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Chapter 339: Sense Of Familiarity

“Let’s go to the Fu Corporation first,” Li Nanli ordered Liu Mi after Fu Zhi got into the car.

The purpose of him going to the Ouyang Family was to present them with a business opportunity, but all of them were at the training camp right now for the annual wilderness survival activity. It was not a nice location, so he did not plan on bringing Fu Zhi over.

However, Fu Zhi was intrigued by the Valley Orchid that was cultivated by the Ouyang Family. Thus, she said, “Let me go with you.”

She paused for a moment before adding, “Don’t get me wrong, I’m not forcing you. Let’s go together if it’s possible, but if it’s not, you’ve got to think of a way to make it possible.”

Li Nanli was speechless.

“The Ouyang Family is not like any other family. They are having a wilderness survival activity right now, and it is going to be a very bloody battle there, so you might not feel comfortable watching it,” Liu Mi chimed in as he explained this to Fu Zhi, trying his best to talk her out of going to the training camp. Otherwise, there was a good chance that she would get frightened out of her wits.

“Okay,” Fu Zhi said, her voice flat. “I get it. Don’t worry, I will protect you two.”

Liu Mi was speechless as well.

‘Did I not make it clear enough, or does my boss look very weak? You actually think we will be scared?!’

After hearing what she had said, Li Nanli rubbed her head and said, “I can take you there, but you have to promise me that you will stay by my side the whole time you’re there, okay?”

The government had given the Ouyang Family the authorization to run a military base, so there were plenty of firearms and ammunition over there.

Any outsiders who loitered around the base would adopt the necessary means during that period.

Hugging a cushion in her arms, Fu Zhi nodded and replied, “I will stay by your side and protect you.”

Li Nanli was left speechless once again.

He turned his head to Liu Mi and said, “Our mine site in Africa is short-handed. Bring along your resume and report there tomorrow.”

Liu Mi did not know what to say.

‘Poor me.’

The Ouyang Family’s training camp had been built in a deep mountain on the outskirts, not far from the national military base.

Liu Mi was forced to stop the car when they were about 100 meters away from their destination. After the personnel of the Ouyang Family confirmed their identities, they led them into the mountain.

The driver was a young man with tanned skin. “There is water at the back of the car, and if you need anything else, just let me know. There are professional snipers guarding the perimeter of the training camp from watchtowers every 100 meters. In case you don’t want any of them to put a bullet in your head, you have to inform us if you want to go out.”

The Ouyang Family was a family that operated very similarly to the military forces in their country. They also had a team that specialized in exporting goods, as well as providing protection to the other elite families.

The car continued to move forward for another half an hour. After it entered the mountainside, she saw a girl standing outside the door of the Ouyang Family’s training camp through the car window.

She was the girl adopted by the Ouyang Family, Ouyang Ya.

Fu Zhi squinted her eyes and scrutinized her.

The girl was wearing formal attire—an olive drab camouflage uniform and a pair of black boots. She kept her uniform buttoned up to the very top button. She was wearing a hat, and her hair had been neatly combed into a ponytail at the back. She had great body proportions, her eyes were sharp and delicate, and although she looked like she was in her twenties, she surpassed all her peers and had made a name comparable to that of Ouyang Zhui for herself.

It was only a matter of time until she became the head of the Ouyang Family.

At that moment, she raised her head and locked eyes with Fu Zhi.

She was keen, a trait that she had developed after countless battles.

Fu Zhi retracted her gaze.

A second later, the door was opened by the young man. When Ouyang Ya saw Li Nanli, she offered him a smile and walked up to him.

The sternness in her eyes faded away and was replaced by warmth. Then, she said, “Nanli, after we went our separate ways in Country F, I didn’t expect that it would take us so long to meet again.”

Li Nanli bobbed his head in greeting but did not say anything. He bent over, and under Ouyang Ya’s inquisitive gaze, he urged Fu Zhi to put on a coat before helping her out of the car.

The young girl was wearing nearly the same attire as Li Nanli—a white hoodie, black pants, and a pair of white shoes.

Her cascading black hair was resting neatly on her shoulders, and her pretty face exuded a hint of innocence that went very well with her age.

Ouyang Yan’s heart skipped a beat.

After a short while, she raised her brows slightly and said confidently, “The Ouyang Family’s training camp is a secret base operated under a national agreement. Outsiders are prohibited from entering, so may I know who this is?”

“My girlfriend,” Li Nanli replied flatly.

It was an answer Ouyang Ya had expected, and she looked at Fu Zhi once more.

Honestly, the young girl in front of her was petite, and she seemed underdeveloped, but her face… Ouyang Ya frowned. She felt a sense of familiarity upon looking at her face, and she had no idea why but she did not like her.

After a short while, Ouyang Ya peeled her eyes away from Fu Zhi and looked at Li Nanli. “Jiang Jinshu told me about the Valley Orchid. When the Ouyang Family started the base two years ago, they discovered the mausoleum of the princes and lords of the Western Han Dynasty in this land. Inside it was a golden silk book that recorded the method of growing the Valley Orchid.

“That said, there is no detailed record of ways to extract the seeds of the Valley Orchid in the silk book, and I have only cultivated a batch of the flowers, which should also be the last batch. If you’re interested, I can teach you the cultivation method of the Valley Orchid.”

The seeds of the Valley Orchid were invaluable. Ouyang Ya was a firearms designer, and she had little interest in growing flowers and plants.

If she had not gotten the ancient book from the mausoleum by chance, she would not have cultivated the Valley Orchid at all.

This was considered an important matter, and as the adoptive daughter in the Ouyang Family, Ouyang Ya did not have much say in this. Since they still had to consult Ouyang Yue for this decision, Li Nanli did not respond.

After saying that, Ouyang Ya walked around the training camp with them.

There was quite a number of trainees in this militarized training camp. Also, since the shooting competition was around the corner, most of the trained professionals were checking their guns and preparing for the competition.

Fu Zhi was not interested in firearms, so she just kept her head down along the way.

Suddenly, a voice erupted not far away from them. “Fu Zhi?!”

Fu Zhi raised her head and looked toward the source of the sound.

Standing in the camp, shouting at her, was a wheat-skinned teenager with a bald head. When he met Fu Zhi’s gaze, his eyes glowed, and he shouted excitedly, “Fu Zhi! Fu Zhi! You really are Fu Zhi!”

The girl who had fought for the glory of their country looked even prettier in real life than she did in the live-streaming room!

Frowning in confusion, Fu Zhi asked, “Do I know you?”

The teenager was beyond excited. “I’m your most loyal fan! I’ve watched all your live-streaming sessions over and over again and I follow you from three Weibo accounts. You are so gorgeous. My parents love you so much that they always say that they wish you could be their daughter!”

Li Nanli turned his head sideways and saw someone praising Fu Zhi. He pulled her wrist and then replied apathetically, “I’d like to thank you and your family on behalf of my girlfriend.”

The young man was speechless.

‘Should I say ‘you’re welcome’?’

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