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Chapter 86: Give Me Money – 2

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The Lu Family gathered at the dining table at 6 o’clock sharp.

Lu Yumo tried to bring up Zhou Tingting and the problem her family was facing. He said, “Tingting’s mother’s condition has worsened. She showed me the notice of her critical condition…”

Truth be told, all the words and terms on the report looked like an alien language to him. He did not understand a single thing, not to mention that the report had been covered in Director Liu’s nearly indecipherable and flamboyant scribbles.

Initially, he had wanted to ask Zhou Tingting about the access card, but Zhou Tingting had not given him the chance. She had gotten the upper hand by melting into tears and saying that seeing her visit the research institute was her mother’s final wish before she died.

Lu Yumo believed that she was not someone who would take advantage of her mother’s illness to get what she yearned for. Therefore, he had decided to forgive her.

However, he had a bigger problem right now—her mother’s sky-high medical fees.

Lu Yumo turned to look at his mother.

Xu Wei, who noticed his gaze, nodded apathetically and said, “Oh, that’s too bad! Amitabha, I hope she gets well soon!”

After saying that, she picked the last rib up from Lu Jingqing’s plate and put it in Fu Zhi’s bowl. “Here, eat this. You can’t just grow your legs. You need to put on some weight as well.”

As she stared at the heap of food in her bowl, Fu Zhi did not know what to say.

Xu Wei still did not want to resume Zhou Tingting’s sponsorship.

Lu Yumo, who could clearly sense his mother’s reluctance to help Zhou Tingting, felt a little awkward. He cleared his throat, psyched himself up, and then turned to look at Fu Zhi.

Fu Zhi had not put on her school uniform today. She had instead donned a dress that Xu Wei had ordered for her from Kimorty. The dress was a little longer, so the hemline almost reached her ankles.

Even though she did not like Zhou Tingting, Lu Yumo was still her brother. Therefore, she held Lu Yumo’s gaze and said softly, “Then you’re going to help her prepare her mother’s funeral?”

Lu Yumo was stunned. By the time he came back to his senses, his face had turned red from anger. “What are you talking about? Mrs. Zhou hasn’t…”

He could not utter the word “died” because it would sound as if he was cursing Zhou Tingting’s mother. He hummed and hawed for a long while before speaking. “Actually, the Zhou Family is short of money right now. They need money for the operation.”

Understanding dawned on Fu Zhi as she replied, “Oh, but I’m poor…”

Even though money grew on trees for her, she did not want to lend her money to the Zhou Family.

Lu Yumo did not get any money in the end. After all, everyone, including him, knew that Fu Zhi did not like Zhou Tingting.

Zhou Tingting had said the operation fee was 500,000 yuan.

Even if he collected all the money in his savings accounts, he would only have 10,000 yuan, which was very far off from the total cost of the operation.

Letting out a sigh, he threw himself on the bed. He did not know how he would tell Zhou Tingting about this. Just as he had run out of ideas, he suddenly remembered something and his eyes glowed—Fu Zhi’s card.

Fu Zhi had given him a card the night she had first arrived in the Lu Mansion. The card had been disabled a few days ago, but he had still been able to purchase a game console with the card because he had forgotten to disconnect it from his phone.

To figure out the total amount of money in the card, he called the bank. He waited for a while until a robotic female voice spoke.

“I have a card that was disabled several days ago. The card number is ******1010. Can you help me check the—”


Lu Yumo suddenly stopped and quickly hung up the call.

Then, he threw the card underneath his bed.

Zhou Tingting was his girlfriend. Even though she was in a dire situation right now, he could not bring himself to use Fu Zhi’s money to help her.

He called his friend and said, “Hey, I remember you telling me that someone was looking for a training partner. Is that right? The pay is 300 yuan per hour, right? Is the position still available or not?”

His friend sounded shocked. “You want to do it? Those young masters are bad news. Are you sure you want to do it?”

“Yeah,” Lu Yumo answered in a muffled voice.

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