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Chapter 313: Do You Want To Kiss?

There was no award ceremony at the end of the friendly match.

The crew members of “Up Up You Go” would keep following Fu Zhi and her team until the day they were sent overseas to participate in the international competition.

Very soon, the driver started the engine and drove toward the villa of the research institute.

The attention of the crowd was on Fu Zhi and Gu Yan, and the fight between their fans was not over yet. All of them wanted to know what had really happened at the competition, and the fans on both sides refused to believe that it was their idol that was being a drag to the team.

The vice-president of the Physics association was in the car as well. After all, Sheng Hua was busy and had returned to the capital to deal with his work. Therefore, he had left the friendly match in the vice-president’s hands. The vice-president then approached Fu Zhi and whispered into her ear, “After we arrive, let’s find a place to talk.”

Before Fu Zhi could say anything, her phone rang. She took her phone out and realized it was a video call. She answered the call, and a magnetic voice erupted from the phone. “Zhizhi, I’ve arrived in the capital.”

When the vice-president heard the voice, he subconsciously turned his head toward Fu Zhi’s phone, and the moment he saw the man on the screen, he was stunned.

The man on the other side of the phone had a pair of pretty eyes that were slightly tilted upward at the corners. His pupils were dark, and right now, there was a smile on his face as he looked straight at Fu Zhi, which made his hard jawline soften and his face became radiant with warmth.

Even though the vice-president had seen many attractive men like Jiang Zong, he had never seen such a good-looking man in his life before. Li Nanli was on a whole different level, and his appearance was so perfect that he overshadowed every other person.

His eyes were wide in shock, and he had forgotten what he wanted to tell Fu Zhi.

The area where Li Nanli was located was somewhat dimly lit. He was tapping his finger on the back of a couch as he took a look at the vice-president before saying, “I’ve booked a flight to Country M tomorrow. Do you want to go with me?”

His voice sounded good and tickled the vice-president’s ears.

Ever since Fu Zhi had picked up the call, she had turned her body sideways to avoid the camera. The crew members of the variety show felt suspicious.

Even though Fu Zhi did not want anyone to know that she was talking to Li Nanli, Chen Ming was still able to guess the identity of the man video-calling her based on his attire. After all, unlike the vice-president, who was deeply engrossed in physical research, Chen Ming had been working in the entertainment industry for a very long time. As a result, there was no way he would not recognize Li Nanli.

His heart was fluttering wildly like a trapped little bird. He did not dare let Li Nanli appear on the camera at all. Luckily, there was a delay of five seconds before the image captured by the camera was transferred to the live-streaming room, so he could make use of the time lag to have his crew members pixelate Li Nanli’s face, leaving only his chin and neck visible before the viewers’ eyes.

However, they did not have enough time to mask his voice. Fu Zhi was obviously in a better mood when she saw her nephew.

“I’ll be leaving a little later. I have some things to take care of and I have to inform my mom.”

She paused for a moment before saying, “Don’t forget to check in with me when you’re there.”

Li Nanli was stunned, as he had not expected Fu Zhi to say this. After a short while, his lips curled up in satisfaction and he replied, “Okay.”

He was genuinely happy that Fu Zhi had started to change, but his delight did not last long. A second later, he heard Fu Zhi mumble, “Otherwise, no one will take me to the auction.”

Li Nanli did not know how to reply. To prevent himself from dying of a heart attack, he continued to chat with her for a little while and then hastily hung up the call.

Even though they had just talked for six minutes and the crew members of the variety show had pixelated his face, his appearance still created turmoil in the live-streaming room.

[Holy... Are my eyes deceiving me, or was a handsome guy talking to Fu Zhi just now? That voice, those collar bones... Ahh, I’m starting to believe in love again!]

[Godd*mn it! Why did they have to pixelate his face?]

[Is he Fu Zhi’s brother? Why don’t they let us see him? Could he be her sugar daddy?]

[Stop being a nosy parker. It’s none of your business.]

[He’s wearing a bespoke suit, and his watch is worth more than a few million. Are the people in Yu City so rich?]

[I know that watch. It’s a limited edition, and I’ve seen it once on my husband Li Nanli’s wrist when he attended a business event six months ago. His voice sounds like his as well, and I’m very panicked right now. My husband’s taste shouldn’t be that bad, though...]

[Don’t worry, sis. There’s no true love in elite families. They only have marriages of convenience. More than a decade ago, the financial report stated that Old Master Jiang of the Jiang Family had espoused his children to Fu Zhao’s descendants. However, after Fu Zhao’s business took off, he went back on his word and kicked the Jiang Family away.]

Seeing that the situation was slowly getting out of control, Chen Ming cleared his throat and announced, “Well, our participants are exhausted, so I will end the session now. The next session will begin tonight, and we will explain what happened during the competition today.]

As the netizens scolded Chen Ming, the live-streaming room went black.

Fu Zhi went back to put her bag in her room, while the vice-president went to wait for her in the study.

Gu Yan and the others all went back to their respective rooms to rest.

Before Fu Zhi had even finished unpacking her stuff, someone knocked on her door.

It was Jiang Zong, and Fu Zhi wondered why he had come to look for her out of the blue.

Even though she was not good with people, her intuition was very spot-on. Jiang Zong did not clearly express his hostility, but it seemed to Fu Zhi that he was cooking something behind her back.

For example, he pretended to like her a lot in front of the cameras, but in fact, he treated Gu Yan even better behind the cameras. Fu Zhi reckoned that the reason he did so was that he wanted his fans to antagonize her.

Right now, Fu Zhi was taking out her clothes on her chair. Jiang Zong leaned against the table and squinted his eyes to observe the young lady in front of him.

After a long while, he handed her a cup of blue-colored bubble tea.

Fu Zhi had never seen this color of bubble tea before, so she took it. Then, after she took a sip, her eyes glowed. It was even tastier than the one Su Xing had bought for her, and there were matchflavored pearls inside as well.

Truth be told, Fu Zhi had tasted a lot of bubble tea before, but she still could not tell what the cup of bubble tea that Jiang Zhong had handed her was made of. While sipping on the drink, she threw her shirts to Xiao Ai and looked at Jiang Zong.

Her eyes were pretty, and her pupils were dark. When she did not talk, Jiang Zong had no idea why but he felt she look like the cub of an animal, cute and soft.

He was startled by the thought, and then he froze. However, he soon regained his senses as he offered her a smile and asked, “Do you like the bubble tea, Zhizhi?”

She nodded. “Will you buy it for me again tomorrow?

The smile in Jiang Zong’s eyes deepened as he replied, “It’s too expensive, so the answer is no.”

Fu Zhi nodded again. “You’re in a girl’s room, so please get out. Also, don’t forget to pay me rent.”

There was one thing Chen Ming was wrong about when it came to her. Fu Zhi was not really generous enough to let Gu Yan and Jiang Long live in a big villa for free.

However, she had been born with a pretty face, so many people were willing to forgive her.

Right now, Jiang Zong was looking at her profile. There were some water droplets dangling at the corner of her lips, which looked both seductive and pretty.

Jiang Zong suddenly felt his throat go dry. Compelled by a mysterious force, he went up to her and pinched her earlobe. When Fu Zhi turned to look at him, he stared at her lips and asked in a low voice, “Do you want to kiss, little girl?”

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