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Chapter 94: Break Up – 4

Although the esports industry was not accepted by society, although those who wanted to pursue a career as e-sports players would be branded as incompetent people or internet addicts, although even Xu Wei thought playing games had no future, Zhou Tingting had stepped forward and said, “I believe in you.”

Just because of this, Lu Yumo had been working extra hard for 10 years.

He had thought Zhou Tingting would understand his dream. That’s why he had not thought twice and had chosen to work as a training partner when she had told him that she was facing a financial problem.

However, right now, reality had given him a huge slap in the face.

He’d only now realized that all of them were coming for his family’s fortune, including Xia Ailian, who had treated him like her own son.

Zhou Tingting cried, “No, I didn’t do that! Yumo, you have to believe me. We’ve known each other for 10 years, so you should know better than anyone that I’m not that kind of person. I really, really love you!”

Even though Zhou Tingting looked down on Lu Yumo and thought that he was incompetent and he might not be able to inherit his family’s business, she received protection from him. Since she could not reveal her true feelings, her sole outlet were her family members.

However, she had not expected that her mother and her brother would divulge everything to Lu Yumo!

“You love me? Then why did you tell your family that I don’t deserve you? Zhou Tingting, this is how you express your love for me? Do you know that, to help you, I—”

Lu Yumo suddenly paused, for the rising bile in his throat choked his words. He did not tell Zhou Tingting what he had done to help her in the end. He closed his eyes, and by the time he opened them again, all the emotion was gone from his face. He paced toward Zhou Tingting.

There was something different about the young man as his shadow loomed over her. His eyes were filled with coldness and ruthlessness that she had never seen before.

Zhou Tingting recoiled and took two steps back in fear. “Yu, Yumo…”

“Don’t you worry. I’d never hit a woman.” Lu Yumo stretched his arm out and said in a deep voice, “We’re done. Give me back my money!”

“What? Give you back your money?” Zhou Tingting was so shocked that she ignored the fact that he was breaking up with her. Perhaps, in the depths of her heart, she had never expected that Lu Yumo would actually end their relationship.

“It was just 40,000 yuan. You want it back?”

40,000 yuan was just the total amount Lu Yumo would spend to buy dresses for her normally.

Besides, she had just taken out 20,000 yuan and bought herself a new purse. There was no way she could return the money to him right now.

She was only capable of asking Lu Yumo for money. She had never earned a single penny by herself before, so how was she going to earn the money back?

Lu Yumo pulled a face. “I don’t want to repeat my words.”

“How can you take back what you’ve given me?” Zhou Tingting tried to act helpless, but it did not work on Lu Yumo anymore.

Lu Yumo’s face turned even darker.

Her heart skipped a beat when she saw the expression on Lu Yumo’s face. Slowly, ever so slowly, she pulled her card out of her new purse and handed it over to Lu Yumo. “I know I was wrong, and I’m giving you back your money. Can you not break up with me, please?”

She tried to catch Lu Yumo’s hand, but he avoided her. After he took the card, he threw it to Fu Zhi.

Indeed, 40,000 yuan was nothing for him. However, he had earned the money the hard way, and he did not wish to give it to Zhou Tingting.

Fu Zhi was prudent about everything that involved money. She looked at Zhou Tingting and asked seriously, “Is there really 40,000 yuan in the card?”

Zhou Tingting’s expression changed, and she stammered, “Y—Yes, of course…”

Lu Yumo suddenly realized something. “Don’t tell me you’ve spent all the money.”

“No, I did not. I’m not a materialistic girl. I just bought a purse. The one you said you were going to buy for me when you had enough money…”

Lu Yumo did not say anything. He had had enough of this girl. Initially, he had still felt a little hesitant to break up with Zhou Tingting, but he was glad that he had decided to end their relationship now.

‘I must break up with her.’

Just as the thought surfaced in his brain, he saw Fu Zhi turn to the group of policemen and say, “It’s now been confirmed that the Zhou Family is a gang of scammers. We can file a lawsuit since the amount involved is more than 40,000 yuan. The Lu Family is going to press charges against them.”

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