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Chapter 92: Break Up – 2

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All color was drained from Lu Yumo’s face when he heard Mrs. Zhou’s comment on him.

“Mom, when did I say that? Please stop right now!” Zhou Tingting did not dare look at Lu Yumo. Her face had gotten red from anger because of her mother.

Lu Yumo felt deep affection for electronic sports, and joining the international league to bring glory to his country was his dream.

Even though Zhou Tingting could not make heads or tails of this kind of bullsh*t dream, she knew Lu Yumo despised anyone who looked down on his dream.

She wrapped her arm around Mrs. Zhou’s arm and said, “Let’s talk about it later. We should go home now.”

“No. Unless she apologizes to us, I’m not going back home. She hit your brother. As his sister, don’t you think you should help him get back at her?”

Mrs. Zhou knew Lu Yumo very well after spending so much time with him. She knew that no matter how harsh her words were, he would not fight back and would just suppress his anger because of Zhou Tingting.

“Mom!” Zhou Tingting was on the verge of crying.

“We don’t owe them anything. Why are you so afraid to talk to them?”

She pushed Zhou Tingting aside, pointed at Lu Yumo, and said, “Don’t think that I know nothing. You followed Tingting home and staked out our house every night to force her to become your girlfriend. If you don’t give me 500,000 right now, I’m going to ask your parents why their son is such a pervert!”

Lu Yumo was confused. He turned to Zhou Tingting and asked, “I’m a pervert?”

“No, Yumo. Listen to me, I didn’t…”

“Yes! My sister told us that you’re a pervert! What is done by night is revealed by day. You’re the most disgusting man I’ve ever met!”

To force the Lus to give him money so that he could buy a house to marry Liu Tian, Zhou Rui decided to go along with his mother’s play and said, “Don’t worry, sis. Even though he’s our benefactor, we won’t let him take advantage of you!”

Zhou Tingting was nearly driven mad by these two fools.

However, Liu Tian was even more shocked than her. Her eyes were filled with disbelief as she said, “So the reason your family is so rich is because of the Lu Family’s sponsorship?”

Zhou Rui’s expression changed. He hastily explained, “Of course not. All they did was just give us a little help. We made our fortune with our own effort!”

Lu Yumo was greatly disappointed when he heard what Zhou Rui had said. It occurred to him that no one in Zhou Tingting’s family appreciated the things that he had done for them. Unable to hold his rage in anymore, he snarled, “Everything you’re using and wearing has been paid by the Lu Family. Even the purse that your girlfriend is holding right now was ordered by me for your sister from Kimorty!”

The moment he finished speaking, Zhou Tingting could sense that the way people looked at her had changed and she felt as if there were ants in her pants. She figured that if she did not put a stop to this mess right now, not only would she be shamed in front of everyone, but she would also lose Lu Yumo, her source of income, forever.

She tugged at Zhou Rui and hissed, “Stop pushing everything on me. I’ll figure out a way to get money for mom’s medical fees. Right now, you must go get an X-ray with Tiantian.”

However, Zhou Rui was so angry that he was not able to listen to anything right now.

Lu Yumo had made him look like a laughing stock in front of Liu Tian, so he felt humiliated. He threw all caution to the wind and just said what was on his mind. “I’m not pushing everything on you. When mom asked you to bat your eyelashes at Lu Yumo and goad him on to give us more money, you told her that he’s a pervert and he doesn’t deserve you at all!”

Zhou Tingting could feel cold sweat dripping down her back. Feeling terrified, she hastily retorted, “No, I did not!”

Then, she turned to Lu Yumo and explained, “It’s not what you think, Yumo. I can’t explain to you right now. You let the police officer take Fu Zhi away first. After I’ve taken care of everything here, I’ll go find you and give you a proper explanation, alright?

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