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Chapter 81: Breaking Lu Yumo’s Legs

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In the afternoon, Fu Zhi ordered a cup of bubble tea. Then, Secretary Liu drove her home at Li Nanli’s behest.

The moment she arrived home, Fu Zhi received a call from Du Min.

“Zhou Tingting showed up at the research institute alone with the access card. I’ve already asked the guard to stop her outside.”

Du Min was confused. “I remember you saying you were going to give the card to your eldest brother, not to Zhou Tingting. Is that right?”

In fact, Du Min and Lu Yumo had been supposed to meet up at the airport today, but the latter had not shown up. Since Du Min had been running out of time, he had decided to board the plane first.

As soon as he had arrived at the research institute in the afternoon and while he had been on his way back to the residential plot, Zhou Tingting had appeared at the research institute.

Since he had been afraid that he might have misunderstood something and could end up slighting Zhou Tingting, he had decided to call Fu Zhi.

Fu Zhi did not reply.

Her upper eyelashes cast shadows on her eyes, and her expression was unreadable.

Du Min, who could sense her anger, held his breath in.

“Zhou Tingting is at the research institute right now?” After a while that seemed like ages, Fu Zhi finally said, “I didn’t give her the access card.”

Understanding immediately dawned on Du Min, and he hastily replied, “I’ll ask the guard to chase her away.”

Fu Zhi was in a bad mood. In fact, she was angry.

She carried her bag on her back and held her head low. She did not utter a single syllable as she walked into her house.

The moment she stepped into the living room, she bumped into Xu Wei. She had put on her coat and she was on her way to the hospital.

When she raised her head and saw Fu Zhi, her eyes lit up. She hastily pulled her phone out and showed Fu Zhi her chat history. “Zhizhi, do you still remember the supplement that you gave your grandmother last time? She has already finished it and she asked me to bring her a new bottle when I go to see her. Do you still have some?”

Truth be told, Xu Wei had brought two bottles of “candy” with her the last time Madam Lu had been rushed to the hospital. The first bottle had been thrown into the trash can by Lu Chuwan, and the second bottle had been handed over to Madam Lu by Xu Wei after the former had complained about the bitterness in her mouth when she had gotten the intravenous drip in the morning.

Then, Xu Wei had forgotten the bottle of “candy” in the hospital when they had left. Initially, Madam Lu had thought Fu Zhi was just messing with her, but little had she expected that her health would get so much better after she took the candy. She was legitimately surprised and she had been taking the candy, or rather the supplement, as Fu Zhi had said, since then.

However, it had already been two days since she had finished the bottle of supplement. She couldn’t bring herself to ask Fu Zhi for another one, so she had resisted the urge. Nevertheless, as the proverb said, those who tasted sweetness could not withstand bitterness anymore. In the end, she had been unable to hold back the urge anymore and she had asked Xu Wei for a new bottle.

Fu Zhi scanned the cell phone and retracted her gaze. Then, she said, “Yeah, I still have some upstairs. I’ll go get it for you.”

Before she handed the bottle to Xu Wei, she said, “This supplement is warm in nature, so it cannot be taken along with cold-natured medicine. I can see that most of the medicine the doctor prescribed for grandma is warm in nature, so that shouldn’t be a problem. However, just to be on the safe side, we should warn her about it.”

Fu Zhi’s tone was plain, and Xu Wei could sense that her daughter was feeling down.

She anxiously tugged at Fu Zhi’s sleeve and said, “You’re lying to mommy, right? You went to meet the man you met on the internet today and got dumped by him, right?”

Xu Wei knew Fu Zhi was in a bad mood right now, so she lowered her voice and said gently, “Zhizhi, I already told you that you shouldn’t fall in love at your age. Just treat this as a lesson. Don’t be sad anymore, alright?”

“You don’t understand.” Fu Zhi sighed. “It’s getting late. You’d better go see grandma now.”

Xu Wei was worried about her. “What about you?”

“I’m going to break Lu Yumo’s legs.”

‘Lu Yumo’s legs? Why does Zhizhi want to break Yumo’s legs? Well, as long as she didn’t fall in love at such a young age, it doesn’t really matter what she wants to do.’

Xu Wei’s heart finally calmed down. She clutched her purse and before she left, she said, “There are baseball bats and feather dusters in mommy’s room. Just pick whatever you like.”

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