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Chapter 333: Netizens: Be Your Truest Self!

Fu Zhi lifted her right arm.

Before Mia could touch the painting, her hand was grasped by Fu Zhi tightly, causing her to instinctively raise her other hand and go straight for Fu Zhi’s face.

However, a second later, Fu Zhi lifted her leg. Then, the words “get lost” wafted into Mia’s ears, and the next thing she knew, the world in her vision turned upside down and she found herself lying on the floor.


The other socialites shouted.

Fu Zhi picked up the neatly encapsulated painting. When she walked past Mia, who was still lying on the floor in a daze, she paused for a moment and said, “In your museum, other than a few artifacts that the Chinese gave you guys as compensation, the vast majority of exhibits have been obtained through improper means.

“You took pride in your great-grandfather’s achievement, but little did you know that all he and his friends did at the time was just kill and steal. Therefore, I’m just taking the painting back to where it originally belonged, and you have no right to stop me.”

“You hit me? How dare you hit me, you f*cking b*tch!” Mia got up from the floor with the help of the staff, her body screaming in pain.

She had never been treated as badly as this before, as she was always the one who beat others. She had just gotten her arm broken by someone the other day, and she had been kicked by Fu Zhi today. She was both infuriated and embarrassed right now.

Fu Zhi then repeated, “Yes, of course, I dare to hit you.” She paused for a moment before adding, “Don’t worry, Ms. Mia. There’s still a long way to go. This is not over yet.”

‘Not over yet? She beat me first, and now she told me this is not over yet? Who the hell does she think she is? I’m going to beat the hell out of this b*tch!’

Just as this thought crossed Mia’s heart, her father arrived with Li Nanli. Mr. Ford hastily went up to Mia and pulled her away. “That’s enough! You’ve violated the rules of the auction!”

“But she hit me!” Mia shouted back.

So? Fu Zhi was Li Nanli’s female companion, and lashing out at Fu Zhi in public was akin to slapping Li Nanli’s face.

Mr. Ford turned around and apologized to Li Nanli.

“Look at Ms. Mia’s character.” Li Nanli reached out and took Fu Zhi’s hand, holding it. His gaze was cold, and his voice was grave when he added, “She reneged on her promise, she has a holier-than-thou manner, and she doesn’t have the basic moral limits of a human being.”

Fu Zhi could not help shooting a glance at her nephew.

Mia’s eyes were turning red around the rims. Compared to her small tussle with Fu Zhi, Li Nanli’s comments on her completely broke her heart.

After Fu Zhi gave them her bank card, Mr. Ford showed them to the door.

When they were at the entrance, Fu Zhi suddenly remembered the Ouyang Family that Jiang Jinshu had talked about. Thus, once she was in the car, she asked, “Does the Ouyang Family have a method to cultivate the Valley Orchid?”

“A year ago, the girl adopted by the Ouyang Family successfully cultivated a batch of Valley Orchids. This is the first time they’re selling to the public, and I don’t know the details yet.”

Li Nanli rested one of his arms on the steering wheel. He glanced at the computer in Fu Zhi’s hand and saw two “Transfer Successful” notifications pop up on the screen.

If he remembered correctly, this was the bank card that he and Fu Zhi had given the Ford Family, and these two words meant that Fu Zhi had taken the money back…

A hint of surprise crossed Li Nanli’s eyes.


After the staff handed the painting to Fu Zhi, they went to check the money in the bank cards. Then, when they realized there was no money in the two cards, they were stunned.

Soon, Mr. Ford heard the news.

Mia was still crying, and Mr. Ford felt his heart skip a beat when he realized he had lost 750 million.

Mr. Ford was a smart person. He had gotten the painting through an illegal channel, and he had only seen this kind of bold approach be used by the illegitimate daughter of the Fu Family. As such, he was certain that the woman who had come to the auction with Li Nanli today was one of the Fus.

After all, only the Fu Family would treat them like this!

Even though he was used to it already, he felt that Fu Zhi had gone overboard this time. Not only had she hit his daughter, but she’d also scammed him out of his money and painting!

‘How did the Ford Family get targeted by such a person?’

He smacked the table hard and shouted, “The Fu Family has taken it too far this time!” Then, he pulled his phone out and called a reporter overseas. “I want to expose their crimes! I want them to pay for what they’ve done to us!”

Recently, the internet had been raving about Fu Zhi and Gu Yan. They were discussing how the former had led her team to victory while scolding the latter for her betrayal.

Yu Sui was going to see them off when they left to go back to their country at 1:00 p.m. the next day.

At China’s airport, countless fans had gathered to receive Fu Zhi, but they saw no one.

In contrast to the cheerfulness of the netizens when they had attacked Fu Zhi on the internet some time ago, they once again worked together and pushed several topics like “Let’s support Fu Zhi” and “Fu Zhi is the government’s daughter” into Weibo’s hottest searches list, successfully throwing the bunch of people that were hooked on Weibo all day long for a loop.

[Am I seeing it right? Why is everyone praising her now?]

[Erm… Well, honestly, I don’t see a need to support her at all. Her parents left her with so many patents and land, so I’m sure she has enough money to spend…]

[I want to adopt Fu Zhi and become her family!]

Xu Wei, who had registered a few hundred accounts on Weibo to fight with Fu Zhi’s haters, was stunned when she saw this comment.

She had gotten a lot thinner ever since Fu Zhi had gone to Country M. She thought her time was drawing near, and at that moment, she saw that comment. Life entered her body again, and she sprang up from her bed and began typing away on her phone a reply to the comment. [In your dreams!]

Even though Fu Zhi had registered an account on Weibo, she rarely used it, so she did not know what was going on on Weibo.

She bought a flight ticket to return to China that day, abandoning her young nephew in Country M.

At the same time, another hot topic with the title “The president of the Fu Corporation refuses to pay his debt and has gone off the grid” popped up.

This hot topic had been posted by yet another commercial account.

[For more details, please see the video of Mr. Ford’s interview. The Fu Corporation owes the Ford Family nearly 2 billion dollars. This is a disgrace to Chinese people!]

In the video, Mr. Ford spoke with two streams of tears running down his face. His words were earnest, and his voice was breaking with emotion as he pleaded with the president of the Fu Corporation to pay him back the money they owed him.

For a moment, the post “President Fu is a scammer” replaced the post “Let’s support Fu Zhi” as the hottest topic on Weibo.

A bunch of “patriotic” people suddenly swarmed into Weibo.

[He bought something and refused to pay? Does he really think he can do whatever he wants because he’s the president of the Fu Corporation? Not only did he destroy the positive image of the Fu Corporation with his own hands, but he also disgraced his own country!]

[Does the Fu Corporation really think the internet has no memory? He did the same thing a few years ago, and now he’s doing it again? It’s not like the Fu Corporation is poor or anything. You’ve earned so much money from us, so how can you disgrace us in front of a bunch of foreigners? I’m begging you, pay the money back!]

[If you’re a man, then man up and do what you should. Look at Fu Zhi. She’s a young girl, but look how much she’s contributed to the country!]

[The two of them have the same surname, but why are they so different? Even the government has said that Fu Zhi is their daughter, and she’s very good at brainwashing people. She’s a thousand times better than you, and you should learn from her!]

Since the two of them had the same surname, the netizens could not help but compare them to each other.

The more they compared them to each other, the more they found President Fu spineless.

[He’s garbage! Not only is he spineless, but he also refuses to pay after buying artifacts from the Ford Family!]

Fu Zhi took a plane to the capital to look for Xu Jiuzhou. She could probably guess what this was about and asked, “The netizens are asking the Fu Corporation to pay back the money?”

“Nope. Paying back the money is not the main issue,” the secretary said in a serious voice. “You might not believe it, but out of the 20,000 comments, 18,000 want you to learn from yourself and be your truest self.”

Fu Zhi was flabbergasted.

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