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Chapter 364: Class 21 Standing Up For Bossy Zhi

Su Xing sounded resolute and firm.

Fu Zhi glanced out of the window.

‘Hmm, very good. It’s not the first floor. She could probably end up being a vegetable if she jumped from up here.’

“I have a book written by Pure Feather. Do you want to read it?”

“No!” Su Xing replied without any hesitation, although she was nodding profusely.

Fu Zhi did not know what to say.

‘Girl, your body is much more honest than your mouth.’

After getting Fu Zhi’s attention, Su Xing said, “Lu Chuwan has a bestie, so of course, you need to have one! I said I don’t want to read it, which means I don’t want to read it. Even if I fail the exam, my family can support me until I die!”

Once again, Fu Zhi was speechless.

Then, Su Xing, a.k.a “the real descendant born with a silver spoon in her mouth”, turned to Mu Chenxi and rolled her eyes at her.

As if she’d suddenly remembered something, her fingers, which were dancing on the screen of her phone, stopped moving. “Pure Feather will be coming to No.1 High School this week. Other than choosing a suitable movie director to direct the movie, she also has roughly 1,000 copies of autographed books in her hands.”

Su Xing was stunned. Her eyes were wide, and she clutched Fu Zhi’s arm. “Are... Are you serious?”

‘Pure Feather is coming to No.1 High School? Oh God, am I dreaming? If yes, don’t ever wake me up from my dream!’

“That means I will have a chance to see her in person? Ahh! I love her so much!

“You don’t know how literate she is... Well, you know what? Forget it. Zhizhi, you really don’t know this.”

For the third time, Fu Zhi was left speechless.

Su Xing scratched her head in embarrassment. Well, it was not that she was looking down on Fu Zhi, but considering the fact that Fu Zhi did not even know how to write an essay, how was there any possibility she would know or understand a serious literary work like this?

Hold on a second!

If Fu Zhi did not know how to write an essay, then how did she know her favorite author was coming to Yu City?

After all, Pure Feather did not even have a Weibo page!

Su Xing then looked hesitantly at Fu Zhi. After a long while, she smacked her leg as understanding suddenly dawned upon her. “Do you like Pure Feather as well? Zhizhi, could you be Pure Feather’s maniacal fan?”

‘Otherwise, how would you know something like that?’

Fu Zhi then replied, “I heard it from my family. You just need to know that she’s coming and that you will certainly be able to get a book from her.”

‘Oh well, she’s not a maniacal fan. Well, that’s good to hear...’

Su Xing heaved a sigh of relief inwardly. Then, she pulled her Physics textbook out and stopped listening to what Mu Chenxi was talking about.

It was very hard to get a book personally autographed by Pure Feather. Out of the 10,000 books, only 100 were autographed by her. It was completely out of pure luck that Su Xing had gotten one last time.

Even if Mu Chenxi managed to talk the Fu Corporation into it, the books donated by them would be the normal edition. Besides, getting the book from Mu Chenxi and receiving the book personally from Pure Feather were two completely different experiences.

Fu Zhi was Su Xing’s favorite friend. After a while, she turned around and told Fu Zhi, “I have a science fiction novel written by Pure Feather in my house. I will bring it to you tomorrow. You can go through it when you’re free. This way, you won’t get a zero score for your essay.”

Fu Zhi replied expressionlessly, “Thank you for your kindness.” Meanwhile, she was thinking, ‘You don’t understand me at all.’

Su Xing nodded.

Mu Chenxi had not peeled her gaze away from Fu Zhi from the moment she’d stepped into Class 21. Most of the students and teachers were praising her save for Fu Zhi. Not only did Fu Zhi not appreciate her kindness, but she also treated her as if she was invisible. She did not know why Fu Zhi would treat her like this, but she was not happy about it.

‘She’s enjoying my privilege, yet she refuses to show gratitude to me? Just how rude can she be? And all the bigshots from the medical industry are standing up for her? Are they blind?’

She gave the book in her hand to the language teacher and then said in a loud voice, “By the way, my father has invited Pure Feather to attend an Angel Foundation event that is going to be held in Yu City. Are any of you her fans? I can help you guys get her autograph.”

“Holy... She can get her autograph? But I remember that Pure Feather is not very fond of giving out autographs, right?”

Mu Chenxi smiled. “Of course I can get it. We will pay her.”

She spoke with such a resolute attitude that it was as if she was certain that Pure Feather would do everything she said as long as she gave her money.

Su Xing frowned.

“Isn’t the Angel Foundation a place where rich people can invest in some projects? My parents will also go this week. I wonder if I can meet Master Pure Feather.”

“She and my dad have something to talk about. She won’t simply see anyone.” Mu Chenxi looked at Fu Zhi again.

“Well, there’s nothing we can do about it. Even if we can’t see Pure Feather, at least we can still watch the online training session conducted by the hacker alliance!”

“Oh yeah, Chenxi, since you’re going to meet Pure Feather, does that mean that you can’t watch the training session anymore?”

“It’s fine. My dad has hired Siren to be my teacher.”

The students in the class exclaimed again, and Mu Chenxi felt satisfied and joyful.

They found it normal that Pure Feather would strike a deal with the Mu Corporation, as the Mu Corporation was considered a corporation with a good reputation. However, they were truly surprised when they heard that her father had hired Siren to be her teacher.

After all, even the government could only hire a normal member of the hacker alliance to give them an hour-long online training session, but Mu Chenxi... Her teacher was the famous Siren.

All of them felt jealous of her.

“Chenxi, do you know when Siren will start taking in apprentices again? I want to learn from her as well!”

“Well, honestly, I don’t know. My master is busy, and I rarely talk to her about this.” Mu Chenxi had gotten her slot out of pure luck, so it went without saying that she knew nothing about it.

Besides, Siren would not say anything to her anymore after their initial conversation. Even if she tried to talk to her, she would still not respond.

“By the way, I heard that no representative from the Lu Family will attend the Angel Foundation this time. Is that right? Well, I can bring a friend with me,” Mu Chenxi suddenly said as she turned to Fu Zhi. “Why don’t you go with me? I can introduce Pure Feather to you. Of course, if you want, I can introduce Siren to you as well.”

It went without saying that Mu Chenxi was just bluffing. She only wanted to make Fu Zhi the crowd’s target. She wanted to make her friends jealous of her, and then she would make her a laughing stock when they were at the Angel Foundation.

‘Please don’t blame me, Fu Zhi. If you want to blame anyone, blame yourself. You should know when to stop.’

The students in the class turned their heads in unison to look at Fu Zhi.

Song Fang poked her back and said, “I think it’s a good idea. If you get into the Mu Family, don’t forget to help me get an autograph from Ye Shiyun.”

Most of the girls in the class were Ye Shiyun’s fans. It was just that they were not very close to Mu Chenxi, so they did not dare ask her for anything.

Even though they were looking at Fu Zhi now, there was no jealousy in their eyes.

Nobody was causing trouble, and the atmosphere in the classroom was quite peaceful now that both Zhou Tingting and Tian Nuo were gone.

Mu Chenxi was kind of disappointed that the fighting scene in her head had not come true.

However, what made her feel even more disappointed and shocked was that Fu Zhi had not even spared her a single glance this entire time. She was just focused on playing the game on her phone as she said, “Not interested. I’m busy. No.”

The students in the class were speechless.

Well, they had more or less anticipated such a reaction from Fu Zhi, but they had not expected her to reject Mu Chenxi so decisively. It was as if she did not even need to think about it at all.

The girl sitting in front of her turned her head and looked at her with puppy eyes. “Zhizhi, you’re going to meet Siren, Pure Feather, and Ye Shiyun. Can you make time and mmm...”

Covering her mouth with one hand while grabbing her neck with the other, Fu Zhi turned the girl’s head back.

Mu Chenxi thought Fu Zhi would not be able to resist such a huge temptation, but...

Her face sank, and she said in a mocking voice, “Since you don’t want to go and meet Master Pure Feather, forget it. After all, given your intellect, maybe you will become an even greater writer than Master Pure Feather and come up with a great piece of literature for your friends to enjoy. I guess you don’t need the book either, right?”

After hearing what she said, Song Fang put down the textbook. His gaze turned cold as he said, “What do you mean by that, huh? Why do you have to be so mean to Zhizhi?”

“What do I mean by that? I’m the one who’s mean to her?”

Mu Chenxi kicked the podium. “I invited her out of kindness because no one from the Lu Family is going to attend the Angel Foundation event. Do you know that I usually wouldn’t give this chance to another person even if they begged me? Look at her attitude. She’s just a worthless loser!”

The language teacher tried to calm them down, but to no avail.

“Loser? Do you think you’re really great? If it weren’t for the Mu Family, do you think you, a high school student, would have the chance to earn a living by taking part in a few dramas?”

A few students hurriedly came forward to stop Song Fang.

“Calm down, dude. There’s no need to get all hot and bothered.”

“It was just a slip of the tongue. I’m sure Chenxi didn’t mean that.”

Song Fang stared at Mu Chenxi and warned her. “You’d better watch your mouth.”

Song Fang was good-looking and rich, so he was popular amongst the girls in their school.

Chen Muxi had always been the center of attention. She was pretty, and it was always her who ordered the boys around. She had never had a boy shout at her before.

She just wanted to teach Fu Zhi a lesson. What did this have to do with Song Fang?

“Or what? Or else what? Don’t stop him, guys, let him speak. It’s no wonder all of you are Fu Zhi’s classmates. Not only are you not good at studying, but you are all as rude as Fu Zhi!”

Mu Chenxi said everything that was on her mind. “You all are a bunch of ingrates. You are using my book, yet you still don’t appreciate my kindness. If you guys are so great, why don’t you just stop using the books I donated?”

“Do you really think I want your book? I’d rather throw it in the trash can than use the book that you donated!”

The air went silent for a moment.

The language teacher tried to chime in again. “Well, Fu Zhi is not interested in literature, so I think you shouldn’t force it upon her if she really doesn’t want it.”

Fu Zhi looked at the language teacher and then looked at Song Fang.

Just as she opened her mouth to say something, Mu Chenxi said, “I don’t care if she likes it or not. She should be grateful that people are willing to help her. And Song Fang, even if you want to be Mr. Knight, you should watch who you’re protecting right now. You two don’t need the book, but that doesn’t mean that your friends don’t need it. If I’m not happy, I won’t donate any books to you guys!”

‘Well. No wonder she became Lu Chuwan’s bestie. They are the same kind of people,’ Fu Zhi thought.

Just as she was about to say something again, a loud thud erupted.

Zhou Zihuai put the textbook down and said, “I don’t want your book either.”

There was no expression on his face. He pulled another textbook out of his drawer and put it on his desk.

The moment he finished speaking, several boys sitting behind Song Fang added, “We’re sorry, but we’re not interested either.”

They were not good at studying, but that did not mean that they had a bad attitude. Besides, Fu Zhi and Song Fang had done nothing wrong.

More and more students began to stand up and say they did not want her book.

There were only three girls left.

Mu Chenxi’s face was red with anger as she shouted, “Suit yourself! Since you guys don’t want the book, I will negotiate with the Fu Corporation and ask them to forbid you guys from buying the book online!”

At first, the remaining girls were still quite hesitant. After all, they’d seldom interacted with Fu Zhi or Song Fang until they heard what Mu Chenxi said.

They gritted their teeth and decided not to take the book either.

The weather in the morning was cold. Fu Zhi did not care about Mu Chenxi at all.

In fact, she was going to donate the book to them, but she had not expected something like this to happen at all.

She remembered their attitude when they’d learned that they were going to get the book.

After a short while, she sighed.

It seemed to her that she had to autograph another thirty or so science fiction books.

If only Fu Zhi and Song Fang had not appreciated her good intentions, the matter would have ended there. However, it was obvious that the entire Class 21 was against her.

Mu Chenxi was not happy with their attitude. She suppressed her anger and said, “Very well then. Don’t come and cry in front of me when you receive your college entrance examination results!”

The students in Class 21 were bad at studying. Most of them had been born with a silver spoon in their mouth, and if they failed their college entrance examination, they would face a lot of trouble, such as having to go overseas to continue their studies or being forced to look for tutors to resit the examination.

Either way, this would be devastating for them.

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