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Chapter 327: The Footage From The Surveillance Camera – 2

After all the results were announced, the staff on the scene put the score of each team on the big screen. The team from Country M had gotten first place, and the award ceremony would be held the next day.

Fu Zhi pulled Lu Yubai back to his seat. She was leaning against the table, and her legs were long and straight. She scanned her surroundings but did not say anything.

The people in the hall were restless.

The team from Country R had gotten second place, and they had earned one point more than Fu Zhi’s team.

When Fujino walked past her, he comforted her. “You’re an honorable opponent, and we’re not worthy of receiving the award. I hope we can spar again in the future.”

His teammates all nodded. Some of them even praised Fu Zhi for her superb memory and her calligraphy and drawing skills.

Country M had won the competition, but they had lost their dignity.

Fu Zhi knew this very well. Her eyes were half-closed, and something was glittering in them. She then told Fujino in a serious voice, “You guys are more than worthy of getting second place. As for Country M… I don’t think they deserved their victory.”

Fujino did not think too much about what Fu Zhi had said. He thought she was just speaking nonsense because she was sad that her team had not gotten first place. He nodded at her and then left.

The other contestants in the hall looked at their placements on the big screen. When they saw the “7.4 points” Fu Zhi’s team had gotten, all of them felt disappointed. Initially, they had thought Fu Zhi was going to be the dark horse that would beat the defending champion, but little had they expected that she would not even stay in second place.

“I heard that she had a quarrel with Gu Yan. Gu Yan’s teacher is a judge in Country M. She’s not acting very wisely!”

“Yeah. Fu Zhi is too arrogant. The previous teams used to be very cautious. She’s ambitious, but she doesn’t have the skill to back her ambition up, so she can only suffer the consequences!”

All the participants lamented and blamed Fu Zhi for her negligence and ignorance.

At the moment, Yuan He was looking at Fu Zhi with contempt, as anger had begun to well up in her heart. Since Fu Zhi had been unable to keep up her end of the bargain and had not won the competition, she did not have to quit her job anymore. Right now, the only thought on her mind was that if Fu Zhi had not put a spoke in Gu Yan’s wheel and kicked her out of the team, Gu Yan would have entered the competition, and they would have been the runner-up instead of Country R.

“Are you satisfied now? You really are a disgrace to all of us!”

The two secretaries standing beside her then chimed in, “You swore you would get first place, but now you didn’t even get second place. Besides, 7.4 points? Are you kidding me? Anyone can do better than that! If the netizens learn about this, you’ll be lucky if they only attack you. But what if we’re affected as well…”

“Fu Zhi, you have to apologize to me and Yanyan on Weibo today. You’ve got to tell everyone that you’re the one who caused us to lose the competition and it had nothing to do with either us or Yanyan!” Yuan He ordered. She felt that her secretary was right. She could not let Fu Zhi affect them.

Other than the staff workers, most of the participants and judges had already left.

Upon listening to Yuan He’s order, Fu Zhi curled her lips up. Then, she knocked the table using the corner of the paper file and said, “Can you guys keep quiet for a second?”

After saying that, she got to her feet, walked up to Yuan He, and knocked her shoulder with the sharp edge of the file. “Have you ever heard of the phrase “don’t count your chickens before they hatch”? The award ceremony has not begun yet, and if you don’t want to get beaten to a pulp, then I suggest you sit tight and wait until the dust settles. I’m still young, and I tend to act impulsively sometimes. However, even if I beat you, nothing will happen to me. Therefore, it really doesn’t matter to me, got it?”

Yuan He’s body was startled when she saw the crabbed expression on Fu Zhi’s face.

“My cousin said he put everything inside this paper file, and no one came to my place before I arrived, so…” Fu Zhi grinned, but her smile did not reach her eyes. “One of us must have taken them and given them to Mia. I will give you guys one last chance. Hurry up and step forward. Otherwise…”

For a moment, none of them spoke, and no one made a move.

Thus, Fu Zhi nodded. “Very well then.”

She picked her bag up from the floor. “Yu Sui has already gone to retrieve the surveillance footage. Perhaps some of you think that there is no way to retrieve deleted footage, but I can safely say that it’s possible!”

After she finished speaking, she led her team backstage, leaving the other people from the branch of the Physics Association standing frozen stiff in the hall.

“It’s obviously her fault, yet she dares to shirk her responsibility!” Yuan He’s secretary rolled her eyes. Then, she added, “All of us know how good Mia is, so how is there any possibility she would steal their presentation slides? I think Fu Zhi must have gone out of her mind after losing the competition and wants to make a big fuss about it. Besides, who the hell would become a traitor and help another country?”

Yuan He nodded.

The smile on Gu Yan’s face froze as she looked toward the direction Fu Zhi had disappeared into.

She did not know why, but a bad hunch had stirred in her heart the moment Fu Zhi had taken out a new flash drive.

Since they would not lose their jobs anymore, the higher-ups of the branch of the Physics Association left.

Gu Yan slumped onto the chair absentmindedly, and it was only when Yuan He called her that she recovered from her daze.

She waved her hand and said, “You guys go ahead. I have other things to do.”

As she was talking, she got to her feet and walked up to the big screen. She pulled her phone out of her pocket and took a picture of the score and ranking of their team. Then, she wrote a caption and posted it on her Weibo, causing a ruckus across the internet.

It’s Gu Yan V, [Be faithful to your original aspiration and continue marching forward. I hope that next time, I will have a fair chance to participate and won’t get kicked out of the team for no reason. I will keep striving and work my best to bring glory to my country! [JPG] [JPG].]

She posted two pictures at the end of her post. The first picture was Fu Zhi’s score, while the second was the ranking of each country. China’s team had gotten third place.

After she created the post on Weibo, a few commercial accounts that she hired took a screenshot of it and reposted it with a new caption: [Those who are not self-aware will eventually fail. She got arrogant after getting so much attention from the internet, so she has to suffer the consequences.]

As soon as the post was published, the netizens who did not know about the result of the competition were stunned.

[???? Third place? 7.4 points? Does that mean we lost?]

[See? I told you. She acts as if she’s the smartest person in the world, but when it comes to something like the international Physics competition, which requires real skill, her veneer begins to crack and she shows her true self. She really is the most disgusting person I’ve ever seen in my life!]

[That’s not true. Fu Zhi has a lot of potential, but she can’t hold a finger to Gu Yan. The Physics Association has made the wrong call. They should have let Gu Yan be the team leader in her stead.]

[China has been sending participants to take part in an international competition for more than a decade, and this is the first time we’ve suffered such a devastating defeat. This is all Fu Zhi’s fault…]

[I don’t know why so many people like her. She’s just an ordinary girl, yet I keep seeing people mention her name in the hot topics section on Weibo, and it really ticks me off. Whenever she appears in the live-streaming session of the variety show “Up Up You Go”, I fast forward or skip her, as watching her really makes me sick!]

Before the award ceremony began and the reporters in China released the latest information, the hubbub brought forth by the commercial accounts was already increasing inexorably. For a moment, several hot topics regarding Fu Zhi and her performance in the competition became the top 10 hot topics on Weibo.

##Fu Zhi, 7.4 points#

#Third place in the international Physics competition#

#We demand an apology from Fu Zhi#

#Disgraceful 7.4#

#Gu Yan was prohibited from participating in the competition#

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