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Book 6 Chapter 46 Flying Away with Just a Back Hit

“The seventh move! Eldest Senior Martial Brother is not using the sixth strike, Fiery Thunderblast, but is going to use the seventh move, Descent of Thunder God?” The tall and skinny Third Godly General was slightly surprised.

Touching his chin, the Seventh Godly General watched the two powerful experts in the area excitedly. “Whether it’s the sixth move or the seventh move, both of them would bring harm to the Eldest Martial Brother’s body! Looking at how powerful the Demon Arada is now, he probably thought that he wouldn’t be able to defeat Huhe if he used the sixth move. Thus, he chose to use the seventh move!”  

“Eldest Martial Brother only showed us the seventh move when he had just created it. Dozens of years has passed, but Eldest Martial Brother has never used this move in fights,” Eriqier spoke softly. 

“That was because no one was worthy enough for Eldest Martial Brother to use the seventh move!”

The seven Godly Generals were looking forward to the outcome.

The seventh move was the most powerful move of the 《Seven Heavenly Thunderbolts》. Now that the First Godly General’s ability has improved, how powerful would the move be?


“I didn’t disappoint you? However, Brother Borileimu, you have disappointed me greatly. Until now, I have not used my full strength!” Teng Qingshan stretched his bones and his whole body emitted this soft crackling sound. “I hope the seventh move of your 《Seven Heavenly Thunderbolts》 won’t disappoint me.”

The arrogance in Teng Qingshan’s words caused many members of the God of Heaven Mountain to look slightly bitter, but there were also people who looked at Teng Qingshan respectfully! One could only act arrogantly if he were strong enough to back it up!

The men of the Great Prairie admired powerful warriors the most!

The peak of the God of Heaven Mountain was enveloped by great amount of white mist. In the midst of the cloud and mist, a figure dressed in white cloak could be faintly seen. He had a big tummy, a round face, and small eyes. A smile was always seen on his face. Because of his existence, the clouds and mist in the surrounding seemed to have become cheerful.

This white-cloaked figure was amidst the clouds and mist, looking at the fight happening on the Life and Death Cliff.   “It looks like this small fellow is touching the edge of Dao.” The chubby round-faced elder sighed in awe as he said, “He’s young, but he is almost on par with Borileimu. If he continues cultivating, he will definitely reach the Emptiness Realm within a few dozen years!” 

 “Borileimu is about to use ‘Descent of Thunder God’? Of the 《Seven Heavenly Thunderbolts》, only this move can be considered reaching the edge of Dao.” The chubby round-faced elder thought to himself as he watched the fight happening below with a smile.  


On the Life and Death Cliff.

Borileimu’s face flushed as he laughed, “The seventh move of the 《Seven Heavenly Thunderbolts》 is called the ‘Descent of Thunder God.’ I have never used this move in any fights before! Brother Huhe, experience the power of this move yourself!” As Borileimu was talking, an explosive azure electrical glow appeared around his body and wrapped around him like an armor made of lightning bolts!   

Borileimu opened his mouth——   


A great amount of air surged into Borileimu’s mouth. The flow of air could be seen easily with the naked eye as Borileimu’s tummy became increasingly bigger! “Chichi~~” Occasionally, some of the azure electrical glow around his body would be inhaled as well.    

“What kind of move is this?” Seeing this, Teng Qingshan immediately became cautious. 

With Teng Qingshan’s body, he was definitely able to inhale a lot more air than Borileimu. However, the attack strength of a breath of air was negligible! 

“Eldest Martial Brother is about to make his move.”   

“If we miss this time, we probably won’t see it anymore.”  

The seven Godly Generals and the great number of experts watching the Life and Death Cliff held their breath as they stared at this strange scene. After inhaling forcefully to the point that his tummy became extremely round, Borileimu closed his mouth and stopped inhaling. If one saw the bulging stomach, one would worry that the stomach would burst.  

 With his left foot in front, Teng Qingshan stood sideways and faced his opponent with his left hand. Teng Qingshan was still using the Three Postures against his opponent!   

Borileimu’s eyes reddened. A faint azure electrical glow could be seen in his pupils. With a “Bang!” sound, Borileimu stomped the ground and transformed into a blurred figure. He actually ran towards Teng Qingshan in a continuous arc at lightning speed!

“Something isn’t right!” Teng Qingshan didn’t dare to relax even a bit as he focused on his opponent.   

With a bulging stomach, Borileimu’s whole body was enveloped by azure lightning bolts. His face looked terrifying as he glared angrily with the eyes of a tiger. Suddenly, he opened his mouth—

“What!” Teng Qingshan clearly saw a passageway formed with thunderbolts inside Borileimu’s mouth!   

This passageway connected his internal organs to his mouth!   


Borileimu emitted an extremely high-pitched noise. As Borileimu moved and made strange turns, the high-pitched sound transmitted towards different directions and produced an effect on Teng Qingshan’s body. Teng Qingshan, who had been acting cautiously, immediately felt dizziness as his head started hurting!                       

“Pit-a-pat! Pit-a-pat! Pit-a-pat!”    Teng Qingshan felt his heart beating like never before. His ears instantly popped, and clamorous sounds of bells, drums, and explosions rang.

"Whew!” Teng Qingshan closed his ears and blocked his ears.   The weird ear-piercing sound seemed to be transmitting towards Teng Qingshan!   

After the sound reached Teng Qingshan’s location, it either amplified or weakened. As for the sounds that disseminated far away, their power had already become very weak. Even so…...all the observers who stood hundred Zhang away from the spacious area turned extremely pale. Many people amidst the crowd passed out with eyes rolled back!

Because of Teng Qingshan’s strong body, he was able to break away from that weakening state. However, during the moment of dizziness, Borileimu had already dashed before Teng Qingshan.   

“You lose!” Borileimu smacked Teng Qingshan’s chest with his left hand and smacked Teng Qingshan’s back with the other hand!   

“Hmph!” At this moment, Teng Qingshan’s vision became clear again.   

Because he regained conscious a bit too late, Teng Qingshan was not able to swing his hand and fight back.

   “Ha~~~” Teng Qingshan roared deeply.   

Teng Qingshan immediately moved his left hand before his chest to block. Simultaneously, his body became like a big clumsy bear that was about to fall. He actually fell backwards towards the palm behind his back! The instant Teng Qingshan’s back touched Borileimu’s palm, a back muscle actually bulged and was filled with the Internal Supreme Force.

 “Bang!” As Teng Qingshan leaned, he not only blocked against the strike of the palm, his back even hit Borileimu’s chest!   


A deep-sounding rumble sounded as the Innate True Origin in the form of glowing lightning bolts enveloping Borileimu’s chest broke into pieces. It was as if Borileimu had been hit by a huge mountain as he flew a dozen Zhang away and crashed on a ground covered with crushed pieces of rock.   

Everyone stared at this with their eyes widened and their mouth agape!    

Having regained their consciousness after being knocked out by the Descent of Thunder God, the experts were astonished and amazed at what had happened. Every one of them admired the First Godly General from the depths of their heart and was confident that the First Godly General would definitely win. However, in the blink of an eye…..the First Godly General was actually struck up into the air by a very idiotic move—A back hit?   

Even the protective glow that enveloped Borileimu’s body had been smashed into pieces while Borileimu was heavily injured?   

"P'tu!”  Lying on the ground, Borileimu vomited blood on the ragged ground.   “How is it possible?” Borileimu couldn’t believe it as he thought to himself, “How could that back hit be that powerful? The human body has eight extraordinary meridians and twelve standard meridians! The limbs are the body parts that can exert the greatest explosive strength, so how is it possible for a back hit to possess such power? I was so close to him too. How did that back hit block my hit and even blast apart the protective glow that enveloped me?”   

I don’t understand! No matter what, Borileimu just couldn’t understand!   

The human body had eight extraordinary meridians and eight standard meridians. It was rare for even innate experts to open up all of their meridians. Even if an innate expert really do open all of his meridians, there were still many different meridians and some extremely minute meridians that connected to the skin! Normally, when one cultivated the inner strength, these extremely small meridians would be blocked.

According to common knowledge, the extremely minute meridians should be blocked!   

Even if the extremely minute meridians were opened, because the extremely minute meridians were so narrow, the power of True Origin exerted through the extremely minute meridians wouldn’t be as strong as that!    ……   

“That’s strange!” Amidst the clouds and mist, the round-faced elder with a bulging stomach frowned as he watched the fight happening below. “Perhaps all the minute meridians are already opened? It’s only possible to open every meridian if one reaches the Emptiness Realm, and it is obvious that this little fellow has not reached the Emptiness Realm!” 

"Even if all his meridians were opened, a back hit shouldn’t be able to exert such powerful strength!” The round-faced elder was very confused.   

Even an Emptiness Realm Expert wouldn’t be able to know that Teng Qingshan used physical strength instead of Innate True Origin! The degree of his physical strength could not be told by his appearance.     


Staring at Borileimu, who had collapsed, Teng Qingshan said to himself, “Do you think that my Internal Martial Arts is the same as your own fighting method? Do you think I can only attack with my limbs? Internal Martial Arts is able to use every part of the body as a weapon, even my head, back, and knees.”    

The move just now was a move derived from the Bear Form of the Twelve Forms of Xing Yi, Mountain Crushing Bear.   

The move might seem clumsy, but the instant the body exerted force, the power would be extremely great.   

“Haha, Brother Borileimu!”   

Teng Qingshan came to the mountain wall as he laughed and pulled out his weapon, the Dark Blaze Rod. Flicking the Dark Blaze Rod in one hand, Teng Qingshan hurled the ‘Heavenly Baton towards Borileimu with the other. Borileimu immediately stretched out his hand and caught his own weapon.   

“Brother Borileimu, you and I have already fought with bare hands. Do you want to try fighting with weapons?” Teng Qingshan asked with a smile.

Borileimu stood up and wiped the corner of his mouth. He then laughed and replied, “Brother Huhe, if I shamelessly fought with you again, I would be laughed at by everyone here! You are able to defend against my move, Descent of Thunder God, so even if I used a weapon this time, I would still lose! I, Borileimu, have lost this fight…...And I admit my defeat!"

“Brother Brorileimu, I won by a narrow margin. If I regained consciousness a tad later, I would have been hit.” Teng Qingshan said with a smile, “The fight has ended. I still have things to do, so I will be leaving first!”   

Borileimu still wanted Teng Qingshan to stay.   

However, Teng Qingshan headed directly towards Li Jun, whose face was full of smiles as she walked beside Teng Qingshan. When both of them had walked far away from the crowd behind, Li Jun lowered her volume and said excitedly, “Big Brother Teng, you won!”   

“It was rather risky.” Teng Qingshan smiled.   


A shout came from the crowd behind: “Lord Arada seemed to be defending from the beginning until the end! In the end, he won with a simple back hit that can also be considered a defense.”

“Right. Lord Arada didn’t attack from the beginning to the end and still won! That’s amazing!”   Hearing the shout of amazement behind him, Teng Qingshan couldn’t help but smile bitterly.

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