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Published at 12th of November 2020 10:16:45 AM

Chapter 45

He couldn’t decide yet what to do with Agnes . Leaving her alone is also a big problem .
The best option for now is to leave her at Lazar relatives’ house, which is located far away, but he wasn’t sure because he never met them before .

His boss was someone he can trust, but what about his relatives?
Whether here or far away, should he be by her side at all time to protect her? Bernard thought over it, but it would be difficult to do .

Regarding this matter, he decided to consult with his mother, Oceanne and his sister-in-law, Ingrit .
Listening to the story, Ingrit was the first one to object .

“– You can’t send Agnes-san to another place! What do we do? If a stranger sees her and decides to marry her!”

“Agnes-san is too kind, so she won’t know how to handle a situation like that! She will think about the stranger’s feelings first . ”

He imagined Agnes being trapped by a strange man, and Bernard was struck by the sensation of being pushed off a cliff .

Meanwhile, Oceanne uttered with anxiety her fears .

“But if Agnes stays here, is it possible to protect her from someone whose identity is unknown?”

Listening to her mother’s words, Bernard looked at her with a painful expression .

“… Question, if Bernard and Agnes are here, why not ask the Knights for protection?”

“Mother, it can’t be”



It was from the Knights that the wedding dress was stolen, despite the fact that it was kept in strict custody . It’s a scandal, and they ordered to hide everything .
 Sensing that something was off, Ingrit whispered something in her mother-in-law’s ears .

“Well, if you have any other idea, please tell me . ”

“The Knights are suspicious of someone from inside, right?”

“… That’s secret information”

“Oh! How can you? You really love to keep secrets . ”

 After the end of Ingrit’s words, the room fell silent .
 Currently, there isn’t enough information, any hypothesis can be correct .

“No! There’s still one solution for this . ”

“Huh, is there one? Sister-in-law, tell me!”

“Bernard should go to his boss’s relatives’ house with Agnes . ”

“But… I’ll have to leave my charge as Knight”

“That’s right . Good choice . It’s difficult to get everything . Isn’t it, mother-in-law?”

“Yes, right . ”

 Unexpectedly, he was questioning himself, what was more important to him, his job or Agnes?

“What should I do after quitting my job, take her hand and run away of the royal city? And the servants! Should I leave this family alone?”

“You don’t have to worry about them . ”

“Yes, they can come with me back to our estate . ”

To quit as a knight and leave the royal capital with Agnes… That’s hard to do .

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 Agnes is more important than anything else, but being a knight is also Bernard’s own identity .

 The talk ended without any conclusion .

At night, Bernard spoke to the sleepy Agnes, who was lying on the bed across the curtain .



“… What would you do if something important for you… was about to be taken from you?”

“I think I’ll carry it with me . ”

“What if it’s big?”

“It would be difficult . You cannot be vigilant all the time . ”

“Yes . ”

 If she were small like Miel, he can keep her in a pocket but– What a good idea!

 If I take Agnes with me to the workplace, disguised as a maid .
Not many people know her face .

Bernard was thinking about what disguise to use .

It would be worst if she attracts more attention… However, I can’t take a servant with me to missions or training .
 He immediately gave up, that strategy won’t work out .

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Agnes still sleepy said to Bernard .

“Please, do not overdo it . ”

“No, no… It’s a difficult matter . ”

“… If I can do something”

Bernard noticed Agnes’ worried voice and chose another topic .

Choose something that will change the mood…

“My vacation is coming soon… What do you think about going out on a picnic?”


Agnes got up, he saw that through the thin curtain .


“Are you sure?”

“About what?”

“Go out on a picnic!”

“… Oh”

Bernard, after a moment, understood that Agnes was very excited with the suggestion to go on a picnic .

“Is everyone going?”

“Yeah . Let’s go with Gigille and my nephew and niece… My mother and sister-in-law too . ”

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“It sounds like a lot of fun!”

“Yes, yes . ”

My next vacation will start from the day after tomorrow… He decided to say .

“The weather has been good these days, so it’s going to be perfect for a picnic in the open!”

Agnes says .

“If so, I’ll make some sweets tomorrow . ”

“What are you planning to make?”

“Biscuits, cake, apple pie–“

“Wow, Before you couldn’t bake at all and now you can prepare so many sweets?”

“Yes! My teacher is excellent . ”



“Then, I want to eat a cake with plenty of chocolate . ”

“Okay, I’ll do my best!”

“Oh then, I’ll cross my fingers . ”

 After that, the night became peacefully .

Translated by Djurasico (dot) home (dot) blog

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