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Chapter 32: Ten Yuan For A Pack Of Rhinestones

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Fu Zhi closed her laptop. While sitting in her chair, she popped another piece of milk candy into her mouth and crunched it.

The light inside the room was bright, and the window sliced Fu Zhi’s reflection into numerous pieces. She lackadaisically rested her slender legs on the table as she wallowed in the pleasure and excitement brought forth by the game.

“Dong, dong, dong—”

Just as Fu Zhi was about to go to bed after she finished playing the game, she heard someone knocking on her door.

She asked the person to come in and then threw her phone on her bed.

She waited for a while, yet no one came in.

Then, another string of rapping sounds was heard. This time, the sounds had become lighter.

Fu Zhi walked to the door, placed her slender hand gently on the handle, and pushed the door slightly.

Lu Yushen was standing in front of the door. When he heard the clicking sound, he took a step back. Then, the door was opened half a meter wide.


Lu Yushen was wearing a white shirt. He kept his head low, and the dim light that fell on his face caused his eyelashes to cast a shadow over his eyes.

When he heard Fu Zhi’s voice, he spread his palm open, revealing a diamond half the size of Fu Zhi’s fist. The diamond was beautifully wrought and glittered brightly under the refraction of the light.

“Is this for me?” Fu Zhi was slightly stunned.

Lu Yushen had the air of an elegant young master from ancient times. He looked innocent and harmless.

His pupils were completely black as he nodded and stretched his hand toward Fu Zhi.

However, Fu Zhi did not move.

The corridor on the third floor was quiet. The night wind slipped through the slit between the window, petting the window screen and releasing susurration in the air.

A servant opened the room door and saw the two of them staring at each other.

“Young Master Yushen, Ms. Fu, Mrs. Lu asked me to tell you guys to finish the milk before you go to bed. It can help you grow taller.”

Lu Yushen’s hand was suspended in midair. His eyelids were half-closed as he stood in front of the expressionless Fu Zhi.

There was a listless expression etched on his face, giving him the look of a pitiful abandoned large-breed dog that circled Fu Zhi with its head held low and its tail between its legs.

The servant decided to help her young master a little. She thus went forward and said, “Ms. Fu, this is a gift from Young Master Yushen. Even though it’s just a pack of rhinestones worth ten yuan, it’s a little something from him…”

Lu Yushen was autistic. He therefore had difficulty communicating with others and meeting other people’s eyes. His only hobby was collecting rhinestones. He kept a lot in his room and he adored them very much. He rarely gave them away to people.


The servant did not know why he adored something so cheap, but the world of an autistic person was not something that a normal person like her could understand.

Lu Yushen was often rejected, so he had gotten used to it.

He pulled his phone out of his pocket and began typing something, his fingers dancing nimbly over the screen.

After a short while, he showed the phone to Fu Zhi.

“Return gift. For Zhizhi.”

Fu Zhi entered a trance for a moment. Her eyes swept across the diamond, but she soon retracted her gaze.

“Thank you, brother.”

Lu Yushen nodded and then returned to his own room.

After Lu Yushen left, Fu Zhi put both the diamond and her laptop in a drawer.

Before she went to bed, she made a call.

The call was picked up very fast.

“What are your instructions?”

“I have a card ending in 1010. Could you please help me freeze it for two weeks?”

Before this, she’d just wanted to give the money to Lu Yumo. However, Lu Yumo was too hard to control. If she did not do something, she was certain that he would never return home.

Fu Zhi had not realized this before. It was only after Lu Jingqing had said something that she had realized she must not help Lu Yumo escape from the house.

Her mother missed her eldest brother a lot, so she had to find a way to force him to come home by himself.

The person on the other side of the line got this done very quickly.

“Can I help you with anything else?”

“Hmm… Transfer some money to this card in two weeks.”

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