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Chapter 371: Three Autographed Books

“You have to do something about it, dad. I promised my friends that I would get Master Pure Feather’s autograph for them. I’m sure you don’t want me to become the laughing stock of Class 21, right?” Mu Chenxi said.

Mu Changqing did not want that to happen either. As he felt lost at sea and had no idea what he should do, one of his staff members suddenly shouted.

Pure Feather had replied!

Mu Chenxi’s eyes glowed, while Mu Changqing hastily asked, “Did Master Pure Feather say when she’s coming? Where’s she now? Does she need us to send someone to pick her up?”

The staff member did not know how to tell Mu Changqing about the message he had received. His voice was faltering as the words tumbled helter-skelter from his mouth. “Master... Master Pure Feather said she’s not coming. She also said that she’s going to terminate the collaboration.”

Mu Changqing’s heart skipped a beat, and his head buzzed. “Give me the phone!”

The staff member handed the phone to him.

Pure Feather’s answer on Weibo was clean and clear.

Mu Changqing refused to accept it, so he sent a private message to her. [What happened, Master Pure Feather? We are already halfway through the contract, so why do you want to end the collaboration? Did we do anything wrong?]

[Someone from the Mu Family has offended me, so I’m calling off the collaboration.]

Mu Changqing felt as if he had been struck by lightning when he saw the reply.

[Someone from the Mu Family has offended you? Can you tell me who is it? I will ask him or her to apologize to you, so please don’t get angry with us, Master Pure Feather. You should know that the Mu Corporation sincerely wants to cooperate with you!]

The Mu Family’s performance was considered mediocre in the film and television industry. They had had their day in the past, but with the film and television industry reaching a saturation point in the past few years, their development had gotten a lot slower.

Mu Changqing was considered lucky. He had served in the army before, and perhaps this was the reason Fu Zhi had decided to cooperate with the Mu Corporation in the first place.

It was rumored that Pure Feather was related to the Fu Corporation, so working with Pure Feather was considered working with the Fu Corporation.

As expected, someone from the Jiang Family had also approached him because of this.

With the Jiang Family supporting them from the back, no people in Yu City would dare to look down on him and his family anymore.

However, little had he expected that Pure Feather would pull out of the collaboration all of a sudden.

[What would you need the police for if an apology was useful? Anyway, if you have any objections, you can talk to the Fu Corporation. Someone from the corporation will assist you.]

After saying that, she did not say anything else.

Refusing to give up, Mu Changqing continued to speak. He asked her about the cost of the adaptation, and he even told her that he could double the royalties, but Pure Feather just blacklisted him.

Mu Changqing was stunned.

Mu Chenxi, who was standing beside him, did not know what to say as she stared blankly at the phone.

Xu Tongtong and her friends were looking at them from outside the door, but Mu Chenxi was not in the mood to care about them anymore.

The things she had said in Class 21, including that she would donate 1,000 copies of Red Sun and get Pure Feather’s autograph, were being discussed in No.1 High School’s forum. If she did not keep her promise, wouldn’t she be like asking Fu Zhi to slap her in the face?

Hold on a second. Fu Zhi...

Mu Chenxi squinted her eyes and said, “Dad, do you think it’s possible that Fu Zhi said something to Master Pure Feather? Is that why Master Pure Feather wants to terminate the cooperation?”

“That’s impossible,” Mu Changqing said as he shook his head. “I’m pretty sure it must be the research institute that asked Master Pure Feather to help Fu Zhi. If Fu Zhi really knew Pure Feather, how is there any possibility that she wouldn’t get any books from Pure Feather after going through all the trouble of coming here?”

Mu Chenxi felt that her father was right. If Fu Zhi really knew Pure Feather, she would have told everyone about it.

It was impossible that Song Fang and Su Xing would not know anything about it.

Besides, Pure Feather had said that someone had offended her. She had not even shown up at the Angel Foundation, so how could they have offended her?

Mu Chenxi thought for a moment and said, “So what are we gonna do now, dad? The cooperation with Pure Feather is very important to our family, and if she really doesn’t want to work with us, then...”

“I will talk to the Fu Corporation. Besides, Master Pure Feather said one of us has offended her. Let the secretary of the company check if Master Pure Feather was offended by someone on her way here.”

Mu Changqing cherished this opportunity a lot.

Before everything was settled, he had to find out who had offended Pure Feather so that he could bring him or her to apologize to Pure Feather. In any case, he had to get back the cooperation with Pure Feather that had originally belonged to them.

If he did not, things would become very bad for his family.

Mu Changqing rubbed the spot between his brows and waved his hand at Mu Chenxi. “Alright, go back to your friends. You don’t have to worry about anything. As for the book, I will talk with the Fu Corporation and donate it to No.1 High School first.”

Mu Chenxi let out a sigh of relief. “Thank you, dad!”

By the time Fu Zhi got out of the car, Song Fang and Su Xing had come out of the hotel. Something had happened in Su Xing’s house, so her parents had sent someone to pick her up.

Song Fang felt bored, so he asked Zhou Zihuai to come over to sit with him for a while.

Both of them were waiting for her at a coffee shop nearby.

Fu Zhi was stunned when she got there.

After Song Fang told her where Su Xing had gone, she placed her bag on the table with a thud.

She opened the zipper and pulled three books out. “Study hard.”

“Huh? Study hard? What are you—” Song Fang mumbled. He had no idea what had gotten into Fu Zhi’s head, but the moment he saw the words “Red Sun” on the books in front of him, he was stunned.

Even though Fu Zhi had told him that she knew Pure Feather, it was completely different when she really pulled the books out in front of him.

Even Zhou Zihuai was not able to maintain his usual calmness. “Red Sun? And they’re all autographed by Pure Feather? Where did you get them?”

Fu Zhi said, “Someone gave them to me.”


“Erm... Pure Feather.”

“Are you serious? Pure Feather gave the books to you herself? Where did you see her?”

“Calm down,” Fu Zhi said. She figured that it was good that Su Xing had already gone home as well. After all, she could give the books, along with the latest award she had gotten, to Su Xing next week.

Song Fang nodded.

Zhou Zihuai said, “Let’s give one to our language teacher. Pure Feather is Su Xing’s favorite author, so we can give her one to keep. As for Song Fang’s book, the class can take turns borrowing it to read it.”

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