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Chapter 322: Fu Zhi Participated In The Competition 10 Years Ago?!

Yu Sui was devastated. He had lost his cool completely, and he woodenly turned his body around to look at Fu Zhi.

Last night, the embassy’s WeChat group had received a message from the military forces that Mia, the daughter of the Ford Family, had provoked in an attempt to harm Fu Zhi. The military forces had asked them to take Fu Zhi under their wing, and it had taken a lot of effort for him to get the job. After all, he had been thinking all day and night about meeting the cute young girl that he had met ten years ago...

‘I thought they said there’s only one girl on the team? Where the hell did this Gu Yan come from? And why did she say she was the one I’m looking for although she knew she wasn’t?’

Yu Sui wept bitterly. He covered his face with his hand and nearly wanted to hang himself to death right now. However, when he saw Fu Zhi’s delicate, pretty face, which looked indifferent, through the slits of his fingers, he heaved a sigh of relief.

“Ah,” he said. “It’s such a relief that time hasn’t made you ugly and you are still so beautiful!”

Gu Yan was stunned, and her smile froze. Yuan He was dumbfounded as well. She admitted that Gu Yan was indeed inferior to Fu Zhi in terms of appearance, but she was still far from ugly.

Yu Sui did not care about what they were thinking. He walked up to Fu Zhi excitedly and said, “Do you remember me? It’s me, Xiao Yu! You came to this building ten years ago for a competition and taught me how to solve a physics problem. You said I was too stupid and I was not cut out for science. He he... But I thought I had to prove myself to you.”

As he was talking, he pulled a bottle of milk tea out of his bag. “Oh yeah, here is a bottle of milk tea for you. I’ve adjusted the sugar level to 70%. I hope you will like it!”

[Just who the hell is Fu Zhi? Even someone like Yu Sui has to treat her with respect.]

[Ten years ago, friendly match, Sheng Hua, lesson... Guys, I have a crazy idea. Do you remember the mysterious female member of the Chinese team that took part in the international Physics competition 10 years ago? Could she be Fu Zhi? Besides, I think there is a good chance that the friend and teacher that Master Sheng Hua talked about is not Gu Yan but Fu Zhi!]

[You’re Fu Zhi’s fans, right? Since you already said it’s a crazy idea, just keep it to yourself. You don’t have to tell us so much. It will only make you look bad!]

[Then can you explain why the embassy made the effort to come here and take Fu Zhi in when she’s just a newcomer? Also, as far as the “friend and teacher” that Sheng Hua mentioned is concerned, the whole internet says he’s talking about Gu Yan, but did Sheng Hua himself confirm it?]

[If scum like Gu Yan could become Sheng Hua’s teacher, then it could only mean that Sheng Hua is not a good person either.]

Once again, the netizens turned the entire internet upside down to look for the ten-year-old news report about China’s first victory in the international Physics competition.

Fu Zhi had been on the team?

That was impossible.

The probability of her parents being there should be higher...

No matter what, they still thought Fu Zhi was awesome, as she was the first person to receive such special treatment from the embassy.

Gu Yan, who was standing aside, felt so embarrassed that her face had turned dark.

Yu Sui could sense the feud between Fu Zhi and Gu Yan, especially after Mia arrived, but both of them just kept talking to each other.

He squinted his eyes, pointed at Gu Yan, and asked, “Do you need me to get rid of her?”

“Never mind,” Fu Zhi replied. “She still has other uses at this competition. Maybe she’s even more useful than me.”

Yu Sui was confused.

Gu Yan was more useful than Fu Zhi?

He did not believe it.

Therefore, he asked, “How so?”

“During the oral presentation, perhaps her “effort” can help vindicate the Chinese participants of the past few years, as well as prevent Country M from manipulating the competition from behind the scenes for years to come.”

Gu Yan was prideful but too conceited, and she was easily influenced by feelings of jealousy.

She could not control the greed and ego in her heart, and she would destroy her surroundings without the need for guidance.

Yu Sui was an expert at this kind of thing, and his eyes gleamed after he heard Fu Zhi’s plan.

He turned his head to look at Gu Yan again, and he felt like she had become a little bit more pleasing to the eye. At the same time, he felt pity for her too.

After all, this idiot was about to get herself destroyed.

Mia had had a bad day yesterday. Last night, while she’d been strolling down a street, she and her bodyguards had been assaulted by a group of mysterious men who had broken her left arm.

She did not know who had done it, but she suspected it was Fu Zhi. Therefore, she’d brought a group of fighters with her today to teach Fu Zhi a lesson.

However, she was stopped by Gu Yan midway, and after Gu Yan told her everything that had happened, including the appearance of Yu Sui, she had no choice but to reluctantly let go of the chance to get back at Fu Zhi.

Despite the fact that Mia looked down on the Chinese and considered them to be backward and incompetent, she was very aware that there were not many countries like China, where the embassy would protect the safety of their own countrymen in a foreign land. Since Yu Sui represented the Embassy of China, she dared not act rashly, as it would stir up discord between the two countries.

When she passed by Fu Zhi, she said, “Do you Chinese have no other more important things to do? Why did you have to send someone to protect a bunch of troglodytes like them?”

One of the fighters she had brought lifted his head up triumphantly and added, “There’s no way you foreigners will win the competition. The championship belongs to us!”

Lu Yubai shot her a glance and said, “I hope you’re better than your arm, which can break with a mere knock.”

Zhou Zihuai added, “Well, at least we know her mouth is sturdier than her arm.”

Jiang Zong chimed in, “Too bad she’s an idiot.”

Xia Tian’s gaze hopped from Lu Yuibai to Zhou Zihuai and Jiang Zong before ending up on Mia. He lamented, “Why are you not crying after listening to so many truths about you? Are you still a girl? You’re so thick-skinned.”

Mia was speechless.

Very soon, after Fu Zhi’s team finished speaking, reporters from both Country M and China captured the same scene. Next to where the Chinese team was standing were participants from other countries, while the participants from Country M were isolated and standing alone in the corner.

Yu Sui noticed something and ordered Chen Ming, “Take a few shots from good angles, edit the content properly, and then post it on social media platforms in our country.”

The examination was supposed to last 90 minutes, but Fu Zhi turned in her paper in advance. She went to wait outside, and her speed was a great blow for the netizens in the live-streaming room.

Yu Sui asked, “Do you want to go back to the embassy with me later?”

Fu Zhi shook her head. “Let’s head to the museum. You go make some arrangements for the trip. Don’t forget about the folks from the branch of the Physics Association. I’m bringing them there as well.”

Yu Sui did not like going to the museum, and Jiang Zong was not interested. After he came out of the hall, he went back to the restaurant to fill his stomach.

Since Fu Zhi had given this order, Yu Sui had no other choice but to go away to do her bidding.

Lu Yubai and the others did not know what Fu Zhi was up to again. After they greeted the people in the live-streaming room, they all expressed their desire to visit the museum as well.

They waited for a while before the cars that came to pick them up arrived. All the cars had been sent by the embassy. They all had the same design, and they were truly a fine spectacle when they all lined up neatly in front of the building.

The museum they were going to was the largest museum in Country M and housed countless ancient artifacts.

The moment they entered the museum, a man who seemed to be the curator of the museum came to welcome Yu Sui personally. He was a local. The man walked up to Yu Sui and said, “It’s an honor to have you with us today, Mr. Yu. I’m the curator of the museum, and I will personally guide you all through the museum.”

Yu Sui pointed at Fu Zhi and replied, “We’re good. We already have a guide with us.”

Fu Zhi, who was carrying her bag, was walking in front of the group.

As they walked through the lavishly-decorated museum, they came across countless bronze antiques, painted pottery cups, bronze coins, and silver vases that were kept inside different vitrines of various sizes.

China had maintained a continuous history of more than 5,000 years. However, these story-filled items were now kept in a foreign land.

Yuan He and her group had been here countless times, so they did not know why Fu Zhi had to bring them here again today.

While walking in front of the group, Fu Zhi began to introduce the artifacts one by one. “This is an oracle bone inscription from the Shang Dynasty. It’s 3,600 years old and was used in divination... This is the clerical script. It is an archaic style of Chinese calligraphy that evolved from the Warring States period to the Qin Dynasty. The most apparent feature of the clerical script is that the beginning of horizontal lines is akin to the head of a silkworm, while the finish is akin to the tail of a wild goose. Its form appears flat and square, as if the characters are gliding in the sky... This is the tri-color, glazed porcelain horse...”

She was talking slowly. She seemed to have a vast amount of knowledge related to the antiquities of the various dynasties, as she could basically tell the story of each artifact in great detail.

Even Yu Sui, who had initially not been interested, could not help being attracted to her stories.

This museum housed different artifacts from various civilizations across the world. However, the people that visited this museum every year were in their majority not people from Country M but Chinese people.

As Fu Zhi continued to narrate the background stories of the artifacts to her group, the other visitors in the museum began to look at her.

A visitor from Country R patted the shoulder of his guide and said, “Can you translate what she’s talking about for me?”

The guide was stunned. Then, after snapping out of his daze, he told the story Fu Zhi was telling the rest of the tour group.

The person from Country R lamented. “She’s so awesome... She can recite those stories as well as if she was there personally and witnessed them with her own eyes!”

Fu Zhi led her group to an ancient painting in the deepest part of the museum. “This is an authentic painting and piece of calligraphy work of a famous calligrapher from the Tang Dynasty. It’s regarded as a masterpiece of the ages by many experts. This is the only one left in the world, yet it’s stored in a museum in Country M, while the students in China can only learn about it through textbooks.”

This was undoubtedly pathetic.

Lu Yubai and Zhou Zihuai seemed to understand Fu Zhi’s intention and could feel their blood boiling.

Fu Zhi stopped in front of the ancient painting and turned her head over. She looked at Yuan He, who seemed very impatient, and said in a serious voice, “Since you’ve been in Country M for so long, do you know how long this country’s history is?”

As if she had heard the funniest joke in the world, Yuan He chuckled and replied, “500 years old.”

Then, Fu Zhi pressed on. “Very good. Now, my second question: Do you know how many thousands of years of civilization are being displayed in this museum?”

Yuan He was stunned.

Fu Zhi said, “The answer is 3,600 years, starting from the earliest oracle bone inscription.”

She paused for a moment before adding, “By right, our country is the only country that has had an unbroken civilization throughout its long history. You guys should understand that everything you have today has been bestowed on you by the country. With great power comes great responsibility.”

The faces of the higher-ups behind Yuan He darkened.

They knew what Fu Zhi was implying. She was resenting them for their spineless behavior while they’d dealt with Mia.

Right now, Yu Sui’s gaze also fell on them. After a short bout of contemplation, he said, “Our country does not nurture you and educate you and the Physics Association does not give you the opportunity to go abroad for you to disgrace your own country!”

There were quite a few people around them. Most of them were Chinese, and they were looking at them as well.

Yuan He had never felt so embarrassed before.

She had thought they were here to admire the artifacts. Who knew...

Having China’s lost cultural relics being displayed in this museum in Country M was a form of disgrace. However, Fu Zhi saying such words on such an occasion was undoubtedly an even greater insult to her!

Fu Zhi added, “I hope President Yuan will take my words to heart and think about this. Even though you’re no longer the president of the branch of the Physics Association, I wish you won’t forget or give up your pride as a Chinese person.”

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