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Book 6 Chapter 27 Transmutation Unity Law 

When Teng Qingshan heard, he furrowed his brows. Kill half of the men? Sexually humiliate the women? To a tribe, this was indeed a terrifying disaster. However, because of the command given by the God of Heaven Mountain, no one dared to kill the children. At least the tribe wouldn't be annihilated.

Therefore, the children of every generations trained their inner strength and practiced their saber art arduously.

“Lord Huhe.” Chabu said apologetically, “We tried to cut off our relationship with you just now because…..if any of us dared to rebel against the Whole Gale Tribe, the Whole Gale Tribe would kill all the grown-ups. By that time, our children would be taken and sold to the other tribes as slaves!”

Hearing this, Teng Qingshan sighed.

The God of Heaven Mountain didn't allow anyone to murder children. However, the God of Heaven Mountain never said that the kids were not allowed to be sold as slaves. After travelling the Great Prairie for a long time, Teng Qingshan also knew of this.

In the prairie, big figures of some great tribes owned slaves. The children of the slaves would  also be slaves and the future generations to come would never be able to see the daylight!


Any tribe who dared to disobey the Whole Gale Tribe would be annihilated!

“Lord Huhe, leave quickly.” Chabu hastily said, “Those people who fled know that you are an outsider, therefore, they will do things according to the rules and they will not release their anger to us. However, you are the one who dared to disobey Whole Gale Tribe..Whole Gale Tribe will not let you go easily. Lord Huhe, leave quickly!”

Teng Qingshan scanned the surrounding tribesmen and said, “Brother Chabu, do not worry about me!  I heard you guys just said.….” you were saved from this disaster temporarily”. The men of the Whole Gale Tribe will come ask for the silver again, right?”

Immediately, sadness appeared on the faces of Silan, Chabu and the chief.

They were a tribe of the lowest social level in the Great Prairie.

For a tribe with less than a thousand people to earn enough money through proper means was almost impossible. The tribes could only rely on robbing! Robbing other weak tribes.

Teng Qingshan suddenly felt someone was pulling his pants. He looked down and saw little Jiran, whose eyes were filled with tears.

“Uncle Huhe, can you please help us?” Little Jiran stared at Teng Qingshan who stared at Teng Qingshan with the eyes welled up with tears.  

Teng Qingshan felt his heart moved as he thought to himself, “I will soon go to the faraway Northern Sea Continent on a boat! The Northern Sea Continent is several hundred thousand Lis away from the land of the nine prefectures and it also has no relations with the land of the nine prefectures. The currency used by the Northern Sea Continent might not be gold and silver. Even if the Northern sea Continent was using gold and silver as money, it wouldn't recognize these silver and gold notes!”

Those silver and gold notes could be exchanged in the banks.

However, even if he took them to the Northern Sea Continent, the silver and gold notes would be useless!

“Nevermind. Since it’s useless to me, I will just help them.” Teng Qingshan made his decision.

After casting a glance at the people of the Qilian Tribe who were looking at him respectfully, Teng Qingshan said to Silan, Chabu, and the chief, “You three, come with me.”

With this, Teng Qingshan walked towards the nearest yurt. Silan, Chabu and the chief gave each other a perplexed look and followed Teng Qingshan.


Ten years was a very long time! If a very powerful warrior appeared in the tribe within these ten years, maybe it could change the fate of the tribe.

“Lord Huhe.” Chabu said excitedly, “The most fortunate thing that Chabu had done in my life was that I received you, Lord Huhe, as my guest.”

“Lord, the men from Whole Gale Tribe definitely won't give up. They never submitted to anyone before. Lord Hube, you must leave quickly.”

Teng Qingshan waved his hand and said, “Don't worry about me. However, I think you should move your tribe to another place since if the men of the Whole Gale Tribe can’t find me, they might interrogate you all. It’s possible that they might kill some of your men in a rage.”

“Everyone, I will be leaving first.”

However, he wouldn't be able to transmit a force and blast someone dead in the past.

“Unfortunately, the Internal Supreme Force is incompatible with the Innate True Origin. The Supreme Force filled Teng Qingshan’s body, but when it encounters the Innate True Origin, the two source of energy will fight.”

Teng Qingshan also felt helpless regarding these two different energies.

“Eh?” Teng Qingshan’s ears suddenly pricked and looked into the distance. Chichi~~the accumulated snow in the surrounding was trembling slightly.

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