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Chapter 361: Z God’s Journal

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The air went still for a moment, and Fu Zhi was stunned.

She had put on a knitted jacket today that wrapped around her body tightly and made her look like a dumpling.

Lu Yu’an raised his hand and flipped Fu Zhi’s collar.

“What are you doing?” Fu Zhi asked, leaning back.

Lu Yu’an’s gaze suddenly cracked. He stared intently at the red mole on the right side of Fu Zhi’s collarbone.

He remembered that Z God’s red mole was on the left side...

‘So, it wasn’t her...’

Then, who had saved him?

Lu Yu’an fell into deep thought. Just as Fu Zhi was about to say something, her phone rang.

“Zhizhi, this is bad. Do you remember the journal that you handed in the other day? The school’s forum said that Yu City’s Education Bureau rejected your journal because your work got a 100% similarity score on relevant software!”

Su Xing had been reading a novel on the forum lately. She’d happened to come across the post, so she’d hurriedly called Fu Zhi and told her about the things she had seen.

Fu Zhi rose from the couch and walked to the door. “100% similarity? How could that be?”

Everything in the journal was new. She had not used any information or data from her previous publications, so something like this should not be happening.

“They said you copied from a person known as Z God, who was the greatest asset of the medical sector in our country,” Su Xing said as she scrolled through the post. “It seems like that’s the person that single-handedly ended the pandemic outbreak that ravaged through Country F several years ago. They are greatly respected in Country F, and the people over there even built a statue for them. What should we do now?”

Fu Zhi was speechless.

‘What should we do now? How the hell would I know what we should do now?’

Fu Zhi heard Su Xing tapping away on the keyboard and surmised that she must be arguing with the students in the forum.

However, considering her skill, Fu Zhi was certain that she would not be able to do anything against those students. Then, just as she’d expected, Su Xing returned and cried, “Zhizhi... They all are so mean...”

But this was not important. She then asked Fu Zhi, “Do you know Z God? Could you have happened to have the same idea as them?”

“Nope. Anyway, don’t worry too much. Everything will be fine.” Fu Zhi comforted her.

Initially, Fu Zhi had thought it was something serious before she’d heard the name “Z God”.

That said, she had not seen anything amiss on the website while handing in her journal. In other words, no one should have replaced her article. Had she uploaded the wrong file herself?

‘But how is that possible?’

“But Zhizhi, someone is comparing your journal to Z God’s...” Su Xing was worried sick. After all, Z God enjoyed a high status in the medical society.

“Just let them be.” Fu Zhi was not bothered at all. After comforting Su Xing, she hung up the call.

She’d been going to Myanmar recently, and she did not have the time to care about what those people thought of her. All she needed to do was mind Xu Wei’s feelings.

However, the matter continued to mushroom on both the school’s forum and the internet. Some people from Country F even went so far as to check who had copied Z God’s work.

There were several kinds of plagiarism checker software available on the market. Each of them was able to detect even the slightest bit of similarity, let alone a 100% similarity, like in Fu Zhi’s case.

When Lu Yumo heard about this incident, he sent a text message to Fu Zhi to ask her about the matter on WeChat.

After reading his message, Fu Zhi went back to the living room and picked up her coat.

Lu Yu’an stared at her for a while and then asked, “What wrong? Did something happen?”

“Nope. Nothing.”

Fu Zhi felt that there was no need to tell Lu Yu’an about this matter at all.

“I have to go home now. You should go get some rest.”

Lu Yu’an clutched his hands, which were on his knees. “Okay. Let me escort you to the door then.”

“It’s not necessary.”

After Fu Zhi informed Zhou Qiong, she left the mansion.

Lu Yu’an stared at the empty living room with his jaw tightly set.

Zhou Qiong walked up to him and said, “Let me push you back to your room. Aren’t you going to meet Chuwan to give her the scores tonight? As for Z God, I will help you ask around so that you can thank her personally.”


Lu Yu’an replied, offering his mother a smile, “I can go back on my own.”

When he turned around, the smile on his face disappeared.

He touched his knees and thought, ‘So it wasn’t Fu Zhi who saved me...’

On Monday, when Fu Zhi returned to school, everyone in the school had already found out about this matter.

Su Xing was waiting for her outside the school.

When she saw Fu Zhi, she waved her arm at her. “Zhizhi, I wonder how the school authorities will respond this time. Have you come up with a plan yet?”

Unlike Fu Zhi, Su Xing was worried sick. She had not had a good night’s sleep since the day the incident had happened.

Fu Zhi followed her back to their class before pulling her phone out to check on the forum.

Just like the journal that she’d handed in, the school would pick a few excellent students that wanted to apply for medical school and have them submit their work for evaluation.

The journal Fu Zhi had handed in was about the application and significance of robotic arms in the medical industry. However, her journal had been taken down and replaced by Z God’s journal, which talked about geographical pandemics.

Z God was a big shot in the industry, and his journals were all revolving around the effect and significance of pandemics or diseases on the development of the world. From both the aspect of content and professionalism, Z God’s journal was far more practical and useful than Fu Zhi’s work on robotic arms.

Fu Zhi had spent almost half an hour checking through the website yesterday. It turned out that the culprit had used her software to change her journal.

She had to admit that this person was smart.

After all, Z God was an influential figure in both the industry and Country F. Aside from helping Country F solve their issues several times on behalf of the government, they had never appeared in front of the public before. They kept a low profile, and even their gender was a mystery. Therefore, other than the leader of the country, nobody had seen Z God.

They did not care about fame or fortune, and they were quite mysterious when it came to their whereabouts. Most of the doctors regarded them as their idol, and if they realized that Fu Zhi had copied their work, nobody would want to take her in anymore.

“Most of the students in the school just want an explanation from you. They all believe that you didn’t plagiarize. However, some people on the internet have said you’re an idiot...” Su Xing said, “I think you should make a statement as soon as possible before this becomes too difficult to control.”

Plagiarism was a serious offense. If Fu Zhi could not prove that she had not copied someone else’s work, then her future would be destroyed.

“Okay,” Fu Zhi replied indifferently.

‘Okay? Then do something about it! Don’t just sit there!’

Su Xing sighed.

She had asked her parents to try reaching out to Z God, but unfortunately, Z God had paid no mind to them.

Su Xing comforted Fu Zhi. “Don’t worry, Zhizhi. I will do my best to help you.”

Fu Zhi did not know what to say.

Truth be told, she was not worried at all. The reason she looked like she was sad was that she was thinking who would be the best person to speak up about this.

The Fu Corporation? Nope. The research institute? Pass.

It seemed to her that this time, she needed help from the government...

‘Hmm... This is hard...’

Since Su Xing had not gotten a response from Fu Zhi, she went back to chat with her parents again.

At the same time, in the Mu Family’s residence...

Bai Yao called Mu Chenxi after waking up.

She was pretty busy, so she had not been going to school lately. She was going over the script, so she hesitated for a moment before answering the call.

Bai Yao and Bai Miao had been quarreling a lot recently.

Bai Yao hated Fu Zhi to the bone and wanted Fu Zhi to pay the price for sending her daughter to the reformatory. However, Bai Miao wanted Fu Zhi to become her daughter-in-law.

Bai Yao was an idiot. She did not know how to deal with Fu Zhi at all.

However, Mu Chenxi and Lu Chuwan were different. They were students, so they knew very well how to destroy a student.

One of the reasons they’d picked Z God’s journal was that Lu Chuwan felt that something was not right with Lu Yu’an.

Her relationship with Lu Yu’an was not as good as other people thought.

Yes, she was the one who had accompanied Lu Yu’an through the darkest days of his life.

Yes, Lu Yu’an should pay back the favor.

However, she had no idea why, but she felt that Lu Yu’an’s attitude toward her had changed a lot after their meeting.

He kept staring at his phone the entire time, and it was only when Fu Zhi accepted his friend request on WeChat that the frown on his face lightened a bit and a smile appeared at the corner of his lips.

Lu Chuwan thought that since Lu Yu’an was grateful for Z God, he would certainly not be able to tolerate anyone who tried to ride on Z God’s coattails.

If he knew that Fu Zhi had copied Z God’s journal, would he still like her?

Bai Yao’s careful voice wafted over from the other side of the line. “Are you sure no one is going to find out?”

“Nope. Don’t worry. The software was made by my master, and no matter how good Fu Zhi is, there’s no way she’ll find out we’re the ones who did it,” Mu Chenxi replied, comforting Bai Yao.

“Okay, okay... Also, one more thing. Have you sent someone to tell Lu Yu’an?” Bai Yao asked. “Can you think of a way to make him... I think you understand what I’m talking about, right?”

“Auntie Bai, do you know that helping a minor commit a crime is a crime itself? Do you think it’s appropriate for me to do that?”

Mu Chenxi added, “Our primary objective is to chase her away. As Chuwan’s friend, I have the obligation to stand up to her, but I can’t bring myself to take away someone’s life. Do you get me?”

Bai Yao was stumped. After a short silence, she nodded and hung up the phone.

Mu Chenxi felt that Lu Chuwan’s family was really messed up, especially her mother.

However, it had nothing to do with her. As Lu Chuwan’s friend, she just needed to kick Fu Zhi out of No.1 High School, that was it.

When Mu Chenxi went downstairs, her father was having a video conference in the living room.

She waited until he finished his meeting before going up to him. “Is it certain that Ye San’s going to be the lead in the New Year’s movie? Although “Red Sun” is great, a war movie is too tense and won’t appeal to students of my age group.”

“You don’t understand,” Mr. Mu said. “Not only has the government made the book mandatory reading material, but the students also have to go to the theater to watch the movie. Besides, the author of the book, Pure Feather, was contracted by the Fu Corporation.”

Mu Chenxi’s eyes shone. “The Fu Corporation?!”

“Yes. I’ve sent someone to look into it. Pure Feather has a lot of say in the Fu Corporation. Her film and television rights are all carefully selected by the Fu Corporation. In order to fight for this opportunity, the Mu Family has put in a lot of time and effort. As long as we get on the good side of the Fu Corporation, the future of our family will be as bright as the sun.”

Even though Mr. Mu had not gotten to see Xi Man regarding the business opportunity, as long as he could get someone to produce a high-quality script, he would have a chance to meet up with Pure Feather.

Then, he would ask Pure Feather to introduce him to the higher-ups of the Fu Corporation...

Mr. Mu replied, “Ye San is the most popular celebrity right now, and any drama or movie with him in it is going to be a success. Chenxi, although you have the supporting female role, the characteristics of the role you’re playing are better than those of the female lead. You have to understand how much I have invested to nurture you. First, Siren, and now, Pure Feather. Therefore, you must not let me down.”

“Don’t worry, dad,” Mu Chenxi said with confidence. “I will certainly do my best!”

At the same time, Du Min was keeping an eye on the issue with Fu Zhi’s journal as well.

In fact, just like Fu Zhi had thought, this matter was not a big deal in the medical field.

After all, nearly all of the bigshots in the medical field were Fu Zhi’s students, and wanting to nail her on the pillar of shame so that nobody would want her was nothing but a foolish dream.

That said, Fu Zhi still needed to give an explanation to the netizens in their country, as well as the netizens of Country F.

However, the research institute could not step in this time. This was because the whole internet already knew about the relationship between Fu Zhi and the research institute. If they stepped in this time, the netizens might think they were covering up for her.

“It’s Yu City’s Education Bureau that rejected Fu Zhi’s journal. Should we ask the government to come forward and say something?” Du Min’s security guard suggested.

The corner of Du Min’s lips quivered. “The internet has begun to suspect Zhizhi’s identity ever since the government stepped forward to defend Zhizhi last time. If the government interferes with this matter as well, even the most ordinary netizen will be able to find out Zhizhi’s true identity, let alone the people in our own sector.”

“But don’t you think it’d be better for the National Education Bureau to come forward? After all, all the journals or research papers published by Z God have been verified by the National Education Bureau. They are the ones that know best if Zhizhi plagiarized or not. Besides, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs also needs to respond if there is a big fuss over Country F. As for how they’ll respond...”

Well, Du Min had not thought it out yet.

Then, his secretary smacked his thigh, startling Du Min.

“Oh yeah, how could I forget about this!”

The secretary then turned to Du Min and continued to speak. “Didn’t our government plan to conduct a nationwide computer learning program with the hacker alliance? They will surely hold a press conference to address the importance of the program. All we have to do is have a few reporters ask a couple of questions about this matter. This way, the government can respond to this matter publicly and openly! I’m sure everyone will buy it!”

“Good idea! Let’s do it!” Du Min made a call to the National Education Bureau, and the person on the other side of the line agreed to the plan right away.

The date of the press conference was set for the day after tomorrow. The National Education Bureau announced the news on their Weibo account, and they even specified that they would respond to the matter regarding Z God and Fu Zhi.

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