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Chapter 334: Gu Yan Is Kicked Out Of The Lu Family

Yu City, Lu Mansion.

At six o’clock in the evening, Gu Yan got off the plane and took a taxi to the Lu Mansion. She had sent a message to Lu Jingqing and Xu Wei in advance, but little did she know that the moment she arrived at the Lu Mansion, she would not even be able to enter through the front door.

The clothes that she had left at the Lu Mansion had been packed up by Mama Zhang and placed outside the door, with Xu Wei and Lu Yumo standing on either side.

She had thought of asking the Lu Family to kick Fu Zhi out, but the moment she saw Lu Yumo’s expressionless face, her heart skipped a beat and she asked, “What do you guys mean by this?”

She grabbed her suitcase so tightly that her knuckles were turning white. This was something that she had not expected. Turning to Xu Wei, she asked, “Is it because of the things that happened at the international competition? Is that why you guys are kicking me out of the Lu Mansion? Fu Zhi didn’t suffer a loss, and even the country was blessed with the opportunity to hold an international Physics competition due to the incident!”

“We don’t care about the international competition. That’s a national issue. The reason we want you to leave our family is that you have an evil heart. Did you really think that we wouldn’t find out that you destroyed Zhizhi’s chair?”

Lu Yumo had watched the surveillance footage to pass his free time, until he had seen Gu Yan walk into Fu Zhi’s room.

The door had been left ajar, so he had seen everything she had done inside the room. After she’d made quick work of Fu Zhi’s chair, she had gone to Lu Yushen’s room.

It was only then that Lu Yumo had realized why his brother’s condition had suddenly turned worse. So it had all been Gu Yan’s doing all along! The moment he had watched the scene, God knew how much he’d wanted to get rid of Gu Yan. Thus, while he was confronting her face to face, it went without saying that he would not go easy on her.

If he had said something else, perhaps Gu Yan would have been able to refute it. However, things had gotten a little bit out of hand now. She had not expected him to install a surveillance camera outside his sister’s room, and now he had seen everything she had done.

Gu Yan was a little devastated, especially since she had been having a hard time with everything lately. Her mother wanted her to further her studies in Country M, but the requirements of Country M’s higher education institutions were extremely high. She had a history of theft in her record, and in foreign countries, one’s credibility was important. The higher educational institutions would not accept her if she had low credibility, and she would not be able to get a high-paying job in the future.

However, the situation was different here. Gu Yan knew the reason Fu Zhi had been able to enter No.1 High School was that Xu Wei had donated a building to the school. She was as excellent as Fu Zhi, and since No.1 High School had still kept her in the school despite public pressure, it went without saying that they could do the same for her and make her look clean.

The Lu Family was a great stepping stone if she wanted to stay afloat. Thus, there was no way she would let go of them. That said, this time, even Xu Wei, who had always been very kind to her, refused to agree.

Xu Wei pushed her suitcase forward. “It’s getting late. I will ask the driver to take you to the nearest hotel tonight, and you should go back home tomorrow. I have also transferred the money for the follow-up consultation to you. You don’t have to watch over Yushen anymore.”

After all, it was just 50,000 yuan, and the last thing the Lu Family lacked was money. Considering her relationship with Gu Yan’s mother, Xu Wei chose to overlook her negligence when it came to taking care of Lu Yushen during the treatment, although they might not be friends anymore after this.

Gu Yan felt both sad and disappointed at the same time. Xu Wei wanted her to leave, and she would not even give her a chance to explain herself.

Xu Wei had watched over her ever since she was a kid. She had just left the Lu Family for a year, and Fu Zhi had already replaced her. From that day onward, she could no longer stay with Lu Yushen.

The driver came up to her, but she did not move. She still had one last chance, and she was going to bet on it.

“I want to see Yushen.”

Lu Yumo did not respond. At the same time, a car arrived outside the Lu Mansion. Lu Yushen got out of the car and locked eyes with Gu Yan.

He saw the suitcase beside her and her red eyes. He frowned and then withdrew his gaze, causing Gu Yan to feel as if someone had just stabbed her heart.

Her final chance had crumbled. Her relationship with Lu Yushen had hit rock bottom.

Even though Lu Yushen did not question her or argue with her, more often than not, the silent treatment as a punitive measure was the most hurtful method of all.

He had just casually handed her a death sentence.

Gu Yan’s pride did not permit her to bow her head anymore, but he was Lu Yushen. He was different from other people.

Therefore, she walked up to him. She wanted to hold his hand, but Lu Yushen avoided her. Her hand stopped in midair for a few seconds, her eyes widened in disbelief, and her heart skipped a beat. That said, she still took a deep breath and asked, “Have you forgotten the wedding contract we have? We’re like peas and carrots, remember? Do you think I’m not as good as her? Are you abandoning me while I’m at the lowest point of my life?”

[I never acknowledged our marriage contract.] Lu Yushen typed, his brows furrowed. [Zhizhi has a frail body, and that’s the chair I gave her. I never compared her to anyone. She’s who she is. She’s my bottom line.]

His reply shattered all of Gu Yan’s unrealistic fantasies.

Lu Yushen liked Fu Zhi more than her.

No matter how hard she tried, no matter how low she stooped in front of him, everything she did was like a joke!

“She’s your bottom line? How long have you known her, huh? Lu Yushen, do you want me to leave? Do you know that, without me, you will not be able to talk for the rest of your life?”

“Watch your d*mn mouth, Gu Yan!” Lu Yumo raised his arm, but Lu Yushen stopped him.

Then, he typed, [So be it then. I know you and your parents are experts at this, but you are not the only people who can help me. Z God can help me as well. I will go look for him.”

Z God was the biggest legend in the medical industry. Even if a leader from another country invited him over, there was a good chance he would not go.

Gu Yan thought that Lu Yushen was naive, but the fact that he would rather be mute for the rest of his life than let her stay completely stung her self-esteem.

She took a deep breath and nodded. “Okay, I get it. Lu Yushen, since you want to side with Fu Zhi, then you better not regret your decision!”

She believed that the Lu Family would not be able to get to Z God, and Z God would not come and help Lu Yushen.

Gu Yan took her suitcase, rejected the driver’s invitation, and walked away from the Lu Mansion step by step.

The wind at night was cold.

Gu Yan wanted to cry. Everyone had left her, her reputation was ruined, and she did not even have a place to stay in a foreign land.

She started to regret it. She should not have treated Lu Yushen as though he was her entire world. She should not have gone head to head with Fu Zhi. If she had not done any of those things, Fu Zhi’s identity would not have been exposed, and she could still have stayed in the Lu Mansion.

She was so outstanding. She should be successful in her studies, and she should be a student sought after by many universities, but all this had been destroyed by her own hands.

She did not dare imagine whether the Chu Family in the capital had heard the news or not. The Cu Family was her final opportunity to get everything back on the right track. If the Chu Family refused to take her in, then no school would want her anymore…

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