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Chapter 74: I Met A Guy On The Internet And He Gave Me Money

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Xu Wei had informed her parents about Fu Zhi’s adoption through WeChat a long time ago.

Her parents were quite familiar with Fu Zhi’s background. The young girl had a pretty face, so they had no idea what had gotten into the Zhao Family’s brains for them to give up on a beautiful girl like Fu Zhi.

The Xu Family favored girls more than boys, but both Lu Yumo and Lu Yushen were boys. Therefore, their eyes glowed in excitement when they saw Fu Zhi.

However, they were restraining themselves, as they did not want to scare her away.

Madam Xu nudged her husband, and he hastily took his gloves off. Then, he pitched his voice low and said gently, “Are you Zhizhi?”

Fu Zhi could sense their kindness. She pressed her lips, tore her gaze away from the blackboard behind them, and replied in a sweet voice, “Grandpa Xu.”

“Why are you calling me Grandpa Xu? Just calling me grandpa will do!” Old Man Xu responded agitatedly, looking like a man who wanted to blow up a castle with an atomic bomb. “Zhizhi, since you’ve joined the Xu Family, we’re a family!”

After he finished speaking, he turned to look at Xu Wei. Xu Wei smiled at him in return. She put her hand over Fu Zhi’s hand and said, “Zhizhi, call him grandpa.”

Fu Zhi nodded and said, “Grandpa.”

“That’s more like it!” Old Master Xu responded delightfully, grinning like a Chesire cat. Madam Xu could not stand his idiotic smile. She pinched his waist until his face scrunched up in pain before turning to Fu Zhi and saying with a smile, “Zhizhi, I’m your granny.”

Fu Zhi addressed her grandmother sweetly. Her eyes kept looking at the blackboard behind them, as she was curious about it.

Fu Zhi’s uncle was working. Xu Wei and Madam Xu then talked about her uncle for a while.

While sitting on the side, Old Master Xu noticed Fu Zhi’s ripped jeans and frowned. He turned to Xu Wei and interjected. “Don’t I send you money every month? Take the money and buy Fu Zhi some new clothes. How can you let her wear a pair of worn-out jeans? This is really unsightly.”

Madam Xu looked in the direction her husband’s gaze was focused on.

Fu Zhi was now sitting obediently on a couch. She was wearing a short-sleeved white t-shirt that left her forearms bare and she had put on a pair of cropped ripped jeans that suited her long, slender legs.

Xu Wei explained, “They are called ripped jeans, dad. This is a current fashion trend.”

“What kind of fashion trend is this? Nonsense.” Even after Xu Wei told Old Master Xu Fu Zhi’s jeans had been bought not long ago, he insisted. “Tell your mother to patch those holes up tonight. Listen to grandpa, Zhizhi. You shouldn’t wear clothes like this. They don’t look good on you at all. Only a beggar would wear this kind of apparel.”

Fu Zhi was left speechless.

Old Master Xu would not listen no matter how many times Xu Wei explained it to him. In the end, after Fu Zhi promised that she would not wear ripped jeans in front of him, he decided to let the matter go.

Before she went to bed, Xu Wei gave Fu Zhi her parents’ WeChat ID.

Fu Zhi was playing games when Old Master Xu added her as a friend. Then, before she could do anything, a push notification popped up and stunned her.

She tapped on the notification and realized Old Master Xu had sent a total of 666,666 yuan to her along with the message: “This is for you, Zhizhi. I wish you all the best and every success in life.”

Fu Zhi was stumped.

She remembered Xu Wei telling her before that the Xu Family was poor. However, she looked at the amount of money Old Master Xu had sent her and entered a pensive silence.

Fu Zhi replied, “?”

After half a second, Old Master Xu responded, “Well, I collected quite a number of empty bottles while cleaning the street and I got some cash after I sold them.”

Fu Zhi knew how much the wage of a sanitary worker was and was certain that others were not as rich as her grandpa. Besides, one could only get one yuan after selling a heap of empty bottles. Just how many empty bottles had her grandpa sold to get 666,666 yuan?

She thought of the rigorous numerical equations on the blackboard in her grandpa’s house and only then saw the light and realized why people would say the Lu Family was complicated.

Fu Zhi did not accept the money.

She looked at the balance of her card that was connected to WeChat Pay. Like a good granddaughter, she transferred a million yuan to Old Master Xu.

Old Master Xu replied, “What is this for? Did your mom ask you to give it to me? Take it back. I have enough money to spend.”

“This is mine.”

Perhaps her grandpa was occupied with work, as after Fu Zhi replied, it took a long while for him to reply, “?”

Fu Zhi felt that she should explain where the money had come from, like her grandpa had.

Truth be told, the money in her WeChat had been given to her by Xiao Li.

She did not know how to explain the money. After all, Old Master Li had sent the money for Li Nanli’s treatment to another savings account.

Therefore, she searched for a few keywords like “WeChat friend”, “male”, “money” on Baidu.

After about three minutes, she got everything sorted out and replied, “I met a guy on the internet, and he gave me the money.”

Old Master Xu was stumped.

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