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Chapter 362: Everyone In The Medical Industry Works Together To Clear Her Name

The announcement that the National Education Bureau was going to hold a press conference as well as address the matter regarding Fu Zhi’s plagiarism dropped like a bombshell on the internet. It caused a huge turmoil across the entire web, and everyone was excited.

Bai Yao was filled with delight when she got the news and called Lu Yu’an.

She knew Lu Yu’an had been cured by Z God and was very grateful for the latter.

As expected, Lu Yu’an fell silent for a while.

“I got it, Auntie Bai.”

His voice was low and contained a tinge of coldness and ruthlessness.

Bai Yao heaved a sigh and added, “Don’t be too sad, Yu’an. This is not the first time Fu Zhi did something like this. She…”

Lu Yu’an did not say anything else and hung up the call.

Bai Yao was stunned at first but then let out a scoff as a sense of pleasure similar to revenge welled in her heart.

Plagiarism was a serious crime, not to mention that the journal Fu Zhi had copied from was the work of a big shot in the medical field. Since Fu Zhi loved medicine so much, she was going to end up like her daughter.

She would not be able to become a doctor anymore.

However, sometimes things just would not work out as planned. No matter how much money Bai Yao spent, the incident came to a sudden halt and the top three hot topics were occupied by the scandal of a certain celebrity.

#Ye Shiyun is suspected of smoking#

#Ye Shiyun’s girlfriend#

#Ye Shiyun was spotted kissing and entering the hotel with his girlfriend#

The popularity of the most popular celebrity was something to be reckoned with. The case of Fu Zhi plagiarizing Z God’s journal was drowned by the scandal of a certain celebrity. The incident could barely make it to the top 10 hottest topics, not to mention that there were only 3,000 to 4,000 comments.

That said, No.1 High School took the incident quite seriously.

Many students were expressing their opinions, and the post had gathered even more attention than the post about the exchange meeting with Hang Yuan High School and “Red Sun” selling out.

Fu Zhi was a popular figure in No.1 High School. Not only was she pretty, but she also excelled at studying and had brought glory to their school. What’s more, she had both Lu Yubai and Song Fang supporting her. As a result, there was less hate in the forum.

[Do you know who Z God is? They are one of the most popular figures across the globe, so I don’t think Fu Zhi would be foolish enough to copy their work.]

[But she’s the one who uploaded the journal. No one can access her account other than her, so unless it was the Education Bureau—which I seriously think is not possible—no one could have changed her submission. I think Fu Zhi is in deep trouble this time.]

[In any case, Fu Zhi is our friend. No matter what happens to her, we’ll all share the glory and the loss.]

[I’m still waiting for an official statement from the Education Bureau. I wonder if Fu Zhi accidentally uploaded the wrong journal or if she really did claim Z God’s work as her own.]

However, the environment on Weibo was not as peaceful as it was in the forum of No.1 High School.

[Even celebrities who plagiarize papers will be ousted from the entertainment industry. When will this young lady be expelled from school? She’s a bad influence on other students!]

[She just pretended someone else’s hard work was her own. Either she’s brainless, or she’s shameless. Maybe she’s both.]

There were very few comments. One of the main reasons was that Z God seldom appeared in public, while another was that the scandal of Ye Shiyun had attracted most of the attention of the internet, so nobody had the time to worry about Z God at all.

After all, they all felt that it had nothing to do with them and the other scandal was more interesting.

That said, they would still click into the post and leave a few comments. As a result, the post had a high number of views and had been sitting high among the top 10 hottest topics on Weibo.

At the same time, the National Education Bureau’s press conference was held as scheduled inside a clubhouse in the capital.

The main objective of this press conference was to announce the program offered by the hacker alliance.

The existence of the hacker alliance had always been open and transparent. It was just that it was rumored in the outside world to be a paradise countless kids aspired to enter.

All the media and press outlets rushed over to start a live-streaming session when they heard that the National Education Bureau was going to hold a press conference.

There was quite a number of viewers in the live-streaming room.

In the past, the people who watched such live-streaming sessions were students who had nothing better to do or teachers and directors of various colleges and universities who were already concerned about the latest news and trends in the circle.

However, most of the viewers today were students and parents.

After all, in those parents’ opinion, how could they let their children attend the same school as a cheater?

Mu Chenxi took out her laptop and clicked into the live-streaming room as well.

She did not feel as happy or elated as Bao Yao or Lu Chuwan. She just felt that Fu Zhi should pay for the crime she had committed.

She opened the video-recording function as she prepared to record the most exciting part of the press conference so that she could take it to Lu Chuwan when she visited her tonight.

Soon, after the Education Bureau talked about the one-hour online training conducted by Shadow in the middle of this month, which could be downloaded and watched by entering the official website of China, it was time for the final Q&A session of the press conference.

At present, in addition to the reporters who had been tasked to ask questions, there were also many media outlets that were curious about the matter.

Z God had always been a big shot in the industry, but due to the mystery of their identity, many people were curious to know who they really were and if they would give an interview or not.

Thus, many reporters had prepared a lot of questions to ask about Fu Zhi claiming Z God’s work as her own.

“May I ask the chief director a question? Z God has been obsessed with medicine all these years and has not appeared in public. I wonder if we could ask them to come out and give a positive response regarding the comments on the internet and the case of Yu City rejecting Fu Zhi’s journal?”

The moment the reporter asked his question, Mu Chenxi raised her phone, and the viewers in the live-streaming room grew restless.

[Here it comes, here it comes!]

[She even dared to copy from Z God. I can’t wait to see the response of the government!]

[If it’s proven that Fu Zhi indeed copied from Z God, she won’t be able to enter any school anymore, right? I don’t know why, but I feel bad for her…]

[Oh, stop it, please. From the moment she copied from Z God, she should’ve anticipated this. This is what she deserves.]

The chief director did not know about the commotion in the live-streaming room. He took a sip of water, cleared his throat, and answered the reporter’s question in a calm voice. “Z God will not step forward to respond. We did receive a report about the plagiarizing incident, and after rounds and rounds of verification, we can say with 100% certainty that one of the participants indeed turned in Z God’s journal.”

The reporter got excited, “So, may I ask your opinion on this incident?”

“Rest assured, we would never condone plagiarism, and we will certainly give the public a reasonable explanation…”

The moment the chief director started talking, the live-streaming room was filled with bullet comments.

[This is it! She’s a goner!]

[The government has always maintained a friendly relationship with Z God. Not only that, but Z God has become the bridge between our country and Country F. Is Fu Zhi’s behavior undermining the friendly relationship between the two countries?]

[We’d never condone plagiarism! Kick Fu Zhi out of No.1 High School!]

The reporter added, “Since Z God is not going to come forward and give a response, I wonder if the government will take any legal action against Fu Zhi? Like expel her from No.1 High School?”

Mu Chenxi gripped her phone even tighter, and her heartbeat leaped into a gallop.

‘Here comes the best part!’

However, the chief director frowned in confusion and asked, “Fu Zhi? Why should we expel her?”

Then, he brought the microphone closer and said, “I think you guys have misunderstood something. From beginning to end, I never mentioned that Fu Zhi plagiarized the book.”


What did he mean by that?

The live-streaming room blew up.

[Fu Zhi did not plagiarize? How is that possible? The journal she turned in was Z God’s work!]

[I’m a student from No.1 High School! I knew that Fu Zhi wouldn’t do something like that!]

[Oh, come on. Either she copied from Z God or she submitted the wrong journal. There’s no way she could be forgiven for committing such a low-level mistake.]

The reporter was stunned. It took him roughly a few minutes to come around to his senses and add, “But you just said that a participant copied from Z God.”

“Well, I did say that, but I didn’t say that person is Fu Zhi. Besides, after we ran a background check on Fu Zhi, we found out that she has followed her parents to Country F before. They came across Z God on the way, and they worked together to solve the pandemic outbreak in Country F,” the chief director replied. “Fu Zhi has studied medicine under Z God’s tutelage for half a year, and she has also willingly tested the medicine for the pandemic outbreak. As for the journal published by Z God, she contributed her ideas as well.”

The viewers in the live-streaming room once again exploded after the chief director finished speaking.

[Her parents were researchers, and she had the opportunity to study medicine under Z God when she was young. She had a head start in her life since the moment she was born!]

[The world suddenly feels so strange to me. Fu Zhi is the owner of the research institute, she has a lot of handsome guys around her, and now even Z God is related to her? I don’t believe it! Fu Zhi is just a normal high school student! How is there any chance so many good things would happen to her?!]

[She has contributed to Z God’s journal? Are you serious? She was just a kid at the time, so what the hell could she contribute?]

[Actually, I didn’t believe that Fu Zhi would copy from Z God, but after listening to his explanation, I’ve begun to change my mind.]

Unlike the netizens, Mu Chenxi was confused.

She felt something was not quite right with the way things were going. The National Education Bureau should be reprimanding Fu Zhi for stealing other people’s work, but she had no idea why, yet she had a feeling that the chief director was helping Fu Zhi clear her name.

Mu Chenxi felt that it had been the wrong decision to pick Z God. She should have picked Sun Sanzhen, Chu Hao, or Sun Sanzhen’s disciples instead.

They were less tolerant than Z God, and they would surely have fought with Fu Zhi until the end.

Lu Chuwan insisted on making Lu Yu’an hate Fu Zhi, and none of them actually had anticipated that Fu Zhi would know Z God.

The chief director continued to speak. “Although Fu Zhi only spent a very short amount of time with Z God, it is certain that she did contribute to some of Z God’s journals. Besides, our technical staff has verified that someone has tampered with the journal. The original content of this journal was removed and replaced before it was submitted to us.”

“So are you saying that Fu Zhi was framed?” The reporter pressed on.

“I’m not sure about this, but while I don’t know why someone would tamper with her journal, one thing is certain: Fu Zhi never intended to add her own name on Z God’s journal. Otherwise, she would have made a name for herself a few years ago.”

After a short pause, the chief director pulled out a stack of letters and moved on. “I have a question. Why wouldn’t a student like her, who cares about fame and fortune, ask to add her name to the published journal? Last night, our bureau received a letter from the Chu Family, Sun Sanzhen, and a medical and surgical expert within the medical industry. All of them are somehow connected to Fu Zhi, and they all believe that Fu Zhi is innocent. Therefore, I would like to take this opportunity to tell the person that framed Fu Zhi… You’re an idiot.”

The chief director would not lie, and there was no reason for him to lie as well.

Besides, the big shots in the medical industry were all eccentric. They seldom interacted with rich people, and this time, they were willing to stand up for Fu Zhi…

The live-streaming room went silent for a while.

[I saw Liu Ci’s name. This guy used to be my surgeon when I was in the hospital. He’s a strange dude, and when my parents gave him an envelope before my operation, he nearly chased me out of the hospital.]

[And that’s famous neurologist Qian Wei! How is there any possibility Fu Zhi knows so many big shots?]

Even though Mu Chenxi had used Fu Zhi’s software, the government was still able to detect that someone had changed the content of the journal.

Mu Chenxi smacked her phone on the table. She bit her lower lip, as she did not know how to explain this to Lu Chuwan. She did not know that Bai Yao had told Lu Yu’an as well. Would Lu Yu’an go to cause Fu Zhi trouble?

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