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Chapter 71: I’ll Tell Dad To Break Your Legs

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After the competition, Fu Zhi returned to the dressing room to get changed.

Lu Yumo was waiting outside the fitting cubicle, his eyes staring intently at his phone, which illuminated his face.

The forum of No.1 High School was all about Fu Zhi.

Someone had compiled the content of her speech and put it on the forum. Under the post, everyone was praising her.

Truth be told, Lu Yumo could not understand the complicated, jaw-cracking vocabulary that had come out of Fu Zhi’s mouth, but this did not hinder him from being astounded by her speech.

On the other side of the door, Xu Wei was still talking to Lu Jingqing.

Fu Zhi then emerged from the fitting cubicle.

With no expression on her face, she pulled an access card out of her pocket and handed it to Lu Yumo. “Xiao Du will return to the capital tomorrow. I’ve already bought a plane ticket for you, so you’re going with him. Just let him know if you see anything you want to buy on the way or you’re not feeling well. He’ll do everything he can to help you.

“There’s also a residential plot inside the institute. You can stay with him for a bit longer if you feel like it. You don’t have to come back so soon.”

Lu Yumo was so confused that he could not make heads or tails of this. “Who is Xiao Du?”

Fu Zhi replied simply, “Du Min.”

Lu Yumo was stumped. He scratched his head, as he thought he was hallucinating.

Fu Zhi noticed his action and thought he was that type of person who would become very shy in front of an outsider. Therefore, she said softly, “What I’m saying is that you can treat Xiao Du like your own family. Make yourself comfortable. Do you understand me?”

Lu Yumo did not know what to say.

‘Do you have any idea what you’re talking about? Do you think you’re very good just because you won a competition? Xiao Du? He is the vice-president of the FZ Research Institute! The vice-president! Do you really think you are his boss, you idiot?’

Lu Yumo took a deep breath to try and calm himself down.

He pulled Fu Zhi closer, pitched his voice low, and mouthed, “Do you want to get yourself expelled? Mr. Du is a highly-respected person who has contributed a lot to the research field. Who do you think you are to call him Xiao Du, huh?”

“He prefers that I call him by that name. And he’s particularly excited when I call him that way in class.”

Besides Du Min, many of her students like He Min and Sun Sanzhen also loved to ignore her orders and raised their hands to answer her questions.

Fu Zhi thought for a moment and reckoned that she should not expose their true faces in front of other people. Thus she just said plainly, “Our relationship is very complicated, and you won’t be able to understand no matter how much I explain to you, so stop making things difficult.”

Lu Yumo was stunned.

‘Wait. What do you mean by that? I’m the one who’s making things difficult here?’

Lu Yumo was speechless. He had already tried his best, but it was impossible to wake a fool up.

He decided to change the topic instead. He lowered his head and looked at the golden-colored access card. Then, he said half-heartedly, “The FZ Research Institute is a comprehensive research institute funded by the government. Not only does it have an aerospace division, but it also has other divisions, such as a pharmacological division. Are you sure you want to give me this chance?”

Fu Zhi nodded and replied flatly, “I’m tired of going there.”

The corner of Lu Yumo’s mouth twitched. He did not know how to reply, so he just let out a dry laugh as he chided her inwardly. ‘Keep bragging. I’d like to see what you’re gonna do when they find out what you’ve said.’

Then, he put the access card into his pocket.

“I’ll go home and prepare now.”

“Hold your horses.”

Lu Yumo stopped in his tracks and turned his head around. Fu Zhi was standing in front of the vanity not far away. Her sleeves were rolled up neatly, and there was a white digital watch strapped around her wrist.

Her eyes were clear and bright under the light. Then, she began to talk apathetically. “Don’t let me find out that you’re taking Zhou Tingting to the institute, or I’ll tell dad to break your legs.”

Lu Yumo was stunned.

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