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Chapter 53: I Want To Kiss You

There was no response from the other side. After a long while, Li Nanli replied, ‘No matter what?’

Fu Zhi was not good at socializing, and Li Nanli was amongst the few young people that she had come across. Besides, since he had also given her a lot of money, she regarded him as a good person. Thus, she replied without any hesitation, ‘Yeah.’

‘I want to kiss you. Is that fine with you too?’

That message was followed by five transaction notifications, each for 100,000 yuan.

Fu Zhi accepted the money successively.

On the other side of the screen, Li Nanli felt his heart skip a beat as he leaned against the couch. The tips of his ears were turning red, and a rush of pink sped across his cheeks.

However, before he could reply, a message from Fu Zhi came.


‘How could you do something like that to your aunt? Don’t you know that it’s rude?’

Li Nanli was speechless.

Fu Zhi had always known that Xu Wei was handy, but she was still stunned when she saw the dress.

The dress was made of tulle, and there were two red strings that coiled in zig-zag fashion all the way from the top to the waistline. It had a retro feel to it, but at the same time, it looked fresh. It was very artistic.

“Try it on. Mommy wants to see it,” Xu Wei said as she pulled at the hem. “I haven’t had the time to put on the rhinestones, so it looks a little bland right now. But mommy promises that it will look perfect once it’s done.”

Fu Zhi nodded and returned to her room to put on the dress.

Very soon, she came out of her room in her new dress. Even though she was wearing her yellow duck sandals, they did not ruin the overall aesthetic appearance.

The dress did her perfect body shape justice by accentuating each and every curve and line on her body. She flipped her hair to one side, exposing her fair and graceful swan-like neck.

Lu Yumo stared at her for a moment before lowering his head to play with his phone again as if nothing had happened.

However, Xu Wei had a different reaction. She was truly captivated by her daughter, and she could not peel her eyes away from her.

Fu Zhi pulled at the dress and said, “It’s a little loose at the waist.”

“Don’t worry, mommy will fix it for you,” Xu Wei said. Then, she took out a pencil and squatted in front of Fu Zhi.

The girl was petite and had a small waistline.

The competition would take place tomorrow afternoon, so Xu Wei did not have much time left. Be that as it may, she still took each measurement meticulously.

Since she had been staying up late, her blood sugar level was low. When she finished taking the measurements and lifted her head, her eyes went black for a second and she fell against Fu Zhi.

Even though Fu Zhi supported her in the nick of time, Xu Wei still felt like she had touched something soft while falling down.

All color was washed from her face as she hastily pushed aside Fu Zhi’s hand, which was in front of her chest. “Did mommy hurt you, Zhizhi? Let mommy see!”

Her voice sounded choked, and she was genuinely worried about her daughter. “They are not big in the first place. Would they become even smaller after getting hit by me?”

Fu Zhi did not know what to say.

She set her jaw tightly, but just as she was about to say something, Xu Wei’s phone rang.

It was Bai Yao calling. Xu Wei turned on the speaker, and Bai Yao’s sharp voice belted out, “Xu Wei, the English Public Speaking Competition is around the corner! Where is the dress that you prepared for Wanwan? Why hasn’t it arrived yet? She has to try the dress in advance. What if it doesn’t fit? It might affect her performance at the competition!”

“Wanwan is taking part in the public speaking competition as well?” Xu Wei blinked her beautiful eyes. “I didn’t know…”

In the past, she used to visit the Lu Household from time to time because she’d wanted to see her niece. Lu Chuwan would tell her if she was taking part in any competition, and Xu Wei would try her best to prepare everything for her.

However, ever since Madam Lu and Bai Yao had shown hostility toward Fu Zhi, Xu Wei had not returned to the Lu Household in a long time. It went without saying that she could not have known that Lu Chuwan would be taking part in the public speaking competition as well.

Bai Yao snarled, “You don’t know? Over the last three years, Wanwan has never missed any English competition that’s held by her school. Why didn’t you ask if you were not sure? As her second aunt, if you don’t help her, then who else will?”

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