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Book 9 Chapter 5 A Conversation Between the Teacher and the Disciple

“Teacher! Your unfilial disciple, Teng Qingshan, has returned!”

His voice reverberated in the study room, yet those in the room, Zhuge Yuanhong and Elder Wu, were stupefied for a moment upon hearing it.

“This fearsome Emptiness Realm Expert who has comprehended both the Fire Elemental Dao and the Metal Elemental Dao, is that young fellow Teng Qingshan?” Elder Wu’s eyes widened in surprise and couldn’t help but stared unwaveringly at the young man whose eyes welled up with tears.
“How is this possible? He-he-he… How could he be Teng Qingshan????”

Even Zhuge Yuanhong, the superior Sovereign, was overwhelmed by a surge of complicated emotions.

Teng Qingshan knelt on the ground. Guilt and shame filled his heart. “In the past, I sought revenge for my father and my village and was completely confident in my camouflaging abilities to not expose my identity… however, in the end, my identity was revealed, and I’ve even implicated Gui Yuan Sect! So many brothers of the Black Armored Army died! Even Qing Qing died! All of these occurred because of my selfishness, my own crazy doings!

In regards to his teacher, Zhuge Yuanhong, Teng Qingshan only felt remorse.

If it wasn’t because of himself, how would teacher lose his beloved daughter?

“Teacher,” Teng Qingshan said as he lifted his head and gazed at Zhuge Yuanhong.

“You… are you Teng Qingshan?”Zhuge Yuanhong was completely shocked.

Teng Qingshan suddenly realized that his current appearance was the one that had been altered. Hence, he proceeded to rub his face. Unexpectedly, his appearance underwent some alterations, from a gentle to a sharp jawline, and even his pupillary distance underwent some changes. He had transformed from the typical nouveau wealthy boy to a grave and stern young man. Ever since he achieved the late stage of the Internal Supreme Force and reached the physical limits of the human body, Teng Qingshan could even make subtle changes to his facial bones and muscles.

Presently, he did not need any paint brush and other materials to alter his appearance.

“This ……” Elder Wu felt extremely surprised. Likewise, Zhuge Yuanhong was also stunned.

The person before them was that crazy fellow at Great Yan Mountain, also known as the greatest phenom in the history of the Gui Yuan Sect – Teng Qing Shan!

Although Teng Qingshan had become much more mature and his aura had become much more constrained than four years ago, he could still be recognized at a glance.

Hence, he could be easily recognized immediately

“Qingshan.” Zhuge Yuanhong excitedly walked towards him and pulled him up, “Quick, stand up, stand up.”

Teng Qingshan could clearly see the tears welled up in his Teacher’s eyes.

“Child, we’ve had no news of you for almost four years.” Zhuge Yuanhong pulled his arm, “ Your parents have been very worried about you, worrying if any accidents have had happened to you. Thank goodness… you’re finally back. It’s good that you are back! I can finally set my mind at ease.”

Teng Qingshan could feel the strong sense of care from his Teacher. He could see the hairs on his Teacher’s temples were streaked with a tinge of silver

“Teacher ……” Teng Qingshan’s heart ached.

During that time, Zhuge Yuanhong had decided to betroth his daughter to Teng Qingshan. Also, his son was going to marry Qingyu. Most importantly, he had already prepared to let Teng Qingshan become the next Sovereign of the Gui Yuan Sect in the future. Therefore, Zhuge Yuanhong had long ago regarded Teng Qingshan as one of his children, with the same care and concern!

After meeting once again after so long, Zhuge Yuanhong felt a wave of emotions from his heart

“Teacher, this disciple has let you down.”

Teng Qingshan kneeled down once again, his eyes filled with tears, “This disciple was too reckless in the past. To save me, Teacher had to send reinforcements into Great Yan Mountain. In the end, many of our black-armoured brothers lost their lives because of me. It’s also because of me, Qing Qing… This disciple is sorry!” Teng Qingshan was filled with guilt and remorse.

The scenes that day at Great Yan Mountain were as clear as though it was happening right before his eyes.

“Teacher, I do not regret killing the people of Qing Hu Island! Qingshan has failed to live up to your teachings… Qingshan is not worthy of being your disciple.”

“Everyone, testify for me. I, Teng Qingshan, betrayed the Gui Yuan Sect and will no longer be a part of it!”

“Everything that I, Teng Qingshan, have done is not related to the Gui Yuan Sect anymore!” …

Teng Qingshan could never forget the scenes in Great Yan Mountain! He felt more remorse towards Qing Qing and the many brothers that had died. He felt even more apologetic towards his teacher, Zhuge Yuanhong.
However, he was a fugitive at that time and did not have any opportunity to explain to his Teacher.

Today, there is finally a chance to make reparations!

“Qingshan.” Zhuge Yuanhong sighed as he shook his head, “Child, I have never blamed you. When you said you have betrayed and left Gui Yuan Sect, I was not angry at all. Instead, your actions and words touched my heart. I knew that you did it for our sect.”

“I only hate that my Gui Yuan Sect was not powerful enough. I only hate that I, Zhuge Yuanhong, was not strong enough… Otherwise, how could the disciple of Zhuge Yuanhong experience such humiliation? How could my beloved daughter die innocently?

“You are the disciple, and I am the Teacher.”

Zhuge Yuanhong gazed at Teng Qingshan, “If the sky falls, it is the teacher’s duty to shoulder it! I was the incompetent one. I could only let you shoulder it yourself and forced you to become a fugitive!”

“Teacher ……” when Teng Qingshan heard this, his tears could not help but flow.

“Just look at both of you, today is an auspicious day! A day of happiness!” Elder Wu laughingly said, “Qingshan has returned to our Gui Yuan Sect safely, henceforth we would have one more Emptiness Realm Expert! This is such a happy event. Why are you guys crying?”

“Hm. Qingshan, you are already an Emptiness Realm expert, yet you’re still crying.” Zhuge Yuanhong smiled as he pulled Teng Qingshan to his feet.

Teng Qingshan took a deep breath, and his tears evaporated.

During the past several years residing in the Duanmu Continent, apart from tearing up for Li Jun and himself, he would usually not cry at all. However, upon seeing his Teacher, overwhelming emotional feelings of returning home, guilt, gratefulness, and many many more emotions caused Teng Qingshan to be unable to hold it in.

“Qingshan, sit. Come sit down and have a nice chat with Teacher, what has happened to you?” Zhuge Yuanhong asked with a smile, “My talented disciple, how is it that in the span of only a few years, you can progress from an at most a True Dan Innate expert to an Emptiness Realm Expert. Even up till now, I, your teacher, still haven’t broken through.”

“By the way, Qingshan, how did you.. reach Emptiness Realm?” The Elder Wu looked at Teng Qingshan incredulously, unable to believe this accomplishment, “An Emptiness Realm Expert!, Qing Hu Island, known as one of the eight Supreme Sects under the heavens, only has one Emptiness Realm Expert.
Qingshan, you…”

The most shocking thing was that Teng Qingshan was only twenty-one years old!

“Teacher, Elder Wu.”

Teng Qingshan took a deep breath and said, “Listen to my story. When I was in Wu City of Yuzhou, I was pursued and fled all the way to the Great Prairie in the north…”

The study room gradually quietened down, with only the sound of Teng Qingshan’s narration.

“What? The Heavenly God Palace?”

Both Zhuge Yuanhong and the Elder Wu were both in great shock.

“Hm. The God of Heaven Mountain is only a branch of the Heavenly God Palace. After I had defeated the First Godly General Borileimu, I was asked by the God of Heaven to be one of the three Foreign Dignitaries.” Teng Qingshan continued his narration about the adventures on the sea and many other intricacies.

Some matters which should not be divulged were only briefly touched upon by Teng Qingshan.

However, the journey across the North Sea and reaching the Duanmu Continent and the happenings afterward, especially the battle between Teng Qingshan and the Tianfeng Martial Immortal, amazed both Zhuge Yuanhong and Elder Wu. Teng Qingshan fought an Emptiness Realm Expert?

After a very long time—

The study room became quiet.

“After we left the Phoenix Island, me, Little Jun, and my two disciples rode the Six Legged Bladelike Chi back to the Land of the Nine Prefectures,” said Teng Qingshan.

Both the Elder Wu and Zhuge Yuanhong both heaved a long sigh.

“Duanmu Continent? There is even a place like this in this world.” Zhuge Yuanhong exclaimed in surprise. He immediately looked towards Teng Qingshan and said, “Qingshan, the news you brought this time is like charcoal sent during winter! The Tianfeng Aqua Bead and Blazing Flame Red Lotus Seeds. Hmm, the best was the Undying Phoenix!”

“Qingshan, you actually were able to make friends with such a godly beast! This is great fortune,” Zhuge Yuanhong exclaimed in admiration.

Teng Qingshan sighed, “It only happened because of Little Jun. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be any way to communicate with that divine beast.”


Zhuge Yuanhong nodded. “The news that you brought is extremely beneficial to our Gui Yuan Sect. Thanks to you, the Gui Yuan Sect to turn this situation around, even as far as replacing Qing Hu Island as one of the eight supreme sect might not be an impossibility.

Hearing this, Teng Qingshan revealed a smile. In regards to scheming and stratagem, there was a markedly wide distance between the abilities of disciple and Teacher. Nicknamed “Gui Yuan’s Zhuge”, Zhuge Yuanhong was number one in the fields of stratagem and scheming. Moreover, Teng Qingshan was extremely trusting in his own Teacher. Of course, there were certain things that were left unsaid.

It stemmed purely because he did not want to cause a disaster towards the Duanmu Continent!

For example, the relationship between the Splitting Mountain Axe and the 《Thirty-six Splitting Mountain Forms》. Even though Teng Qingshan did indeed brought back the Splitting Mountain Axe, the concepts and the forms engraved on the stone inscriptions of the《Thirty-six Splitting Mountain Forms》 were all stored in Teng Qingshan’s brain. Hence, the stone inscriptions were not brought back. Therefore, even if the Splitting Mountain Axe were to be lost, nobody will realise the relationship between the axe and the stone inscriptions.

After all, those stone inscriptions were all left in the Duanmu Continent!

“Teacher, according to you, how should we proceed now?’ Teng Qingshan asked.

“Let me think, let me think.”

The eyes of Zhuge Yuanhong gleamed, evidently due to him being delighted. After all, Teng Qingshan had brought back a large amount of resources. Regardless of the resources such as the “Fiery Glit Steel”, the “Undying grass”, and the “Blazing Flame Red Lotus”, the most important of them all was still the Six-legged Bladelike Chi and the soon to arrive Undying Phoenix.

“Hmm, Teacher, how about I visit my parents and sister first?” Teng Qingshan asked.


Zhuge Yuanhong nodded with a smile, “However, do remember not to let them discover your presence in this period. It is still not the time to expose your identity. Your parents would definitely be closely monitored by the men of Qinghu Island. If your parents were to leak out the news of your return, it would be disastrous indeed. How you should proceed with this, let me take some time to think about it and offer you a suggestion later.”

“Acknowledged.” Teng Qingshan nodded his head

Towards his Teacher, Teng Qingshan was not worried about the former divulging secrets nor lusting after his treasures. Ultimately, even if the treasures were to be gifted to his Teacher, Teng Qingshan would not mind at all.

After all….

He owed too much to his teacher, too much! Also, by relying on the wisdom of his teacher, they could maximize the use of those resources.

Teng Qingshan lightly touched his face, after that changing the structure of his facial bones, while the curves of his jawline were made much more gentle, even the surface of the face had some minute alterations. Due to the said changes, Teng Qingshan currently looked like a totally different person. At the sight of Teng Qingshan’s changes, Zhuge Yuanhong and Elder Wu could not help but be impressed in their hearts


Teng Qingshan disappeared from the study room in a bolt of light

“Yuanhong, I still can’t believe it. The little fellow, Teng Qingshan, actually attained Emptiness Realm and even comprehended more than one Dao.” Elder Wu couldn’t help but shake his head as he said, “I really can’t believe it. Teng Qingshan is only 21 years old.”

Zhuge Yuanhong took a deep breath and gazed into the distance, “I cannot believe it either. However, Teng Qingshan did return and he did attain Emptiness Realm!”

“A 21-years old Emptiness Realm expert!”

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