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Chapter 93: Break Up – 3

Zhou Tingting had run out of ideas, so she could only comfort Lu Yumo as much as she could.

There were tears in her eyes. Lu Yumo’s heart melted for a second, but he soon composed himself.

He pulled Fu Zhi behind his back and protected her like a hen guarding her chick.

Before he could say anything, Mrs. Zhou’s attending doctor, Dr. Wang, emerged from the other side of the corridor. He was clearly confused when he saw the crowd of policemen. However, he snapped back to reality and said, “Madam Xia, I’ve finally found you. Your chemotherapy is over. When your son pays the bill, you can go back and rest. We’re currently short on beds, so you—”

“That’s enough! How can you discuss your patient’s condition in public? Have you forgotten your code of conduct as a doctor?” Zhou Tingting interrupted Dr. Wang forcefully. Her forehead was filled with beads of sweat, and she did not dare look at Lu Yumo anymore. No matter how witty she was, she had no idea how to explain this to Lu Yumo anymore.

“What kind of hospital is this? A doctor can simply disclose their patient’s information in public?”

Dr. Wang frowned and said, “Madam Xia asked me to come and explain her condition to her because she’s worried about the adverse effects of the chemotherapy!”

“That’s impossible!” Zhou Tingting objected. Even though her mother and brother were idiots, they knew what they should do and what they should not do.

Mrs. Zhou had been apparently caught off guard by the sudden appearance of Dr. Wang too. However, she soon figured everything out and turned to look at Fu Zhi. “It’s you! This is your doing, right? Just because you don’t want to give me 500,000 yuan for the operation, you joined forces with the doctor to frame me?!”

“What? The 500,000 yuan is for you to have the operation?”

Just as Fu Zhi was about to say something, Liu Tian smacked Zhou Rui’s arm and barked, “Didn’t you tell me that your family was going to take 500,000 yuan out to buy me a house? Why did your mother say the money is for her to have the operation? Why are you lying to me again?”

Zhou Rui stammered, “No, Tiantian, listen to me…”

“That’s right.”

Fu Zhi looked at Liu Tian. Her soothing voice was cold as she said slowly, “He’s a good son, and he wants you to help him borrow money from a loan shark.”

Liu Tian believed her. She slapped Zhou Rui on the cheek and snarled, “Go f*ck yourself, Zhou Rui! There’s no way I’m going to take care of you!”

“No! Don’t listen to her, Tiantian. That 500,000 yuan is for you to buy a house.”

“Ruirui!” Mrs. Zhou screamed.

She pounced forward to cover her son’s mouth, but it was too late. Zhou Rui held Liu Tian’s hand tightly with his uninjured hand and said, “My mom recovered a long time ago. They said that because they want to get more money from the Lu Family! Please don’t leave me, Tiantian. I love you!”

The crowd was stunned upon hearing what Zhou Rui had said. It was only now that they realized everything Mrs. Zhou and Zhou Rui had said earlier on was fake.

Several people who had stood up for the Zhou Family felt cheated.

“You’re the victims? You guys are just a bunch of parasites that leech off other people! Shame on you!”

“I’m sure he’s not a pervert like they said. He’s a rich young master who comes from a prestigious family, so there’s no need for him to follow her daughter around like a pervert. After all, her daughter is not that pretty.”

“The problem is that her son thought it was right and fair to swindle money out of the Lu Family. What a horrible person! He definitely deserves to get beaten up by them!”

Lu Yumo was shocked at first, but he slowly came to terms with the harsh reality. Even though he looked very calm right now, his shaking fists belied his true emotions. His eyes were red around the rims as he looked at Zhou Tingting. “So this is what you meant by saying she was seriously ill? Zhou Tingting, your mother said you don’t owe us anything, but everything you’re wearing and using right now has been paid out of my own pocket. I don’t have a legitimate profession? I’m a pervert? How about our promise? You said you’d stay by my side no matter what. You said you would support my dream to become a professional esports player and we were going to build our future together!

“Zhou Tingting, we’ve known each other for 10 years. In your heart, I’m not as important as money?!”

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