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Chapter 84: Buy A House

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Since he had accomplished his mission, Lu Yumo figured that he should get going. Before he left, even though he had scored seventh from the bottom in his school examination, he still pointed at Fu Zhi’s phone and said through gritted teeth, “Remember what I said!”

Fu Zhi sighed speechlessly.

The few girls around Tian Nuo blinked their eyes and suddenly saw the light. Initially, they had all thought Lu Yumo had given the mango milkshake to Fu Zhi because Zhou Tingting was absent today, but it now seemed to them that things were not quite the same as Tian Nuo had said.

Apparently, the mango milkshake had not been bought for Zhou Tingting. Lu Yumo had skipped class and climbed over the wall to buy this beverage for Fu Zhi because he knew she loved to drink beverages.

“I think Lu Yumo’s very nice to Fu Zhi. So is the Lu Family. They take great care of her!”

“Yeah, right. They even donated a lot of money to the school for her. I don’t think Zhou Tingting has this kind of privilege.”

Tian Nuo listened to their conversation and gripped her phone tightly.

She rolled her eyes at Fu Zhi and chided her inwardly. ‘What a goody-two-shoes.’

Then, she sent a message to Zhou Tingting. “Tingting, when are you coming back? You won’t believe what just happened this morning. That Fu Zhi is really shameless. She’s messing with your boyfriend while you’re gone. She even asked him to buy her your favorite beverage! What the hell was that for? Is she trying to prove to all of us that Lu Yumo belongs to her?”

Zhou Tingting did not send Tian Nuo a message back.

In the past, Zhou Tingting would have paid close attention to everything about Fu Zhi. After all, if there was something she had to do, that would be compare herself to Fu Zhi and prove to everyone that she was better than her.

However, things were slightly different today.

After being chased away from the capital, she was now in a restaurant in Yu City.

Today was the day her family was meeting her brother’s girlfriend’s family.

Zhou Tingting’s father was a gambler, and her mother’s health was poor. Therefore, on a major occasion like this one, she was the only one who could represent her family.

After they chatted for a while, Zhou Tingting got to the point. “My brother loves Tiantian from the bottom of his heart, so I think we shouldn’t delay the engagement any further. The eighth day of the next lunar month will be a good day.”

Liu Tian was the Liu Family’s youngest daughter. She had turned 20 years old this year and she was three years older than Zhou Tingting’s brother. She had also dropped out of high school and was working at her family’s steamboat restaurant right now.

Zhou Tingting’s brother had been in love with her for more than one year, and she came from a well-to-do family.

Truth be told, Zhou Tingting’s mother, Madam Zhou, did not quite approve of the marriage. She had heard that the Lu Family had adopted a daughter, and since her daughter was in a relationship with Lu Yumo, she was confident that, given her son’s outstanding appearance, it would be a piece of cake for him to seduce Fu Zhi.

Then, the Lu Family’s wealth would be theirs.

However, her son did not want to marry anyone other than Liu Tian. Therefore, she had no other option but to approve the marriage.

Liu Tian’s father said, “Let’s not get into that for now. First, we need you to buy a house for my daughter in the city center.”

Even though Yu City was a small city, a 60-square-meter house was going to cost about 900,000 yuan.

This was not a small amount of money, so Zhou Tingting frowned. “This is just an engagement, and buying a house in the city center isn’t chump change either. Don’t you think that’s a bit too much?”

“Owning a house or property is a basic requirement to get married. Even though this is just an engagement, they will get married eventually. As parents, we just want the best for our kid. Is that too much to ask?”

Liu Tian’s mother chimed in, “We’re not saying that we will not contribute anything. We’ll take care of the fit-up fee. Tiantian is a registered urban resident, and there are plenty of rich people who’d be willing to buy a house or car for her. However, since she wants to settle down with your brother, we don’t have anything to say. They’re going to be engaged soon, so if you don’t buy a house for her, are you going to let my daughter stay in a rented house with your brother? I’m not going to allow this!”

Liu Tian’s father added, “And you said your family is rich? If you don’t have a house, then you’d better not get married!”

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