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Chapter 46: Eldest Brother Threatened To Break Zhizhi’s Legs

After reprimanding Lu Yumo for his attitude, Xu Wei then sent him to check on Fu Zhi.

He knocked on the door and waited for five minutes straight, but there was no answer from the room.

He rolled up his sleeve, but just as he was about to knock on the door again, the door was opened and Fu Zhi’s head popped out. “Anything up?”

Lu Yumo knew this was what Fu Zhi would usually say when she did not want to talk. However, he paid her no mind. He pulled a long face, straightened his back, and declared, “I’m not an airhead like mom. I’ve inherited my father’s intelligence and I’m far smarter than you think!

“I saw it! I saw clearly that the Volkswagen was not from Yu City. You’re not worth my time, so listen carefully. If I ever see you skip school to meet your boyfriend again, I swear to God that I’ll break your legs!”

Fu Zhi had been looking at her phone. It was only when Lu Yumo finished speaking that she lifted her head from the phone.

“You’re right.”

After a short pause, she then asked calmly, “Then what about Zhou Tingting?”

Lu Yumo was stunned.

“We’re now talking about you, not me! Don’t simply change the topic!” Lu Yumo couldn’t care less anymore. He gave up his big brother act. He raised his hand to reach out and poke her cheek. However, before his finger could touch her face, it was swatted down by Fu Zhi.

A sharp slapping sound was released into the air in the process, and Lu Yumo screamed out in pain, “Ouch!”

Water began to fill his eyes as he said, “That’s rude, Fu Zhi! How could you hit your own brother?”

‘Hmm? That sounds familiar. Where did I hear that?’

Fu Zhi then asked, “Why did you get so exasperated?”

“I’m not! What’s wrong with having a girlfriend? Carrying on the family line is my responsibility as a descendant of the Lu Family!”

Fu Zhi replied, “Alright then.”

Lu Yumo was stumped, but he composed himself soon.

With a dark expression, he said, “What’s with that face? Do you think I’m wrong? Or are you trying to disclose my secret because I told mom that you have a boyfriend?”

Fu Zhi shot a glance at him.

“Zhizhi, daddy’s home. Come downstairs when you’re done, alright?”

Xu Wei’s voice rang out from the stairwell on the second floor.

Before Fu Zhi could reply, Lu Yumo pulled her arm and pushed her back into her room. Then, he closed the door.

“I’m warning you! Don’t even tell mom that I have a girlfriend when you go downstairs!”

Fu Zhi did not reply. She pressed her lips firmly as she stared at the red weal around her wrist.

Lu Yumo knew that his sister had the goods on him, and the situation right now demanded immediate action.

After all, he would be doomed if his mother found out that he had a girlfriend.

Thus, he steeled himself and decided to strike first. He placed his hand on Fu Zhi’s shoulder and grabbed her tightly. Then, he began speaking, emphasizing every single syllable of his sentence. “If you dare say a single word to mom, I’ll kill myself in front of you!”

Fu Zhi looked at her WeChat. The “Killing Order” that Shen Cizhou had sent to her was still sitting obediently at the top.

Lu Yumo looked at her dialog box but could not see it clearly because he was nearsighted. After threatening Fu Zhi, he turned around and attempted to go downstairs.

Fu Zhi followed him.

Xu Wei loved to see all her children get along with each other. She rested her chin on Lu Jingqing’s shoulder and whispered into his ear, “Told you. They need space.”

Lu Jingqing nodded.

Then, Xu Wei approached Fu Zhi and asked, “What were you and your big brother talking about? It took you two really long to come down.”

Lu Yumo’s heart somersaulted inside his chest. He involuntarily turned his head to look at Fu Zhi.

Fu Zhi was looking at him as well.

There was no expression in the young girl’s eyes. She gave Lu Yumo an affirmative nod as if she was telling him, ‘Don’t worry, brother. I won’t let you die in front of me.’

As Lu Yumo heaved a sigh of relief, he heard Fu Zhi tell Xu Wei in her apathetic voice, “He said he wants to break my legs.”


Lu Yumo’s entire body shook as he continued to look at Fu Zhi.

‘Holy f*ck! What the hell is wrong with you? What’s the difference between saying this and letting me die?’

Xu Wei loved Fu Zhi more than anything else.

In the end, Lu Yumo was not allowed to join them for dinner at the farm.

Before they left, Xu Wei stared daggers at her eldest son before getting into the car with her daughter.

“Dad, I feel terrible right now.” Lu Yumo, who was upset, was frowning as he complained to Lu Jingqing.

Lu Jingqing glanced at him and answered, “You’ve been given too much freedom. That’s why you don’t feel right when you’re chained up in the house.

“You’re already an adult, so make use of this time to get used to it. Alright, enough talking. I have to take your mother, sister, and brother to dinner. Bye, son. Take care of yourself.”

Lu Yumo was speechless.

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