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Chapter 372: Ye Jiu Joins The Lu Family – 1

“It’s okay. You guys can keep these for yourselves. Pure Feather has promised to donate 1,000 copies of ‘Red Sun’ to our school. I think they will arrive by next week.”

“But wouldn’t that make people think that it’s Mu Chenxi who asked Pure Feather to donate the books?” Zhou Zihuai asked with a frown.

Fu Zhi was speechless. She did not know why they had to put her and Mu Chenxi together.

She then replied calmly, “Pure Feather is Pure Feather, and the Mu Family is the Mu Family. Don’t worry, Pure Feather would not help the Mu Family.”

When she saw that Zhou Zihuai still wanted to ask something, Fu Zhi waved her hand and interjected. “Alright. It’s getting late. We should go home now.”

After saying that, Fu Zhi swung her bag onto her back. Song Fang offered to walk her home, but she turned the offer down. She walked down the alley and went into Li Nanli’s car.

Song Fang and Zhou Zihuai took another route. Each of them had one copy of “Red Sun” in their hands.

Song Fang then told Zhou Zihuai, “Mu Chenxi vowed that she wouldn’t let us get our hands on a single copy. I can’t wait to show this autographed version to her. I bet her expression will be a sight to behold!”

By the time Li Nanli dropped Fu Zhi off at the Lu Mansion, it was already 9:30 p.m.

Fu Zhi had told Xu Wei that she would come back late. By right, Mama Zhang should have gone back home to take care of her son by now.

However, when Fu Zhi walked into the house, it was Mama Zhang who opened the door for her, and she looked rather shocked.

“Ms. Fu, today...” Mama Zhang said before she hesitated.

Fu Zhi hated when people broke off mid-sentence. She stared at Mama Zhang, and it was only after a short while that Mama Zhang began to talk again. “Ma’am went to the police station today.”

Fu Zhi was stunned. “Did she finally get into a fight?!”

Mama Zhang was speechless.

“No, it was Captain Jiang. He called her and asked her to pick up your long-lost brother. He even showed her the DNA report...”


Fu Zhi was even more confused. “Did he specify which long-lost brother he was?”

‘Specify? Why does this even need to be specified? Just how many long-lost brothers do you have?’

Mama Zhang followed Fu Zhi into the living room and said, “He said his name is Ye Jiu.”

‘Then it’s over.’

As the door swung open slowly, Fu Zhi took a deep breath and psyched herself up to intercept Ye Jiu, who she surmised would suddenly charge at her and try to grab her bank card.


The moment the door was opened, the first thing that welcomed her vision was a drama king sobbing on the couch.

Fu Zhi locked eyes with Ye Jiu.

Ye Jiu lifted his brows slightly as he observed Fu Zhi through his narrowed eyes.

There was a hint of anxiety manifesting on his face, causing Fu Zhi to feel stunned. However, she soon came back to her senses.

She had forgotten that each of them was under the supervision of the International Crime Unit and their actions were restricted by the law.

As a result, Ye Jiu was no longer able to use violence against Fu Zhi, who had settled into a life with an ordinary family, as he had when he was a child.

However, Ye Jiu was Ye Jiu, and there was no way a leopard could change its spots. He had stolen Fu Zhi’s money many times when they were still kids, and she was certain that Ye Qi must have abandoned him, which was why he had come here to steal her money again!

“Sister?” Ye Jiu’s aggrieved voice caused Fu Zhi’s skin to break into goosebumps, and she began to think that she was having an illusion.

After all, out of her brothers, Ye Jiu was the only one who’d kept fighting with her when they were young. Unless he was in need of money or was begging her to stop beating him, he would never call her “sister”.

“You really are my long-lost sister! Do you know how much I’ve missed you? QAQ!”

As if to remind Fu Zhi that she was not hallucinating, Ye Jiu ran up to Fu Zhi, pulled her into his embrace, and stuck his hand into her pocket to get her bank card without any hesitation.

Fu Zhi was already prepared for this, so she lifted her leg and gave him a kick, sending him flying away.

“Oh my!” Xu Wei exclaimed. “Are you alright, Xiao Jiu?”

“I’m alright, mom. Please don’t blame Zhizhi. We haven’t seen each other for more than 10 years. I’m sure she didn’t do it on purpose. Maybe...”

Ye Jiu covered his face, and although he seemed like he was crying, in reality, he just did not want Xu Wei to notice that there were no tears falling from his eyes. “Maybe she still blames me for leaving without saying goodbye back then. That’s why she has never mentioned anything about me in front of you guys!”

“It’s not your fault. You’re just too kind, Xiao Jiu! There’s nothing you could have done in that situation. Both of you had just lost your parents, and not all families can adopt two kids. I’m sure Zhizhi will understand!”

Ye Jiu then replied in a soft voice, looking like a baby deer that had just been abandoned by its mother, “Really?”

Xu Wei nodded firmly.

Fu Zhi was speechless. She felt like she had entered the wrong house. And why was Ye Jiu calling Xu Wei mother?

As if Xu Wei could hear the question in Fu Zhi’s mind, she explained, “You two are brother and sister, so you shouldn’t fight with each other. Xiao Jiu told me everything. His foster parents just passed away. He just wanted to come and meet you, but...”

Truth be told, like Fu Zhao, Ye Jiu loved to read sad web novels. He had put together all the elements one could find in a sad novel and made up a story of his own. This was what he’d told Xu Wei: Ten years ago, after their parents had died in an accident, he and Fu Zhi had been sent to an orphanage. However, the orphanage had refused to accept a girl, as most of the families who came to the orphanage wanted to adopt boys. As a result, he had gone away with a couple that led a dissipated life. The couple had not cared about him at all, so he’d ended up dropping out of school at an early age. He’d worked part-time as a dishwasher and sold his blood to send money to the orphanage, hoping that they would treat Fu Zhi well. However, Fu Zhi did not know this. She’d always thought that her brother had abandoned her, so she resented him.

Ye Jiu had spent three hours talking about his and Fu Zhi’s past to Xu Wei, causing the latter to melt into tears several times.

Even though there were many loopholes in his story, Xu Wei ignored them and decided to adopt Ye Jiu as well.

Besides, when Xu Wei had gone to the police station today, she had learned that the reason Ye Jiu had gotten into a fight was Fu Zhi.

Wu Zhiheng wanted to start afresh with Fu Zhi, but little had he expected that he would bump into Ye Jiu and get nearly beaten to death by Ye Jiu.

Xu Wei would be nice to those who treated Fu Zhi nicely.

“Oh, come to mama, my dear son.” Xu Wei began to cry again when she thought about this.

“Mom... Actually...” Fu Zhi wanted to say that everything Ye Jiu had said was not true. It was Ye Qi who had supported Ye Jiu by selling his own blood all these years. Besides, there were many organizations overseas that had offered financial aid to them.

The villa that Ye Jiu stayed in was larger than their house and even pinker than Xu Wei’s blushing cheeks. However, upon seeing the happy expression on Ye Jiu’s face, Fu Zhi let out a sigh and decided to keep silent.

After all, it was rare for him to be happy.

On the other hand, Lu Yumo and Lu Yushen were not happy.

In the living room, Lu Yumo’s face was dark as he stared at the intruder who had somehow taken up residence in their home.

Ye Jiu looked a lot like Fu Zhi, especially his eyes.

Lu Yumo was in such a bad mood that he had lost all his appetite.

Acting as if no one else was around him, Ye Jiu told Xu Wei, “By the way, the Li Corporation is having an event soon. They are going to hold a lucky draw tonight at ten o’clock and they’re giving out a seaview villa, luxury clothes, and skincare products to a few lucky winners. Let’s participate together, okay? If I’m lucky enough to win a prize, I will give it to you as a present.”

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