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Chapter 363: Principal Of No.1 High School, Ouyang Feng

At the principal office of No.1 High School in Yu City.

There were countless bullet comments in the live-streaming room from different institutions expressing their desire to take Fu Zhi in.

Director Liu had been following this matter, and he heaved out a sigh of relief when he heard the explanation from the chief director.

He pulled two test papers from his pocket and said to the man sitting in the main seat, “Fu Zhi indeed is an all-rounder! You’ve been out of town, so you don’t know about it. Here I have with me two test papers: Physics and Mathematics. Generally, it would take a student at least 2 hours to finish each paper, but Fu Zhi got both papers done in under half an hour.”

The principal looked at the two test papers, and his eyes glowed.

Director Liu knew he had been looking for students who excelled in Physics and Mathematics.

Ouyang Feng knew how tough the test papers in his hands were. When he was still teaching in the capital two years ago, even though Ouyang Ya was the best student he had taught, she was a hardworking genius at most. Other than showing promising talent in firearms designing, her performance was far from perfect when compared to Fu Zhi.

He had heard a lot about Fu Zhi. She had gotten first prize at the international Physics competition, but more often than not, good grades did not mean everything.

Ouyang Feng was transferred from the capital to Yu City. He had seen many geniuses in his life. He was first fascinated by them, but after he got to know them, he realized that they could not even take care of themselves.

When he heard about Fu Zhi, his first impression of her was that she was a good student.

The first impression he had of Fu Zhi from what he heard was that she was a good student, and it was not until today after he watched the live-streaming session that his thoughts began to change.

He glanced at the test papers on his table once again. The writing was clean and neat. He picked up one of the test papers and flipped through it.

“It’s a blessing that No.1 High School could have a good student like Fu Zhi, but…”

Director Liu paused for a moment before continuing exasperatedly, “She’s erratic. She got into a fight with one of our students after a few days she joined our school, and she also refused to take part in the exchange meeting this time. If you look at her profile, you would find that she isn’t better than other students.”

Ouyang Feng tapped his finger on the table, falling into deep thought. After a while, he lifted his head to face Director Liu and asked, “So did she win the fight?”

Director Liu was stunned. “Yea… Yeah.”

“That’s good to know.”

Director Liu was speechless.

Ouyang Feng smiled. The eyes behind his pair of gold-rimmed spectacles were sharp as an eagle’s. He looked at Fu Zhi’s profile, and he could not peel his eyes away from her picture.

At the same time, Bai Yao was watching the press conference in the Lu Household as well.

She was so fumed with rage that she threw the tablet on the floor when she saw that the chief director did not reprimand Fu Zhi and that so many bigshots from the medical industry stepped forward to support her.

She pulled her phone out and tried to call Lu Yu’an, but she could not get through to him.

Bai Yao was helpless, and she had no other choice but to put her expectation on Lu Yu’an once again.

After all, no matter how one looked at it, be it morally or ethically, a murderer always had a crooked mind.

At this moment, outside Yu City’s police station.

A police officer was walking beside Lu Yu’an. “We assure you we will investigate further according to the evidence that you provided. If we find out that Lu Chuwan indeed has instigated other people to switch Ms. Fu Zhi’s journal out, then we will reconsider reducing her sentence, despite her good behavior in the reformatory.”

“Thank you,” Lu Yu’an nodded.

He dusted his coat and shook hands with the police officer. Then, after he turned around, he pulled a handkerchief out of his pocket and meticulously wiped his hand.

The maid glanced at him. Even though there was a warm smile on the teenager’s face, it could not chase away the gloominess that rooted deeply in his eyes.

The maid winced coldly, and she could not come around to her senses for a long time. After Lu Yu’an went into the car, it was only then she felt a shiver down her spine.

They were here to visit Lu Chuwan, but why…

Instead of going to see Lu Chuwan, he thwarted her chance of getting a commutation.

The driver gave the maid a honk on his horn, causing the latter to snap back to reality, and hastily went into the car.

On the back seat of the car, Lu Yu’an opened up his phone to watch the live-streaming session of the press conference.

The maid couldn’t help herself and looked at him several times.

“Is there anything you want to say?” Lu Yu’an asked.

The dusky afterglow fell through the car window on the teenager’s face. The maid had taken care of Lu Yu’an for a few years.

She really didn’t understand. As such, despite being so nervous that her back was drenched with sweat, she couldn’t help but ask, “Is there any misunderstanding between you and Ms. Lu Chuwan? I remember you are very close to her, but why…”

She did not ask the question explicitly, and she did not watch the live-streaming session.

Lu Yu’an had only known her for a few days, and he was not as close to her as to his friends and teachers in his school. Besides, Fu Zhi had never helped Lu Yu’an with anything.

“About that,” Lu Yu’an tapped on the screen, the light from the phone further accentuated the fairness of his skin.

He said, “She made a mistake, and I was just doing her a favor.”

‘Doing her a favor? By sending to the Reformatory?’

The maid fell silent.

It went without saying how devastating the effect was for a high school student, or a daughter of a wealthy family, to sit in reformatory and defer the duration of her education.

“Then… Then how about Ms. Fu?” She remembered that Lu Yu’an looked like he was going to kill Fu Zhi when he received the phone call from Bai Yao.

“You mean my cousin? She’s a good girl.”

‘A good girl? How? She’s suspected of plagiarism!’

The maid felt Lu Yu’an had gone mad. Or else, why would he rather help someone that was not related to him than his own family?

Lu Yu’an did not say anything anymore after he had finished speaking. He lowered his head and opened up the video.

He ran his finger across the word “Fu Zhi” that appeared on the subtitle as he said, “You see, I’ve been so good to you.”

‘It’s fine if you’re not Z God. It’s fine if you’re not the one that saved me. Even if I can’t force the identity of Z God onto you and ensnarl you with the kindness that you’ve shown me. I will always find other reasons to make you keep liking me. So, you have to be a good and obedient girl.’

Even though the plagiarism incident was just a small issue, when Fu Zhi logged into her Weibo to follow Su Xing and Song Fang’s Weibo page, she realized that the system had recommended her a few Weibo pages.

She glanced at the names of the pages and she was stunned.

“Fu Zhi’s Global Fanclub”, “Fu Zhi’s Anti-Hater Club”

Dumbfounded, she clicked on the Weibo page with the name “Fu Zhi’s Global Fanclub”.

The avatar of the global fan club was a high-resolution picture of her caught by a certain reporter at an exchange match with Country R.

Fu Zhi thought only celebrities like Ye Shiyun would have either a fan club or an anti-hater club, so she found it hard to believe when she found out that she had both a fan club and an anti-hater club.

She squinted her eyes and looked through the fan club. The Fanclub had only a few followers and there was not much content as well.

On the other hand, it was more lively in the anti-hater club.

Since the plagiarism incident had just passed not long ago, a few netizens claimed that there was no way Fu Zhi would know Z God. She and her family must have paid off the chief director of the National Education Bureau to help her tell lies.

The anti-hater club immediately reported those posts.

Well, it was fine to throw shade on an ordinary person, but it was not cool when the person was the chief director.

Very soon, the group of people deleted their posts and came forward to apologize.

Fu Zhi did not know what to say.

It seemed to her that she still had a lot to learn when it came to Weibo.

Originally, she wanted Xi Man to send a lawyer’s letter to warn them, but it was going to be a tedious process that would waste a lot of time. Apparently, the anti-hater club did a better job in this.

After following Su Xing and some of her friend’s Weibo pages, she asked Xi Man to get her a few books. Then, she began to search on Weibo for some famous directors who directed war movies.

She did get a few popular directors, but they were too old.

Even if Fu Zhi could afford them, she worried that their body would not be able to take it.

The Fu Corporation did not invest in the film and television industry.

Fu Zhi thought that she had to keep looking for other directors, as well as the casting of male and female leads.

The next day, the language class.

Even though the language teacher had finished talking about the test paper, the students were still talking to each other.

After the bell rang, the language teacher knocked on the table with his ruler. After everyone had fallen silent, only then he said, “Don’t forget to buy the book “Red Sun”. Some of the teachers in the capital had already started to teach about this book. Also, for those who are interested or can afford it, you guys can read the science fiction novel written by Pure Feather. Don’t keep loafing and wandering about doing nothing. After you guys step into society…”

The language teacher began his preaching again.

Pure Feather had a strange style of writing, which was very rare in the literature industry. There was no romance between the male and female protagonists in “Red Sun”, yet readers would still be riveted by her style of writing.

According to rumors, the former president of Country R had also read Pure Feather’s works and recommended them on social platforms.

After the language teacher had finished talking, cries of discontent started to rise in the students.

“It’s not that we don’t want to buy it. It’s just that we can’t buy it!”

“Yeah. The scalpers had bought them all, and they’re re-selling one for 800 yuan!”

“I thought there were 10,000 copies on sale on the official website. Are they all sold out? None of you get a copy?” The language teacher did not expect that the book would be so hard to buy.

Su Xing had one on her hands, but it was another work of Pure Feather.

The students in the class looked at each other.

The language teacher got angry. “I thought you guys are very good at playing games, huh? Especially you, Fu Zhi! You guys should have good reflexes, so why do none of you get a single copy?”

Fu Zhi did not know what to say.

‘Yes, yes, yes. You’re right.’

The language teacher asked a few teachers from other classes, and the answer he got was the same.

None of the students were able to get their hand on a single copy of “Red Sun”, save for Mu Chenxi.

She had ten copies in her hands.

After some discussion, the teachers decided to borrow a few from Mu Chenxi.

Very soon, Mu Chenxi arrived at Class 21.

She was holding a copy of “Red Sun” in her hand right now. The book was wrapped up in a special cover, and one could see that she cherished the book very much. She gave the book to the language teacher in Class 21 and said, “I didn’t buy it from the official website. It’s given to my family by the Fu Corporation. You can take it first if you need it.”

The moment she had finished speaking, the entire classroom fell silent.

Even Fu Zhi, who was playing games on her phone, lifted her head and looked at her. There was a faint smile on her face.

“My family is going to cooperate with Pure Feather on the movie adaptation of “Red Sun”. We will be meeting Master Pure Feather soon, so if you really get your hands on one, you can wait for me. I’ll find a way to get the Fu Corporation to donate a thousand copies to our school.

Mu Chenxi was talking very slowly. There was more than one reason why she wanted to donate the book to the school. Besides currying favor with Ouyang Feng, the principal of No.1 High School, she also wanted to…

Mu Chenxi looked towards Fu Zhi with a strange smile playing on her lips.

“The Mu Family is the greatest! If I can get into Tsinghua University by accident, I will certainly come back and return the favor!”

“That means we don’t have to compete with others anymore? That’s great! After all, considering my reflexes, there’s no way I will be able to get my hands on one copy!”

Mu Chenxi nodded. “Don’t worry. The Mu Family will do our best.”

After hearing what Mu Chenxi had said, Su Xing frowned and pouted.

Fu Zhi glanced at her and asked, “Why? Are you not happy about it?”

Su Xing remembered the last time Mu Chenxi badmouthed Fu Zhi in the corridor. She forcibly peeled her gaze away from the book in Mu Chenxi’s hand and said, “I would rather jump from here or fail my test than to read the book given by her!”

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