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Chapter 321: Time Has Not Been Kind To Her, Huh?

The higher-ups in the Physics Association expressed their dissatisfaction with Fu Zhi’s arrogance and self-importance after her bet with Yuan He. Therefore, on the day of the competition, other than Zhou Zihuai, they sent Gu Yan to Country M as well.

They did not have faith in Fu Zhi at all, especially because she’d insisted on adding Zhou Zihuai, who was weaker in overall strength, to the team. Therefore, the Physics Association had decided to intervene. On the name list, Gu Yan’s name was added as a substitute. Once they noticed something was not right, they would send Gu Yan into the field to replace Zhou Zihuai.

Of course, it went without saying that Fu Zhi knew what they were planning, but she did not care.

The competition would last two weeks, as there were two rounds. Fu Zhi was calm.

By the time she got downstairs, Yuan He was already waiting for her there.

Gu Yan, who was standing beside her, let out a cold sneer. “Since you’re all ready, let’s go.”

The car soon arrived at the venue of the competition.

Fu Zhi and her teammates got out of the car first. There were nearly two hours to go before the competition started, so Yuan He took Gu Yan, and the two of them waited beside the car.

The venue of the competition was the headquarters of Country M’s Physics Association.

The building was a sample of classical architecture, and right now, several staff members were setting up tents outside the building so the contestants could rest.

A lot of people had crowded outside the building. Most of them were foreign students, while some of them were teachers.

Around the periphery was a group of reporters and… Chen Ming.

He was standing not far away from them, and Fu Zhi thought she was hallucinating for a moment.

However, when she saw Chen Ming approach her swiftly, she knew instantly this was reality. Before she could do anything, Chen Ming had arrived in front of her and said, “Quick! Come and say hi to the viewers in the live-streaming room!”

Fu Zhi did not know what to say.

‘Why couldn’t he just leave me alone?’

Fu Zhi looked at him silently, causing Chen Ming to wave his hand in an awkward manner as he said, “Well, you know, the status of our variety show is getting worse. The viewers don’t buy the people we invited, not to mention that they’re not as popular as you…”

‘The most important thing is that you’re free of charge!’

Chen Ming wanted to make use of Fu Zhi’s popularity to make more profit.

Initially, Fu Zhi wanted nothing to do with him or his variety show. However, when she saw the people in the live-streaming room cheering and rooting for them, she finally opened her lips and said, “Don’t worry. We will do our best.”

There were about 300,000 to 400,000 viewers in the live-streaming room, and all of them seemed even more anxious than Fu Zhi.

Since Gu Yan did not want to disgrace herself again in public, she subconsciously took a step back and hid behind Fu Zhi and her team.

Who knew that the moment she took a few steps back, a silver Maserati would approach her from afar?

Chen Ming had brought three cameramen with him, and one of the cameramen happened to capture the supercar with his camera.

[I have to say that Country M is indeed a superpower. You can see supercars everywhere over there, and the quality of life is multiple times better than the quality of life in our country!]

[This car looks really familiar. Look at the emblem. It looks like the car of the Chinese Embassy in Country M…]

[But why is it heading toward that sl*t?]

Gu Yan had not paid attention to the Yu Family in the capital, so she could not recognize the car. However, Yuan He, who was standing next to her, was able to tell at a single glance that the emblem on the car was the emblem used by the embassy.

Before she had a chance to say anything, the car door was opened and a handsome man in his forties entered everyone’s vision, stunning all the netizens in the live-streaming room and Chen Ming.

“Yu Sui? What is he doing here?” Chen Ming shouted out loud his question, his eyes gleaming in disbelief.

There were only two things that Gu Yan could gloat about. One was Physics, while the other was Psychology.

She had heard of Yu Sui before.

He had once served as the youngest ambassador of China, and not only was he the chief translator of the Chinese Embassy in Country M now, but he was also the only Chinese man to serve as vice president of the International Physics Society. He was also one of the ten international judges.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that Yu Sui’s life was full of legends. Besides, he also had a lot of fans in China due to his attractive appearance.

None of them had expected that a person like him would show up here. This was something that had never happened in the past competitions!

As Yu Sui was walking toward Yuan He, he took his sunglasses off, shedding light on his whole face. He looked a little tanned, as he had been working in another country recently, and he’d rushed to Country M the moment he had heard the news.

“President Yuan, is she…”

He pointed to Gu Yan, looking excited. However, he felt a little disappointed when he saw that homely face. He remembered that she used to look very attractive ten years ago.

‘Well, it seems like time has not been very kind to her.’

Yuan He was taken by surprise when Yu Sui came up and asked her about Gu Yan. She had not expected this at all, so she hastily nodded. “Yeah, she’s my disciple and she’s here for the competition as well. Are you looking for her?”

‘She came for the competition and she’s the only girl on the team. It must be her.’

Yu Sui nodded back. Then, he took a deep breath and stretched his hand toward Gu Yan. “I would like to welcome you on behalf of the Chinese Embassy in Country M. I also hope that you can come with me to the embassy after the competition so we can take care of you.”

The arrival of Yu Sui had already thrust the live-streaming room into a state of turmoil, and when all of them heard that he was inviting Gu Yan to the embassy on behalf of the Chinese Embassy, his words added fuel to the fire. They all exploded immediately.

The embassy?

Gu Yan was nothing but a participant. Therefore, they were all very surprised that the embassy would roll out the red carpet for her and a person like Yu Sui would personally come to pick her up.

At that moment, every member of the branch of the Physics Association was stunned, for they had not expected this at all.

Gu Yan was confused. “Am I the only one that’s been invited to the embassy?”

She knew herself very well, so she knew she did not deserve the courtesy of the embassy at all.

Yu Sui nodded. “If you want your friends to go with you, that’s fine.”

Then, he paused for a moment before asking carefully, “Do you remember meeting me at an international Physics competition ten years ago?”

He did not lower his voice, and the viewers in the live-streaming room were baffled.

An international Physics competition ten years ago?

It was only because the Chinese had won that international competition that Yu Sui had been elected vice president of the International Physics Society ten years ago. Therefore, if Gu Yan had really appeared in the international competition ten years ago, just what kind of big shot was she?

The viewers in the live-streaming room were surprised, and even Yuan He was taken aback, as she had no idea about this whatsoever.

“You participated in an international competition ten years ago?”

Gu Yan felt that something was not right as well, but Yu Sui did not seem like he was joking at all. Even though she felt puzzled, she was not foolish enough to let go of such a good opportunity to clear her name in front of the cameras. Thus, she decided not to deny his claim.

“It’s not me who’s going to take part in the competition today, but Fu Zhi. However, I might be participating in the second round. How about we leave now?” Gu Yan replied with a smile.

Yu Sui’s eyes bulged wide. “You are not Fu Zhi?!”

Gu Yan’s heart leaped into her throat, and that sense of uneasiness came back to haunt her.

Yu Sui then lamented. “No wonder!”

‘No wonder she looks nothing like when she was seven years old. She looks so… plain.’

Then, Lu Yubai’s calm voice rang out. “She’s Gu Yan. If you’re looking for Zhizhi, she’s over here.”

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