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Chapter 307: FZ = Fu Zhi, The Grand Reveal – 4

After Gu Yan finished speaking, she showed the letter of recommendation signed personally by Chu He, shocking the viewers in the live-streaming room.

[Holy sh*t! The Chu Family is considered a paradise that every medical student seeks after, and those who learn under the tutelage of the Chu Family are destined to become famous in the future! You’re so awesome, Gu Yan.]

[Oh, my good lord. First, she’s revealed to be the friend and teacher of Sheng Hua, and now she’s become the disciple of Elder Chu He? What’s next? Joining the FZ Research Institute? She must be God’s darling.]

[I was wrong. I shouldn’t have compared Fu Zhi to Gu Yan. The former is nothing compared to the latter!]

[Allow me to enlighten some new guys that just arrived. Gu Yan is the heiress of an elite family. She’s also the most famous psychiatrist abroad, and she has millions of followers on her fan page. She’s not someone that a piece of trash without parents can be compared to!]

On Fu Zhi’s front...

By the time she finished her revision, it was already 6:30 p.m. in the evening. After she printed all her notes out, she went downstairs, and the first thing that caught her attention was Xia Tian.

The young man was now standing by the fish tank and observing a box of mechanical parts and arms. Then, perhaps he was curious about it, as he pointed at the things in front of him and asked the staff, “What are these things?”

The staff had just finished making dinner and were setting up the table. When they heard his question, all of them looked at him silently.

‘What makes you think we know what those things are?’

“Don’t touch them.”

Fu Zhi’s voice rang out, prompting Xia Tian to turn his head toward her. Then, Fu Zhi handed the notes in her hand to him and said, “This is a robotic arm, and the things inside the box are its parts.”

This was the difference between the villa of the research institute and an ordinary villa. Everything in this villa was a high-technology product that Xia Tian and the staff had never seen before.

“A robotic arm?” Xia Tian, who knew nothing one couldn’t learn by studying or attending Tsinghua University, cleared his throat and asked carefully, “Are these the kind of mechanical parts used to assemble robots?”

The Physics Association had told him before that the reason they’d made Fu Zhi the leader was because of her perfect test scores. It was something that Xia Tian could not achieve, so whenever he came across something that he did not understand, he would ask Fu Zhi, who was better than him.

Fu Zhi fell silent. She did not know how to answer Xia Tian’s question either.

That said, she still pointed at the robotic arm and tried her best to explain. “It’s a highly nonlinear, strong coupling complex system with a high degree of precision and multiple output and input. It was initially developed and used by the institute for the industrial fitting of the armaments of the armed forces, and it was also used by the bomb disposal team to neutralize explosive threats.”

After Chen Ming and his crewmates were done setting the table, they turned around and realized Fu Zhi had already come down from the study.

Chen Ming’s face glowed up, and just as he was about to go forward and ask her to stay quiet for the next live-streaming session, he heard the young lady say, “The one in the villa is the latest version. It’s specially made for people who have lost their arms. It’s equipped with a built-in chip and it can carry out some actions that require a high degree of accuracy...”

Chen Ming was flabbergasted.

‘The hell is she talking about?’

Even though he had zero idea about the things Fu Zhi was saying, he realized this aligned with the core idea of the show and was a great opportunity to showcase Fu Zhi.

Therefore, he quickly hollered at his crew, “Hurry up and get into position! We’re going to start the live-streaming session now!”

His crew had installed more than a hundred cameras across the entire villa, except on the third floor. Therefore, he only needed to give an order, and they could start the live-streaming session at any time from any angle.

At the same time, the followers of the variety show “Up Up You Go” received a notification through their app.

All of them were both surprised and happy that the live-streaming session had started ten minutes earlier than expected!

However, when the screen lit up, a female voice wafted into their ears.

“The government has invested a lot of money in the chip. The latest version of the chip developed by the institute can virtually emulate real touch. Through the use of sensors on the palm, the chip is able to break down the signal collected into bioelectrical signals, which are then transmitted through cellular nerve endings to allow the user to feel a real sense of touch.”

Fu Zhi paused for a moment before adding, “That said, the robotic arm in front of you requires relatively less investment in both human and material resources compared to a robotic heart. As of now, our country still doesn’t have the appropriate technology to manufacture a robotic heart.”

Xia Tian was stunned.

Initially, he had just been curious about the usage of the cool thing in front of him. He had not expected Fu Zhi to tell him so much.

Biology? Mechanical Physics? His brain was a muddled mess now, as he had zero knowledge in both these fields.

Chen Ming cleared his throat and went up to Fu Zhi. “Can you perhaps give a simpler version of that explanation to the viewers?”

Pressing her lips, Fu Zhi replied, “How else can I explain? It’s not rocket science or anything, and anyone with a brain can—”

Fu Zhi suddenly stopped midway through her sentence, for she’d suddenly realized that these people were not her students.

She closed her mouth, took a deep breath, and then said, “Well, basically, it’s not something you guys will use, so that’s it.”

That said, the truth was that she was too lazy to explain so many things to the viewers.

Chen Ming, who was speechless, chided her inwardly. ‘You really don’t deserve to have any fans!’

As expected, the viewers in the live-streaming session exploded after they heard what Fu Zhi had said.

[Did she just say it’s not rocket science? Even though I might not understand how a rocket works, I still feel offended.]

[I’m sure she must have looked it up on the internet before this. This young lady works really hard to maintain her “academic tyrant” persona.]

[The robotic arm was not developed by her, so I don’t understand why she feels so proud of herself.]

[No, wait, this robotic arm has not been released on the market yet, right? So other than the professionals, who else knows what the hell it is?]

[Honestly, she’s become a lot more patient than she used to be in the past. I’m so happy with her changes that I want to cry. I hope I can be her teammate someday...]

[Yeah, right. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw her explaining the use of the robotic arm to her teammate with such patience. I wonder what she has been through? She’s not supposed to be so patient!!!]

There were a few weird bullet comments on the screen, but they were soon drowned out by other hate-filled comments.

Xia Tian scratched his head, as he could not be sure if he had understood everything or not. At the same time, Gu Yan, Jiang Zong, and Lu Yubai came downstairs.

Chen Ming then prepared to serve all five of them as they took their seats for dinner.

Fu Zhi took a glance at the dishes on the table and shook her head. “You guys eat. My takeout will be arriving soon.”

After saying that, she sat on the couch and began playing her games.

The netizens in the live-streaming room were dumbfounded.

[Your takeout will be arriving soon? Do you think the most secretive research institute in our country is your home? Don’t make me laugh, please!]

Gu Yan and Jiang Zong took their seats, while Chen Ming went to bring chopsticks and a bowl for Fu Zhi.

All the netizens continued to hurl different vicious comments at Fu Zhi until a deep male voice erupted from outside the villa.

“Zhizhi, your takeout is here.”

Fu Zhi threw her cell phone to Lu Yubai and said, “Help me with the game.”

Then, she got to her feet. However, before she could do anything, the door was opened from the outside, revealing the newcomer.

It was a man in a white lab coat and a black baseball cap. The badge pinned in front of his chest revealed that he was Du Min, the vice-president of the FZ Research Institute.

[Du Min? What the hell is he doing here?]

[Is he here to check on Gu Yan? After all, she was nearly bitten by a dog this afternoon...]

[If my ears have not failed me, Du Min shouted “your takeout is here” just now, right?]

[Holy sh*t. The more I look, the more I feel Fu Zhi is related to the FZ Research Institute. Oh, my heart can’t take the suspense anymore!]

[You’re one of Fu Zhi’s fans, right? Hah, people always say people with similar personalities will attract each other. You are just as shameless as Fu Zhi. Please open your eyes and see clearly. Fu Zhi is an orphan. There’s no way she has any relationship with the research institute, so stop drawing such unfounded conclusions!]

There was a war going on in the live-streaming room.

In the villa, Gu Yan looked at Du Min, and her heart leaped into her throat when she met his gaze. Just as she was about to go ahead and greet him, she saw Du Min turn around and tell the staff behind him, “Come in.”

There were two staff members behind him, and each of them was holding four insulation boxes.

“The sweet and sour pork ribs were made by the chef. However, he doesn’t know how to make sautéed sweet corn with salted egg yolk, so I got you a piece of the cheesecake that you like to eat. I also got you a cup of milk. You’re still growing, so you have to have a balanced diet, or you might not grow tall.”

“Okay,” Fu Zhi replied simply. “Thank you for your hard work. This food is more than enough for us. You guys should go back and rest early.”

Before Du Min could say anything, the two staff members nodded incessantly and said, “This is what we should do as your staff. What do you want to eat tomorrow, Zhizhi? You can tell us now, and we will prepare it for you tomorrow.”

Everyone in the villa, including the netizens in the live-streaming room, was stunned.

No one had any idea what the hell was going on.

Straightening his back, Du Min opened the boxes and said in a casual manner, “By the way, is everything fine with the villa? We don’t dare enter your villa casually without your permission, so the robots have been cleaning your room and the villa while you were gone in the past few years.”

He paused for a moment before saying, “Also, isn’t the land of the FZ Research Institute the property left to you by your parents? We have been renting it for years, so it’s about time we settled the rent payment. Besides, we haven’t given you any royalties after selling all the patents developed by your parents. Let’s find some time, and your uncles in the research institute and I will help you go through the millions of assets that are registered under your name.”

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