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Chapter 80: I Just Happened To See One Today

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Had it not been for Old Master Li, Fu Zhi would never have come to see his grandson. Since she had grown up under his wing, he knew her very well. She was self-possessed and she was a quiet breed.

She had only met Li Nanli a few times in the past, so there was no way she would bear a grudge against him.

Besides, Old Master Li loved Fu Zhi more than his own grandson. Therefore, he believed her without any hesitation when she told him that Li Nanli was watching a female live-streamer playing games.

‘Why is he so useless?! I purposely created a chance for him to bond with Zhizhi. Not only did he fail to make use of this opportunity to suck up to Zhizhi, but he was caught red-handed watching a female live-streamer playing a game! Useless!’

Fu Zhi increased the volume, and Old Master Li’s angry voice belted out of the speaker, “Zhizhi, help me tell him something! I have no good-for-nothing grandson like him who does nothing every day and only knows how to flirt with female live-streamers. Tell him to not ever come to my house, or I’ll break his legs!”

Li Nanli was left speechless.

Old Master Li was exasperated. As Li Nanli opened his mouth and was about to say something, Fu Zhi interjected and said in a soft voice, “The younger generation will do alright on its own. You don’t have to be so angry. It’s bad for your health. Besides, Brother Nanli does not flirt with female live-streamers every day.”

She paused for a moment. “He only watches them playing games. It’s just that I happened to see him watching one today.”

Li Nanli was genuinely stunned, and Old Master Li understood what Fu Zhi was saying.

One would eventually get burned if one kept playing with fire. She had caught him this time, but what about the rest of the time?

Old Master Li was certain that Li Nanli had to be watching and flirting with female live-streamers all the time.

The living hall fell silent.

After a while that seemed like an eternity, Fu Zhi heard the housekeeper ask Old Master Li, “What are you looking at, Old Master Li? Are you searching for something?”

Then, Old Master Li’s emotionless voice came from the speaker. “Where’s my cleaver?”

Li Nanli was stumped.

Old Master Li exploded. “Help me convey this message to him, Zhizhi! Tell him to spend the rest of his life with his female live-streamers! I have no unfilial grandson like him! He’s not my grandson anymore!”

After saying that, he hung up the call and went to look for his cleaver.

Li Nanli turned to look at Fu Zhi, his beautiful eyes looking deep and dark.

After a long while, he curled his lips up and his face assumed a look of amused excitement. It seemed to him that Fu Zhi was not emotionless at all. She had other feelings as well.

“Little girl…” he said confidently. “Are you angry with me?”

Li Nanli figured that the things he had said about her earlier must have made her unhappy.

The young girl looked up and stared straight back at him. She did not say anything, but Li Nanli saw the light.

“Alright, I won’t say something like that again in the future. I promise.”

Fu Zhi felt that her nephew still did not quite understand, and her intuition was correct.

Li Nanli then added, “But I still don’t recommend live-streaming yourself playing games. Even though you didn’t show your face, there are many bad guys on the internet. Besides…”

He paused for a second before adding, “You won’t be able to earn much money by becoming a game streamer. If you don’t have enough money, you can tell me.”

‘But nobody likes people who make money through online dating!’

Fu Zhi wanted to tell her nephew that it was bad to break the law. However, before she could say anything, the Twitch App rang.

A string of rockets appeared from the bottom of the monitor. There was an x99 rocket icon on the right corner of the screen that interspersed with an x99 mermaid icon and an x99 cloud-piercing arrow icon.

In the Twitch App, a mermaid was worth 1,288 yuan, a rocket was worth 500 yuan, and a cloud-piercing arrow was worth 288 yuan.

Fu Zhi immediately pushed everything she wanted to say to the back of her mind. She then murmured, “But I think live-streaming is pretty good, and I can earn a lot of money by doing it…”

Li Nanli had never been so tongue-tied in his life before.

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