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Chapter 343: As Long As Fu Zhi Is Bad*ss – 3

Fu Zhi continued to shower Ouyang Ya with a barrage of fists.


The sound of her beating Ouyang Ya had drowned out the gunfire.

The crowd could see clearly that Ouyang Ya, who had always been extremely strong in close combat, looked like an unarmed three-year-old toddler in Fu Zhi’s hands!

Ouyang Ya was stunned by Fu Zhi’s relentless attack. Right now, she could only leave everything to her battle instinct to parry Fu Zhi’s attack. Just as Fu Zhi was about to perform the back suplex on her, she saw her chance and raised her hand to grab Fu Zhi’s midriff, but to no avail. Fu Zhi saw right through her intention and countered by grabbing her hand back. Then, before Ouyang Ya could even realize it, the world in her line of vision turned upside down, and a second later, she was thrown into the swamp, causing the peat to splash into the air.

Ouyang Ya was unable to fight back. She opened her mouth and hissed, “Fu Zhi, how dare you!”

Fu Zhi was confused.

She had already done it, so she did not understand why Ouyang Ya had asked that question.

‘No wonder she has to copy other people’s designs. Considering her level of intelligence, she isn’t fit to develop a design of her own!’

Fu Zhi did not stop after thrashing Ouyang Yu into the swamp. Ignoring the fact that her arm was bleeding, she performed three more back suplexes on her.

Ouyang Ya could not say anything else.

Meanwhile, Fu Zhi lamented. “Sigh… If you don’t tell me anything, I will just stay still and let you beat me because I don’t know anything about the rules. But if you’re kind enough to tell me the rules, I’ll have to follow them. Otherwise, it would be akin to provoking the Ouyang Family, right?”

Ouyang Ya was so exasperated that she could not say anything. Her eyes rolled back, and she lost consciousness.

Everyone saw that there was a hole on the spot where Fu Zhi had thrashed Ouyang Ya about.

‘Holy… How violent!’

“This combat technique looks very familiar. I remember that Master Ouyang Zhui loved to smash his enemies on the ground while fighting. Could she be his daughter?” a certain person said, not knowing that his conjecture was somewhat right.

However, someone chimed in and objected. “Are you crazy? Master Ouyang Zhui is not married, so how is there any chance this crazy girl is his daughter?”

“You don’t say. She’s indeed very good. Everything else aside, her mastery over the 658 rifle is even better than mine!”

“In any case, Fu Zhi’s a bad*ss!”

Everyone else nodded in assent.

“So what if she wins? She’s nothing but a liar. I think you guys must be blind. How can you not worry about Ms. Ouyang Ya? The guns you guys are using were designed by her! She’s a firearm designer, and her talent in firearm design is enough to make her better than Fu Zhi! Fu Zhi dared to beat one of our own in our territory, so we have to teach her a lesson!”

The person who had spoken was one of the higher commanders. After he finished speaking, everyone else finally came back to their senses and felt embarrassed when they remembered the lies Fu Zhi had said and Ouyang Ya’s efforts.

That’s right. No matter how good Fu Zhi was, she was only good at close combat. Without the 658 rifle designed by Ouyang Ya, there was no way she could have scored so many shots.

Then, the higher commander ordered the cadets, “Bring Ms. Ouyang Ya and Fu Zhi back. We will let the young master decide what to do with them!”

On the other hand, Fu Zhi, who was still oblivious to the fate that was about to befall her, ran her fingers over the rifle.

The temperature of the barrel had returned to normal, but the targets were still moving in and out.

She put a new magazine into the rifle and resumed shooting. As soon as she found the right direction, it took her only 2 seconds to hit the 8 rings.

Everyone in the monitoring room held their breath.

Even Li Nanli, who had been sitting on the chair, couldn’t help but straighten his back, his heart pumping wildly in his chest.

Everyone knew that with two more shots, they’d be able to verify if Fu Zhi’s claim was true or false.

Fu Zhi fired another shot, and although the cadets knew she was probably lying, they couldn’t help but look forward to it.

After she fired the last shot, Fu Zhi jumped into the water tank with a splash.

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