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Chapter 572: Isn’t That Fu Zhi On The Video Call?

It was 6:00 pm when Fu Zhi received the “emergency” invitation, and she lifted her eyebrows slightly in surprise when she saw the title of the text message.

[Title: We need your help!

Level of mission: SSS

Rewards: 5 million

Content: Challenge the most dangerous devil in the history of mankind. Come in now if you’re a man, and let’s bring light back to the world!]

Fu Zhi did not know what to say.

‘The most dangerous devil in the history of mankind, huh…’

Piqued by her curiosity, Fu Zhi clicked into the meeting room.

Since she had never attended a meeting after she joined the International Crime Unit. She did not bring any equipment with her, so she did not use any audio processing device to alter her voice.

At the moment the captain of the 3rd division finished speaking, she asked, “Fight with Fu Zhi?”

There was a hint of indifference in her voice as she drawled out her vowels. The people in the meeting room did not know why, but they all had a feeling that she was not someone to be trifled with.

Suddenly, she heard a noise as if something had fallen off the table.

She lifted her head and she saw a few captains were looking at her, particularly the captain of the 3rd and 7th divisions.

Even the captain of the 2nd division was stunned.

They knew the captain of the 8th division was a woman, but they had no idea why they had a feeling that her voice sounded like Fu Zhi!

However, they soon rejected the thought.

After all, they would use an audio device to alter their voices to prevent other people from learning their real identities. No one would use their original voice, so they all figured that she must have used an audio device and it was just so happened that she sounded like Fu Zhi after the alteration.

Nobody spoke for a moment.

Both captains from the 4th and 5th divisions were shaking as a bad feeling rose from their stomach pits.

The captain of the 3rd division was the first one to come around to his senses and clicked his tongue. He did not doubt the identity of the captain of the 8th division.

It was rumored that their chief commander, the founder of the International Crimes Unit, was the captain of the 8th division’s father.

Then, Fu Zhi and Ye Jiu were brother and sister.

In his opinion, judging from the fact that their chief commander was willing to let Ye Jiu do the in vivo research, it was evident that he did not care about Ye Jiu at all.

No parents in this world would raise their kid as he was an indispensable object.

Therefore, this showed that the captain of the 8th division was not Fu Zhi at all!

When the thought came into his mind, he said, “Nice to meet you, captain. Your voice is so sweet. What kind of audio processing device are you using?”

He paused for a moment before continuing, “Well, this might not be related to our meeting, but I think we should hang out sometime after the mission. Maybe we can play games together!”

Fu Zhi was stunned. After that, she said, “98k and a silencer.”

The captain of the 3rd division fell silent.

“Let’s get back to our business first,” the captain of the 2nd division said after he came around from his senses, “For this extraction, we’re going to send in four teams. The 3rd division and I will be meeting up with the 4th and 5th divisions. As for the 6th division and 7th division, you guys stay back and be ready to assist us. The 8th division… You are going to distract Fu Zhi. Both of you are girls, maybe you guys have a lot of common topics to talk about.”

Jiang Ningbei was the only one amongst them who knew the true identity of the captain for the 8th division. However, he was not going to say anything since he knew nobody would believe in him. As such, he just touched his nose and continued to watch the show.

“You want me to fight Fu Zhi? Serious?” Fu Zhi asked with her brows lifted. “What if I can’t defeat this most dangerous devil that you guys speak of?”

“We have faith in you. Besides, we’re not asking for your opinion. We’re giving you an order, and all you have to do is do your part well,” the captain of the 3rd division chimed in, “Besides, Fu Zhi is just a girl who happens to know how to drive a race car, so you don’t have to be scared of her!”

Fu Zhi fell silent and she did not say anything in return.

The captain of the 3rd division then pressed on, “It’s all due to our predecessors’ effort that the International Crime Unit could reach where we’re at today, so how can we let Fu Zhi destroy it? Am I right?”

“Yes!” Everyone chanted in chorus save for Fu Zhi. He looked at her and asked, “What are you busy with? Why don’t you say anything?”

“I’m busy learning how to lick someone else’s boots,” Fu Zhi replied.

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