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Chapter 344: As Long As Fu Zhi Is Bad*ss – 4

The water tank, which was about two meters high, had been placed at the final stop in advance.

The speed and range of the bullets were greatly reduced in the water. Thus, the crowd only saw a bullet that came out of the water slowly, followed by a violent bang, releasing a puff of thick smoke and fire that pervaded the surveillance camera.

“It… exploded? I can’t see clearly. Where’s Ms. Fu?”

“Could she have been killed by the explosion?”

The spectators looked at each other, and they could see the worried expression on each other’s faces.

As they continued to stare at the monitor with bated breath, the smoke began to dissipate.

Then, they saw a young lady sitting amongst the wreckage of the water tank.

She was sitting on top of a handkerchief, checking her face in a mirror she was holding in her hand.

After staring at herself in the mirror for a long while, she heaved a long sigh of relief and mumbled, “Phew! Luckily, my face is still as perfect as always, and I’m still a beautiful little girl…”

The crowd was left speechless.

‘D*mn you! Are you here for a beauty pageant or a fight? Why do you care about your face? Where’s the crazy woman who speaks with her fist?!’

However, after seeing that Fu Zhi was alright, a cadet asked, “Didn’t Ms. Ouyang say that the 658 rifle is perfectly safe? Why would it misfire? Was it an accident, or…”

The room went quiet for a few seconds.

Nobody could give him a proper answer. After all, they could not discuss Ouyang Ya so openly. Besides, this was the first time a misfire occurred. The 658 rifle had served them really well and had exhibited no performance problems while they were using it. Since they had not experienced the misfire firsthand, they did not feel much.

Compare to the safety of the firearm, they were more concerned about Fu Zhi’s skill. Not only had she been able to precisely avoid all the surveillance cameras and reach the final stop, but her accuracy at target shooting was also unmatched.

What’s more, she just sat there and looked at herself in a mirror after the explosion as if nothing had happened.

“She’s beyond crazy.”

“F*ck, look at the time. She’s broken the record of the fifth-ranking student in the Ouyang Family’s Golden Ranking!”

Everyone came back to their senses and couldn’t help cursing. After all, there was no better way for them to explain their feelings about Fu Zhi right now.

How strong was Fu Zhi?

Not only had she been able to find a shortcut in a swampy zone filled with different kinds of dangers, but she had also been able to hit all the targets with practiced ease. Besides, it was very clear that she still had a lot of room for improvement.

Thus, compared to them, Fu Zhi’s potential was really unpredictable.

At the same time, the computer had finally finished computing Fu Zhi’s results.

In just 7 minutes, she had hit 15 targets and scored 150 rings. Since she was not a member of the Ouyang Family, the word “unknown” was on the name column instead of her real name. In the end, she ranked 5th on the Golden Ranking.

After the changes in the Golden Ranking, Ouyang Ya, who was tenth on the ranking moved down and completely disappeared from the list.

Anyone with eyes could see that this was not a competition at all. This was a show featuring Fu Zhi beating the hell out of Ouyang Ya. Most importantly, Ouyang Ya, who had been named the new heir of the Ouyang Family and the goddess in everyone’s hearts, remained unconscious in the swamp at the moment!

“I admire this girl so much. She’s really ruthless, and she’s the manliest woman I have ever seen!” a cadet said. “Her shooting skill is good, and she’s good at close combat too. She’s really my idol!”

When Ouyang Ya was carried back to the firearm exhibition hall, she nearly lost consciousness again when she heard the cadet’s comment about Fu Zhi.

It occurred to her that Fu Zhi was not here as a guest but to humiliate her.

The reason Ouyang Ya had been able to become the adopted daughter of the Ouyang Family was because of Ouyang Zhui’s note.

Originally, she’d had no talent in mechanical design, but she had been willing to work hard and study with care. Plus, in addition to Ouyang Zhui’s own handwriting, in the notes were key points and explanations marked with a different handwriting. That was why she could understand this exquisite construction.

Ouyang Ya knew her own worth very well. After she’d completed the firearms according to the notes, even though she would not admit it, people had still thought it was her own design and had named her the most talented gun designer of the Ouyang Family!

Ever since, her status in the Ouyang Family had soared far more rapidly than anything. That said, no matter what she did, she could not shake off the tag “adopted daughter” that was branded firmly on her.

In the Ouyang Family was a group of people who believed that Ouyang Zhui had a descendant, and they were against Ouyang Yu taking over the Ouyang Family.

She valued every opportunity to show off her capabilities.

The difference in physical strength between women and men was big, but she worked extra hard to close the gap. However, right now, Fu Zhi had completely obliterated her.

Fu Zhi was walking in the back. When she saw the Golden Ranking, she clicked her tongue and asked, “Is there bonus money for fifth place? How much money will I be given?”

Nobody answered, and nobody dared to reply to her question in front of Ouyang Ya.

Li Nanli pulled her into his arms. Then, with a straight face, he wrapped her up in a dry towel.

Ouyang Ya got up from the stretcher with an ugly face. “There’s no money. The cadets of the Ouyang Family only care about improving their personal strength. We naturally do not care about such extraneous things!”

Fu Zhi then replied truthfully, “But you’re still very weak.”

‘And you like letting people beat your face.’

Ouyang Ya’s face darkened, and her body was trembling from rage.

A few cadets and instructors on Ouyang Ya’s side could not stand still anymore after they heard what Fu Zhi had said.

“This is just a friendly match, so it doesn’t mean anything. Besides, if Ms. Ouyang Ya had not gone easy on you, do you think you could have won?”

“That’s right. Ms. Ouyang Ya has been focusing more on firearm design in the past few years, and all the firearms designed by her are powerful!”

“You only won because you were using the 658 rifle.”

“Well, it’s indeed pretty powerful. That gun will misfire once per every ten shots,” Fu Zhi said.

“Neither of the two rifles designed by her are safe for use. If you guys were not a tad stronger, you would have died a long time ago. Do you think you’d still have the chance to stand here and talk about the design with me?”

The group of cadets and instructors was stumped.

After all, it was a fact that there were some problems with the rifle designed by Ouyang Ya, so they did not know what to say.

Fu Zhi did not want anyone to die. Otherwise, she would not be wasting her time on them.

‘You guys just cheated death. I don’t expect you all to thank me, but why do you have so many things to say? Do you want me to slap your heads like I slapped Ouyang Ya’s?’

As she was immersed in her own thoughts, a clear voice rang out.

“What are you guys doing here?”

As soon as the voice spread out in the hall, the cadets suddenly lined up neatly, straightened their backs, and shouted in unison toward the source of the sound. “Instructor Ouyang!”

Then, Ouyang Yue appeared amongst the crowd.

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