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Chapter 85: Give Me Money – 1

“This has nothing to do with the condition of my family. I have never heard of the groom having to buy a house for the bride after the engagement before,” Zhou Tingting said with a frown.

“Sis! It’s just a house; it’s not like we cannot afford it! Besides, I’m a grown-up. I should have a property of my own!” Zhou Rui was clueless and careless with his money. Eventually, he would behave like a spoiled rich young master.

“Shut up!” Zhou Tingting couldn’t help but shout at her brother.

Mrs. Zhou tried to calm her down, but Zhou Tingting paid her no mind. She was not going to let the Liu Family get their way.

She tilted her chin up and said, “Your daughter has a good background, but so does my brother. I’m not going to accept your condition. However, if you insist, let’s just call off the engagement.”

“What are you talking about, sis?!” Zhou Rui stole a glance at the Liu Family nervously.

The expression on Mrs. Liu and Mr. Liu’s faces changed. Their faces turned grim as they said, “Very well then. Xiao Liu, you heard what your sister said. More than 1,000 men out there are waiting to marry Tiantian.

“Since she doesn’t want to accept our condition, let’s just call off the engagement!”

After saying that, they pulled Liu Tian and walked out of the restaurant.

Zhou Rui stamped his feet and rolled his eyes at his sister. When he realized that his sister was not looking at him, he turned to Mrs. Zhou and said, “Mom, look at her. If she keeps refusing to buy me a house, I’ll kill myself in front of you!”

Then, he chased after Liu Tian. “Tiantian, Tiantian, wait for me!”

Liu Tian was purposely waiting for him in the basement parking lot. When she saw him, she said, “The dress that your sister is wearing is worth more than several sets of my clothes. All my parents want is a house as my bridewealth. Is that too much to ask? How come you just do what your sister says? Can’t you make a decision in your family? I’m very disappointed in you!”

Zhou Rui’s face turned red from anger and embarrassment.

In the private room, Mrs. Zhou started sweating nervously after hearing what her son had said.

She pushed Zhou Tingting and snarled, “Look at what you’ve done! It’s just a house! I don’t understand why you must make it seem like it’s the end of the world. You can just ask the Lu Family for money. Do you want your brother to look bad in front of the Liu Family?”

Mrs. Zhou had a violent temper, and her health had gotten better recently. She pinched Zhou Tingting’s arm and continued her tantrum. “You’re really useless. What else can I expect from you if you can’t even accomplish such a simple task?”

“Useless? Me? Do you think you have anyone else to count on besides me? You want to buy a house for your son, huh? Do you know that Mrs. Lu canceled our sponsorship? We don’t have money anymore!” Zhou Tingting shouted.

“Huh? They canceled our sponsorship? How can they do that?” Mrs. Zhou’s eyes bulged wide in disbelief. She did not wish to be poor again.

“How the hell would I know? They own the money. They decide whether they want to sponsor us or not!”

“How can they be so heartless? I’m still sick, and they just canceled our sponsorship? Do they want me to die? They are breaking the law! I’m going to sue them!” Mrs. Zhou shouted, nearly bursting into tears.

Zhou Tingting did not say anything.

After a short while, Mrs. Zhou added, “I don’t care. I must buy a house for my son!”

“How are you going to buy it when you don’t have any money?” Zhou Tingting retorted.

“Isn’t Lu Yumo your boyfriend? Now is the time to test whether he really loves you or not. Besides, Zhou Rui is considered his brother as well, so he has to help!

“I’m telling you… If your brother doesn’t get a house or anything happens to him, I’m going to die too!”

In the afternoon, Lu Yumo received Zhou Tingting’s message during his third class. The two of them talked for a long while, and he only returned to his house dejectedly after the sun went down.

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