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Chapter 328: The Footage From The Surveillance Camera – 3

Country M, backstage area of the hall.

Fu Zhi was sitting on a chair, and her fingers were dancing nimbly on the keyboard.

The main computer was connected to her laptop. By right, the manager would not allow her to do that, but since Yu Sui was there, he had no other choice but to say yes to them.

Stream after stream of 0 and 1 digits appeared on the screen of the computer.

After roughly ten minutes, she smirked and put her laptop away. “Found it.”

Fu Zhi was so fast that the manager was stunned. However, he did not see any footage that could be useful to them either. He frowned and then reported the matter to his higher-ups.

After Fu Zhi found the surveillance footage, she made a call to Chen Ming and asked him to come to the award ceremony tomorrow. Then, she went back to rest at the embassy.

On the other hand, Lu Yubai had finally noticed the commotion on Weibo. He hardly needed to think, as he already knew it must be Gu Yan’s doing. She must have posted something on Weibo and pushed all the blame on Fu Zhi.

He sneered coldly, and then a new hot topic appeared on Weibo in the afternoon.

Title: The comparison between the performance of Fu Zhi and Mia.

Content: First of all, I believe that you are no stranger to international Physics competitions. Today, Ms. Love Gourd received a video submission of the Physics oral presentation. I have to state that I am not a fan of Fu Zhi, but from an objective and rational point of view, Fu Zhi’s speech was more outstanding than Mia’s, yet Mia got 9.4 points. Are the international judges really fair?

Underneath the content was an hour-long video of Fu Zhi and Mia.

Very soon, somebody replied, [This is the nature of the Chinese. If they win, everything is fine. If they lose, they will make plenty of excuses!]

[Can you stop pushing your luck? Don’t you think it’s kind of awkward?]

[If the international judges are not professional, then who else is? You? If you think you’re so great, why don’t you go and be a judge instead, huh?]

Once again, the netizens were divided. Some of them immediately began posting harsh, hate-filled comments without watching the video first, thinking that this was just Fu Zhi’s attempt to sweep the fact that she’d lost the oral presentation under the rug. However, there was also a group of supportive netizens who questioned the fairness of the competition.

[Forgive me for being blunt, but I’ve been watching that variety show lately, and I found out that Fu Zhi is truly smart. Not only that, but she’s very good at handling various situations, so she shouldn’t have only gotten 7.4 points.]

[Out of the ten international judges, eight of them came from Country M. Think about that!]

[How can you all be so heartless and bring yourselves to attack a pretty young lady like her? Do you trolls not have mothers?]

As time went on, more and more of Fu Zhi’s fans flooded the comment section to fight against the haters and trolls and defend Fu Zhi. It was like pandemonium.

The netizens that did not join the fray just sat back and watched the battle between Fu Zhi’s fans and her haters.

At the same time, in the headquarters of the Physics Association, when Sheng Hua saw the post, he nearly died of a heart attack.

‘Gu Yan! It’s Gu Yan again!’

He picked up his phone, but before he could do anything, his phone rang.

It was Yu Sui from the International Physics Society. He had posted something on Weibo before Sheng Hua could.

Yu Sui (V), [It has been quite some time since I last posted something here. If I didn’t want to go to Country M to see Ms. Fu Zhi, I wouldn’t have come back from Country F so soon. I met Ms. Fu Zhi in an international competition ten years ago.

[When I first met her, she was a young girl, but she was reserved and calm. She stepped forward when the national physics association was on the verge of collapsing. After helping China win its first international Physics competition, she retired from the competition, not looking for fame or fortune. Her talent was enough to amaze the various geniuses in China’s Physics community, and the achievements I have accomplished in half my life are only mediocre compared to hers.

[Recently, there have been many negative comments about Ms. Fu Zhi on the Internet, and I am devastated. I just hope that the youth of China will not forget their responsibility and won’t listen to the words of people who have abandoned themselves to despair. Together we strive, together we shall succeed.]

The haters were stunned when they saw Yu Sui’s post.

Some of them did not believe that he was Yu Sui, and some of them did not know who he was. Be that as it may, when all of them clicked into Yu Sui’s Weibo page and saw his nearly 800,000 fans and his long title—Vice President of the International Physical Society and Chief Translator of the Chinese Embassy in Country M—,they were so stunned that their jaws dropped to the floor.

There were plenty of comments in the comments section, and despite everything Yu Sui had said, some people still did not buy it.

[??? Are you out of your mind? How old was Fu Zhi ten years ago to be able to go to the international Physics competition? Are you kidding me?]

[A defeat is still a defeat. We just need to admit that we’re inferior to Country M, so why do you have to join the fray and defend Fu Zhi as well?]

[I have watched the video, and although I don’t understand, I think Mia is still better.]

[You don’t have to lie and give all the credit to Fu Zhi just because her biological parents were researchers. I’m really disappointed in you.]

Some of the comments were bought and paid for, while some of them were real thoughts of the netizens.

By right, Yu Sui did not have to explain anything considering his social status. However, he uploaded another photo on Weibo.

[I’m not crazy, and I’m still sane.

[As an international judge, I can’t say how many points I gave Fu Zhi because I’ve signed a confidentiality agreement. I can only say that Fu Zhi’s performance was the best in my opinion.

[This is the group photo taken after the international Physics competition ten years ago. Look at the center of the photo. The little girl with the short legs is Fu Zhi. She was seven years old that year.]

Very soon, Sheng Hua reposted Yu Sui’s post with the caption: [Fu Zhi wanted a quiet life. Ten years ago, she refused the position of chairman of the Physics Association. Ten years later, under the pressure of many parties, as well as out of love for honoring her country, she stood up and participated in the competition again. Although this may disrupt her peaceful life, I would like to say that she is both a teacher and a friend of mine.]

All the netizens were shocked.

Friend and teacher?

So it had not been Gu Yan this whole time?

Of course, it went without saying that there were still some haters that did not believe the posts at all.

[President of the Physics Association? She was offered the presidency of the Physics Association when she was seven years old? If she’s really that great, did the government do anything? Did the government beg her to be president? Why can’t you guys wake up?]

However, roughly ten minutes later, the official website of China published a post on Weibo. [Stay true to yourselves during trying times. Youngsters should embrace challenges and always be positive @Fu Zhi (V).]

Before the netizens could reply, the military forces of China also joined the fray. [Keep fighting, my dear daughter. You don’t need to be afraid of anything. Go ahead and follow your heart. We will always be here protecting you!]

The Ministry of Finance (V) reposted the post and threw in its own caption. [My dear daughter, tell me when you’re back. I’ll give you money!]

The netizens were stunned. None of them knew what was happening, and some of them even wondered if their country’s official website had been hacked by someone. They did not know why all of them were calling Fu Zhi their daughter.

That said, some of the netizens knew what that meant. Thus, they said, [It’s said that we’re all children of China. The country has acknowledged Fu Zhi’s ability, so all of them are calling her their daughter affectionately.]

Some of the netizens heaved a sigh of relief.

It turned out that if they studied well, they could become the country’s daughters or sons as well.

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