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Chapter 42: You Only Need One Brother

Just as Fu Zhi was about 10 minutes away from her house, her phone rang.

“Fu Zhi, I’ve already sent the thing you want to Room 302 of the Regent Hotel. Besides, your eldest brother is heading home now. He said you’re dating someone and he wants to break your legs.”

There were some noises over the phone, so the man raised his voice slightly. “According to television, a drama king like him is the most troublesome when it comes to family disputes. Do you need me to get rid of Lu Yumo for you?”

Fu Zhi was stumped.

The man was Shen Cizhou.

During the last few years that Fu Zhi had been working for the laboratory, the previous three generations of test units had started a riot. Even though all of them had been successfully contained eventually, to protect her safety, her “fathers” in the laboratory had hired the third-in-rank professional courier in the world for her.

Shen Cizhou was not under the jurisdiction of any country and he mingled very well in both circles of gangs and the police around the globe. He had a bad temper. Throughout the year Fu Zhi had stayed with the Zhao Family, she’d often heard him say that he was planning to assassinate the Zhao Family.

Feeling a little helpless, the girl rubbed the center of her forehead and said, “He’s my eldest brother.”

“He won’t be for long,” Shen Cizhou replied. “You have two brothers now, but you only need one.”

“Shen Cizhou!” Fu Zhi called out his name. Her voice turned cold and sent a chill down the man’s spine.

After a thick moment of silence, he spoke again. “Alright.”

His voice was laced with regret. “I will not touch him.”

Fu Zhi did not comment.

Before she hung up the call, Shen Cizhou reminded her, “That being said, remember to come back for me if you change your mind. I’ll be waiting for you.”

The call was then cut off.

Fu Zhi pulled the pane down and Secretary Liu glanced at her through the rearview mirror. “Ms. Fu.”

“Take me to the Regent Hotel.”

After Fu Zhi retrieved the box, she walked all the way from the Regent Hotel back to the Lu Family’s mansion.

A tweeting sound was coming from the box with every step she took. The sound was faint and high-pitched, and no one could hear it if they did not listen carefully.

By the time she stepped into the living hall, she saw that, other than Lu Jingqing, three other people were sitting around the table.

Even though she was very far away from them, she could sense the dense atmosphere in the living hall.

Fu Zhi fell silent.

The moment Lu Yumo saw Fu Zhi, he jumped up from the chair and shouted, “Fu Zhi!”

Fu Zhi raised her eyes and replied calmly, “Yes, brother?”

‘Hah, got ya! Don’t ever think that you can fool my eyes with your poor acting skills. I can see right through your pretense and I know exactly what you’re thinking right now. There’s no way you can get away this time! Just enjoy your last moment as everybody’s sweetheart, as I will expose your true face in front of everyone!’

As he had that thought, the corners of Lu Yumo’s lips curled into a triumphant grin and he smacked his hand on the table. “See, mom? I wasn’t lying. What time is it? It’s almost seven right now, and the school ends at five. If she didn’t skip school to see someone, then what else could her explanation be?”

Fu Zhi shot a glance at him.

Lu Yumo was one year older than her, but his heart still skipped a beat when she stared at him. He had no idea why, but he felt that this must be what a mouse felt like when a cat was staring at it. In this situation, Fu Zhi was the cat and he was the unfortunate mouse.

Swallowing a big gulp of saliva, he shooed the thought away, forced himself to stay calm, and asked, “Why are you looking at me like that, Fu Zhi?”

‘What the hell is wrong with her? She just went out for a few hours, yet she’s already picked up bad habits outside?’

Fu Zhi grabbed her box even tighter but did not answer Lu Yumo’s question.

Meanwhile, Xu Wei, who was sitting next to Lu Yumo, looked at Fu Zhi with red-rimmed eyes and asked, “Where have you been, Zhizhi? I didn’t see you when I went to pick you up from school. Where have you been? Why didn’t you inform mommy earlier? What if something had happened to you…”

“Why are you crying, mom? Didn’t we already talk it through?” Before Fu Zhi could say anything, Lu Yumo went closer to Xu Wei and whispered into her ear, “Pull yourself together, mom! We have to let her know that we have house rules and that she can’t have everything her way! If she dared to skip school to see a man this time, then she might not come home next time!

“You have to teach her a lesson, mom! Otherwise, she’ll do it again!”

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