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Chapter 95: Consolation – 1

Lu Yumo had not dared to spend even a single penny that he had earned by becoming someone else’s training partner on games because he’d wanted to keep all the money for Zhou Tingting to help her family. He had not expected that she would use the money to satisfy her materialistic desires.

“No, I’m not going to the police station. Yumo, I can return the money that I used to buy a purse to you, but you cannot allow your sister to humiliate me by putting me in jail!”

“Zhou Tingting!” Lu Yumo was getting a headache from anger. He looked in disbelief at her and said, “You did the wrong thing and you are saying that my sister is humiliating you? How can you be so shameless?”

Initially, the Zhous had been worried about their fate, but their faces sank when they heard what Lu Yumo said about Zhou Tingting.

“You’re the one who willingly gave us the money, so how can you say we’re a scamming gang? We’re just messing with you! Besides, your sister hit my son. Who does she think she is? How dare she call the police?!”

The more Mrs. Zhou talked, the angrier she became. Even at this point, she still thought that she was in the right. There was nothing they could do about her.

“She’s the overseer who’s guiding your parents through hell, the reaper who’s reaping your ancestors’ souls!”

Lu Yumo had never been so angry before. “I really wish I could send flowers to your mother!”

As she was staring at him, Mrs. Zhou’s face was filled with confusion, as she had absolutely no idea what Lu Yumo was talking about.

“I’m just joking too. I don’t have any flowers, and you don’t have a mother either.”

Mrs. Zhou was left speechless.

Lu Yumo might have a clumsy tongue when it came to reasoning and be slow when he talked with women, but as a gamer who had played countless games, he had picked up some roasting skills along the way.

Fu Zhi saw through Lu Yumo.

Lu Yumo averted his gaze, as he felt embarrassed.

Fu Zhi then turned to the policemen and asked, “What are you guys waiting for? We have all the material evidence in our hands to prove that they’re a scamming gang and my brother has lost both the woman he loves and money to them. Why don’t you bring them away?”

The group of police officers was left speechless. It was not that they did not want to bring them away. It was just that they needed some time to process the entire situation.

After they digested the situation, they then cuffed the Zhous up and led them away.

The Zhous were still shouting and scoffing, crying that they were innocent, but no one was going to believe them now. Everyone just wanted to bring them to justice.

Since Fu Zhi had indeed hit Zhou Rui, the police had to bring her back to the police station for a statement.

Initially, Lu Yumo had scoffed at Fu Zhi’s claim that his relationship with Zhou Tingting would end tragically. Now, it had turned out that Fu Zhi was right.

After they went out of the police station, he squatted on the staircase.

He sat with his head between his knees, and his body was shaking slightly.

Fu Zhi just stood beside him. After roughly 10 seconds, she heard a soft grunting noise that sounded as if someone was crying.

This summer was exceptionally hot, and the air was stuffy.

Fu Zhi felt as if there was something weighing on her heart as the faint sob wafted into her ears. She had no idea why she would feel like this. She wondered if it was because of the atmosphere or something else.

As she was looking for a reason for this strange feeling, she suddenly felt a tug at her arm.

Lu Yumo placed his chin on Fu Zhi’s shoulder and bawled his eyes out, as he could not hold the sadness in anymore.


Fu Zhi could feel a slimy sensation on her neck. She raised her arm and frowned in disgust.

Upon seeing that more and more people were looking at them, she pitched her voice low and said, “Do you know how old you are?”


Lu Yumo did not care about anything anymore. He had just had his heart shattered by the woman that he deeply loved. He changed spots and continued to bawl his eyes out.

Aside from Zhao Youyou, Lu Yumo was the second person Fu Zhi had come across who was good at crying.

She lacked the experience to handle a situation like this, so she had no idea what to do either.

Then, she saw a stall that sold cotton candy and a couple. The boy was consoling the girl, while the girl was crying.

Fu Zhi studied them for five minutes straight and suddenly had an idea.

She rose to her feet and approached the cotton candy stall. She used 30 yuan and purchased cotton candy in the shape of a rabbit.

Fu Zhi was very fast at learning. She was also smart enough to draw inferences about other cases from one instance and give the answer without going through all the steps.

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