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Chapter 369: Movie Director Found – 2

“Yes. I’m the director of that movie. It’s one of my earlier works that emphasize the love of family…”

Feng Bo had no idea why but he felt a little nervous in front of the girl.

“Yellow River grossed nearly 800 million that year, right?”

800 million was a nice number, not to mention that it was Feng Bo’s first production.

Feng Bo could read the meaning behind Fu Zhi’s words. “I’ve directed two other science fiction movies, but they were not as successful. Besides, something came up with my family, so…”

So he had exhausted all his money supply and ended up in his current state.

“Are you going to make a war movie?”

Fu Zhi pulled a few plans out of Feng Bo’s file.

“Yes. This is the first draft of the script, so it still needs a touch-up. Are… Are you interested, miss?”

The air froze for a moment.

Feng Bo actually regretted the moment the words left his mouth.

He didn’t know how he’d gotten the words out in a smooth, natural way.

He was asking a kid if she was interested in his script? Never mind if the kid had any money to invest in his movie. Although he knew he was not cheating her out of her money, his actions still gave him the false sense that he was scamming her.

“Honestly, I’m not interested.”

This was something the man had expected. He was used to disappointment.

“But I have a movie that needs your expertise. Are you interested?”

“Huh?” Feng Bo was stunned.

“Have you read ‘Red Sun’ before? I’m going to adapt it into a movie.”

It went without saying that Feng Bo had heard of ‘Red Sun’ before and knew that the Mu Family was looking for a director to direct the movie as well.

Feng Bo thought he had met a fraudster.

Could the girl in front of him want his body too?

Feng Bo turned around and left. However, the moment he spun his body, he saw his reflection through the window not far away from him.

The person in the reflection had a square face and a portly figure because he was on medication.

It was only then that he realized how ridiculous his thought was.

There was no way Fu Zhi would lust after his appearance.

Licking his lips, Feng Bo decided to be honest with Fu Zhi. “Yellow River is a family movie, and since its background setting is in the countryside, the investment cost is rather low. However, a war film based on the book ‘Red Sun’ would have a high demand for machinery, environment, as well as actors…”

Fu Zhi interrupted him. “How much do you need?”

‘Is she for real?’

Feng Bo hesitated for a moment before answering, “At least 80 million. ‘Red Sun’ has a big target group. However, it isn’t online literature, and many people who have read the book may not be so excited about the movie adaptation. Other than the plot and story, the special effects and shots are equally important…”

Feng Bo did not lie. He had invested nearly a hundred million in his second movie.

A good movie would stay in people’s hearts forever. Other than the actors, a full range of camera shots was needed.

‘Then we can cut down the cost by hiring some actors that don’t have good acting skills, like Ye Shiyun,’ Fu Zhi thought.

She figured that he should be rather cheap. After all, Ye Shiyun had been reprimanded by the government some time ago for his poor acting skills.

Besides, although a lot of people were praising Ye Shiyun on the internet, the people that scolded him were just as numerous.

They could not criticize him for his intelligence, so they reprimanded him for his acting skills.

This was because most of the netizens believed that it was part of an actor’s job to receive criticism and comments, for this was what they did for a living.

There was no doubt that Ye Shiyun had poor acting skills, but he earned more money than Fu Zhi and he already owned a pink-colored villa.

“Let’s add each other on WeChat. We can talk about it afterward.” Fu Zhi showed him a QR code.

Feng Bo could not tell if Fu Zhi was being serious or was just messing with him.

However, Fu Zhi seemed like a person with an indomitable spirit to him. Besides, the watch she was wearing was a luxury brand from Country Y and cost more than a few million.

Feng Bo thought for a moment and then decided to add Fu Zhi on WeChat.

“I’m only online in the evening every day, as I’m busier in the morning.”

Fu Zhi nodded indifferently before leaving.

Feng Bo stood there alone in a trance. Then, his phone rang.

It was a call from his wife. He answered the phone, and his wife’s voice wafted over. “Did you find the person that Master Ku Hui mentioned?”

Feng Bo’s wife was a devout Buddhist. She had gone to a fortune-teller the other day, and the master had told her that her husband was a late bloomer. He had faced many troubles in his life, but he would meet a person that would change his life when he was 34 years old.

His wife had gone back to the master several days ago, and he had told her that Feng Bo would meet that person today.

If Feng Bo missed the opportunity, he would never have the chance to become famous again in this life.

This was rather superstitious, and Feng Bo was skeptical about it.

He had not come across a person that would change his life, but he had bumped into a rather strange girl.

Fu Zhi went to the restroom to check on her Weibo.

Nearly all the staff of the Mu Corporation were asking when she would arrive at the event.

Fu Zhi replied, “It depends.”

Then, Li Nanli’s text message came on WeChat.

She had left her bag in the living room, which contained the novel “Red Sun” that she was going to give to Su Xing and Song Fang.

She sent the address to him and asked him to wait for her outside the hotel.

Fu Zhi came out of the restroom after washing her hands.

Just as she was about to walk away, a voice rang out.


The voice sounded unfamiliar. Fu Zhi turned around and took a look.

A man came out of a shady corner.

He had a rather good-looking face. His lips were red, and his teeth were white. He was wearing a white shirt, but he had left his two top buttons unbuttoned.

Fu Zhi asked, “Is there anything I can help you with?”

“I saw that you seemed interested in investing in that man just now? Miss, the movie industry is actually very competitive, and you won’t be able to earn much money,” the man said as he walked up to Fu Zhi. “I also have a few projects on hand. How about we add each other on WeChat to talk about it? If you want to, we can get a room as well.”

“I’m sorry, but I’m not interested.”

It was not difficult to see that the man in front of her was a fraudster. She did not want to waste her time on him, so she walked past him to look for Su Xing and Song Fang.

The man had not expected Fu Zhi to reject him. He was stunned for a while before he hastily chased after Fu Zhi. “Wait a second, miss. Let’s have a good talk. You don’t know how good I am because you have never done it before, but I assure you that you will be very satisfied after you experience it.”

Fu Zhi was dumbfounded.

‘Done what? Wasn’t he talking about an investment?’

The man knew rich young ladies like Fu Zhi loved to engage in intimate relationships with handsome young men before they finally settled down with a man arranged by their families. His friend had been in a short-lived relationship with the heiress of the Xu Family, and because of this, he had saved himself a few decades of effort.

The more he thought about it, the more excited he became. He pulled a nude photo out of his pocket and said, “I had a health check before I came. I’m perfectly healthy and I’ve cleaned up. If you’re willing to invest in me, I will do anything you say, including offering myself to you!”

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