, but she didn’t know what that meant–…

“…Somsan? Could that be…” (Felicia)

“Ooh, did you understand by just looking at it? As I expected of you, hmm, yeah, this is the blood of living dragon!” (Soma)

There was no need to confirm whether it was true or not. It felt exactly the same as what she saw before, and certainly, it was impossible for something else except the blood of a dragon.

However, she couldn’t believe it at the same time. What it meant was… he was able to get blood from a dragon.

That didn’t mean he killed the dragon… Well, that was possible but it was highly likely he received it from a dragon. She felt exactly the same as what she saw before because of that reason. The blood of a dragon would be different depending on the situation in which it was obtained. It was just like Felicia saw before, and this also meant that it was received from a Dragon.

But, he needed to be recognized by the dragon. Moreover, Felicia heard that the dragons only acknowledged those who were above them.

The word above didn’t limited to the strength. It could be anything, but–…

“…By the way, do you mind if I ask how did you get this?” (Felicia)

“Hmm? I don’t mind telling you, but to begin with, I didn’t do anything in particular, you know?” (Soma)

“What do you mean by that? You drained the blood without doing anything… so how did that happen?” (Felicia)

“It is as it is, I think?” (Soma)

“…What?” (Felicia)

According to Soma, he had killed monster properly and recovered material, and then, he ran into a dragon by chance. When he became happy since this was a chance to obtain the blood of the dragon, the next moment was that the dragon was lying down.

“…Falling prostrate, is it?” (Felicia)

“Hmm, it didn’t lower its head. It fell prostrate with the whole body on the ground. Aah, no, it also showed its belly right after that. It might not exactly that way though…” (Soma)

“No, I don’t care about that kind of detail.” (Felicia)

Either way, there was no change in the fact that it was impossible.

“Really? Anyhow, I’m not sure what it was in such a state, but when I said that I wanted it to share its blood with me, he generously gave me a lot. It was a pretty good dragon.” (Soma)

“…Haa.” (Felicia)

She wasn’t sure whether it was a good thing or bad thing, but she wondered if such a thing really happened since it didn’t feel real at all. However, she had to ask one more thing even while trying to escape from the reality.

“…Somsan, who are you?” (Felicia)

“Hmm? I’m just an ordinary swordsman like the ones you can see everywhere with a desire to become a mage.” (Soma)

Even with this, Felicia had a sense that she was ignorant about common sense. Well, she was a Witch and she had been here all alone, but still…

That was the only strong consideration she had was whether such an existence, who play dumb, could exist everywhere.

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