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Book 9 Chapter 4 Gui Yuan Sect of Jiangning

After attaining Emptiness Realm, Harmonization of the Spirit and the Heavens and Earth was very easy, while Harmonization of the Body and the Heavens and Earth was slightly harder. However, a typical Emptiness Realm Expert could achieve that by passing some time! When the Emptiness Realm Expert attained Harmonization of the Body and the Heavens and Earth, he could transform into a flowing light that contained the power of the heavens and earth.

The fastest Qing Gong Body was not aided by the power of the heavens and earth.

However, Harmonization of the Body and the Heavens and Earth gave one a portion of the power of the heavens and earth. With this transformation, one could reach the fastest speed.

“Harmonization of the Body with the Heavens and the Earth is like my Earth Elemental Art. The Earth Elemental Art gains access to the power of the heavens and earth, therefore the performer of this art is able to move a distance of one or two Li in one stride.” Teng Qingshan pondered, “However, my Earth Elemental Dao has not reached the pinnacle. If I wish to achieve Harmonization of the Body and the Heavens and Earth, I can only practice the Metal Elemental Power or the Fire Elemental Power.”

With the experience of the Earth Elemental Art, Teng Qingshan continued progressing in Harmonization of the Body with the Heavens and Earth.

6th of September, early morning.

In the Li Residence’s training room in Nanxin County City.

Teng Qingshan was practicing the 《Metal Element Fist》. His fists were like huge axes swinging back and forth, displaying extremely intense power. Teng Qingshan did not exert great force, but because his punches contained the Metal Elemental Dao, his punches could stun someone and cause the person’s ‘spirit’ to be trapped in the illusion cast by the Metal Elemental Dao.


Teng Qingshan took a deep breath and restrained the swordlike aura.

The gigantic demonic beast, ‘Six Legged Bladelike Chi,’ was lying off to the side, watching Teng Qingshan with full concentration. The protruding eyes that were as big as tires appeared rather confused, seeming to be deep in thought. The Whole Gale Eagle on the roof above the lair of the Six Legged Bladelike Chi blinked as it watched.

It was obvious that the Whole Gale Eagle did not understand Teng Qingshan’s fist art.

“Qingshan.” Li Jun carried the morning tea over.

“Little Jun.” Teng Qingshan, dressed in loose azure cloak, walked over as he responded with a smile, “I am going to the Gui Yuan Sect. I will probably get back home at night. Please take care of our home.

“Okay. However, Qingshan… please be careful!” Li Jun said worried.

“Don’t worry. I have now achieved ‘Harmonization of Body with the Heavens and Earth.’ Therefore, I can escape even if I encounter an expert who has reached Emptiness Realm Culmination. Even if he has an avian demonic beast, I can escape underground.” Teng Qingshan was confident. Once an Emptiness Realm Expert achieved Harmonization of the Spirit with the Heavens and Earth and Harmonization of the Body with the Heavens and Earth, he could go anywhere in the world!

After all, avian demonic beasts were rare on this continent! The avian demonic beasts that could drill through the ground rapidly like the Undying Phoenix were even rarer.

The Tianfeng Martial Immortal of the Duanmu Continent was unlucky to have encountered the Undying Phoenix.

When an Emptiness Realm Expert performed the Qing Gong body art, the journey from Nanxin County City to Jiangning County City would take less than two hours.


A figure hid in the tall grass by the official road three Li away from from the East Gate of the Jiangning County City. A figure appeared out of thin air amid the bushes beside the official road. The figure appeared to be a wealthy young master. With a rectangular bundle, he stepped onto the official road and walked toward the east gate.

“Jiangning County!”

“It has been long since I returned.” Teng Qingshan stared at the big ‘Jiangning’ characters on the East Gate. He recalled how he used to lead many cavalrymen and soldiers of the Black Armored Army, charging away from Jiangning County to Yanjiang City to fight against the great army of Qing Hu Island. He seemed to see the scene of him personally leading the Black Armored Army to Great Yan Mountain to save his relatives.

“It has been almost four years. Jiangning County, Gui Yuan Sect, I have returned.”

After Teng Qingshan paid the toll to enter the city, he entered Gui Yuan Sect through the east entrance.

When he had left Gui Yuan Sect, Teng Qingshan had just reached Innate Realm.

But now, Teng Qingshan had become an Emptiness Realm Expert!

Walking on the main street of Jiangning County, the barracks of Gui Yuan Sect’s Black Armored Army was situated on the left side, while the stores of many merchants were on the right side. The main street was one of the main roads of the entire Jiangning County. It bustled with activity as passersby strode back and forth. On this main street, Teng Qingshan, who was dressed like a wealthy young master, did not appear conspicuous.

“The barracks!” Teng Qingshan glanced to his left.

“Hup! Hah!”

Thunderous shouts resounded from within the barracks of Gui Yuan Sect. Every morning, the Black Armored Army would train for a very long time.

“The Black Armored Army is training…” Teng Qingshan’s expression suddenly changed.


Teng Qingshan could distinctly sense the familiar auras in his domain. The auras were of his father, Teng Yongfan, his mother, his sister, the members of the Teng Clan, his teacher Zhuge Yuanhong, and other people.

“Father, Mother!” Teng Qingshan teared up. He really wished to run over and see his parents.

“Thank goodness Father, Mother, sister, and the others are alright.” Teng Qingshan took a deep breath.

As Teng Qingshan inspected within his domain, he knew that his parents and sister were in Gui Yuan Sect, while the members of the Teng Clan lived in an enormous mansion which belonged to Teng Qingshan. This was a north-facing mansion that had been expanded to accommodate the members of the Teng Clan. “Grandfather is living well. Uncle Yonglei is still alive as well.” Teng Qingshan felt great exhilaration.

He was very familiar with this main street!

He was also very familiar with many people here as he would often pass by some stores when he was on his way to the barracks from the Teng Residence.

“This is my home!” Teng Qingshan muttered under his breath.

“Such powerful aura. The aura of an Emptiness Realm Expert.” Teng Qingshan looked south and said to himself, “The aura is coming from the Martial Pavilion. The Emptiness Realm Expert of Gui Yuan Sect is actually Elder Wu, the one who loves to read the unofficial history book at the Martial Pavilion.”

At the Martial Pavilion of Gui Yuan Sect.

At this moment, the silver-haired Elder Wu who had always been smiling appeared very serious. He stood in front of the door of the Martial Pavilion and gazed north while frowning. Feeling bewildered, he said to himself, “Such a powerful and fierce metal force and that fervent and fiery aura! Which Emptiness Realm Expert is this? I’ve probably never seen him before, but… he seems slightly familiar.”

Elder Wu was very confused.

One’s aura was related to one’s ‘spirit.’ When one attained Emptiness Realm, especially after the Harmonization of the ‘Spirit’ with the Heavens and Earth, the ‘spirit’ would experience changes. The aura would change as well! If both experts were very familiar with each other, it would be possible to identify the aura. However, Elder Wu wasn’t familiar with Teng Qingshan so he didn’t recognize Teng Qingshan immediately.

Or maybe… he just didn’t expect that the talented young escapee could attain Emptiness Realm before the age of twenty-one!

“Hm. It might be an Emptiness Realm Expert who is just passing by in Jiangning County.

“Since he hasn’t disturbed anyone, I will pretend I never saw him.” Elder Wu walked back into the Martial Pavilion and returned to his desk. Although he picked an unofficial history book up, his mind was no longer on the unofficial history book, but on the distant and mysterious Emptiness Realm Expert.

After all, each and every Emptiness Realm Expert was terrifying.

If an Emptiness Realm Expert dashed into the base of a sect, he could kill the sect master and escape! Even an expert who had attained Emptiness Realm Culmination wouldn’t be able to stop the slaughter.

Therefore, if the sect’s Emptiness Realm Expert noticed an Emptiness Realm Expert entering the city, he wouldn’t dare to act carelessly!

“Eh, he stopped at… the bridge over the canal?” Elder Wu frowned.

The Yu Yang Grand Canal run through the center of Jiangning County. Presently, Teng Qingshan stood on the canal bridge located on the main street with his forearms on the railing.


The torrential waters of the canal flowed as boats occasionally sailed under the bridge. Many young men and women were having dates on the bridge.

“Canal… Yu Yang Grand Canal!” The scene of Zhuge Qing sightseeing the grand canal with him at night appeared in Teng Qingshan’s mind. “Qing Qing…” Teng Qingshan still felt apologetic towards Zhuge Qing. Simultaneously, the feeling of desiring to destroy Qing Hu Island became heavier.

“I will not let everything that happened in the past slide!”

“Qing Hu Island, you guys were not able to kill me in the past. Now, I have returned after four years! This time, I will make you pay!”

A cold glint flashed in Teng Qingshan’s eyes.

This was the principle of this world. Qing Hu Island destroyed Tie Yi Sect, and killed several thousand people. The world only praised the great power of Qing Hu Island, and just a few people said that Qing Hu Island was ruthless and cruel. In Great Yan Mountain, Qing Hu Island compelled Gui Yuan Sect arrogantly, but Gui Yuan Sect could only endure!


Teng Qingshan raised his head and looked south. He walked down the bridge and paced below the shade of the trees before he suddenly disappeared. Transforming into a streak of almost invisible red light, he dashed towards the interior of Gui Yuan Sect at an incredibly fast speed.

“Oh no!” The complexion of Elder Wu, who was constantly on guard, changed drastically. Simultaneously, a flash was seen as he vanished from the Martial Pavilion. He moved with lightning speed toward the location of Sovereign Zhuge Yuanhong. “This Emptiness Realm Expert is so cunning. He first remained motionless on the canal bridge. He then suddenly darted towards where Yuanhong is cultivating. Yuanhong is only one step away from reaching Emptiness Realm. A breakthrough could be made at any time and he would reach the Emptiness Realm.”

“The Blind Swordmaster of Qing Hu Island probably requested that this Emptiness Realm Expert come here to kill Yuanhong.” Elder Wu was astounded and furious!

In the history of the Land of the Nine Prefectures.

Things like an Emptiness Realm Expert suddenly dashing into a sect and killing several elite experts before escaping at lightning speed had happened before! Ever since Gui Yuan Sect and Qing Hu Island became enemies, Gui Yuan Sect had been very careful. However, an Emptiness Realm Expert still came today!

“That sinister, blind bastard!” swore Elder Wu.

The doors of Zhuge Yuanhong’s study room were closed, but the window was open. The heavy fragrance of sandalwood pervaded the whole study room. Dressed in a loose white cloak, Zhuge Yuanhong sat cross-legged as he cultivated silently. His untied hair was draped over his shoulders. He just sat there as if he didn’t exist. Compared to four years ago, the Zhuge Yuanhong today was much more sensible.

Whoosh! A gust of wind blew into the study room. The figure that emerged was Elder Wu!

The Martial Pavilion was located near the study room, so Elder Wu naturally arrived first.

Zhuge Yuanhong opened his eyes and said in surprise, “Martial Ancestor?” Seeing that Elder Wu held a completely azure divine sword, he was astonished. Elder Wu was an Emptiness Realm Expert. What was so daunting that Elder Wu, the most powerful expert of Gui Yuan Sect, would come with a weapon?

“Yuanhong, we are in big trouble. An Emptiness Realm Expert is coming,” Elder Wu said worried.

“An Emptiness Realm Expert?”

No matter how calm Zhuge Yuanhong was, his facial expression still changed drastically. “Is it Qing Hu Island?” Zhuge Yuanhong also knew of the famous Blind Swordmaster, the hauntingly powerful expert who had attained Emptiness Realm Culmination. If the Blind Swordmaster did attack, Elder Wu could escape, but if Elder Wu wanted to protect Zhuge Yuanhong it would be hard.

“It doesn’t make sense for the Blind Swordmaster to make such an unwise move!” Zhuge Yuanhong felt his heart jump into his throat.

Elder Wu stood before Zhuge Yuanhong, cautious and on guard.


A beam of light passed through the window and descended into the study room. The blurred figure materialized, transforming into an ordinary young man who looked like a wealthy young master.

“Friend, why did you come to Gui Yuan Sect?” Elder Wu asked with an imposing manner as he glared at Teng Qingshan.

Excitement could be seen in the eyes of the wealthy young master. “Elder Wu!”

He then looked at Zhuge Yuanhong and the scenes of the Black Armored Soldiers dying and Qing Qing dying on Great Yan Mountain flashed in his mind. He couldn’t help but feel apologetic. With tears welling in his eyes, he knelt down and shouted, “Teacher! The unfilial disciple Teng Qingshan has returned!”

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