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Chapter 303: The Princess’ Villa In The FZ Research Institute

Two hours later, the plane landed in the capital.

All the staff got into position. When the hour hand hit 10 and the minute hand hit 12, all of them pointed their cameras in unison at the villa behind the FZ Research Institute.

After Chen Ming keyed in the password, the black iron door with the simplistic yet elegant design slowly opened. It was autumn right now, and the scene of the wind picking up fallen leaves from the ground looked extra aesthetically pleasing on camera.

When they were in the courtyard, they were immediately welcomed by an intrinsically arranged parterre. There was also a river and a bridge. A few fat koi fish were swimming in the river, and the sound of a duck quacking could be heard from time to time. Then, as they went deeper into the courtyard, they bumped into a Tibetan Mastiff that was locked in a cage and was growling at them.

Chen Ming’s voice rang out in the live-streaming room. “We want to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to the FZ Research institute for providing us with such a beautiful villa.”

Holy cow!

The villa had been provided by the FZ Research Institute? The mysterious organization that was sponsored by the government and the Fu Corporation and was several times more powerful than the Physics Association?!

The netizens were shocked. [I never knew that a research institute like FZ, which only focuses on scientific research, would provide a villa for a variety show!]

[The staff of this program is so awesome! They are the first to receive help from the FZ Research Institute! It must be because they are filming the team that is going to glorify our country!]

It seemed to the netizens that the FZ Research Institute was also very concerned about the competition, and they wanted the participants to have a better place to rest.

Just before they could snap out of their thoughts, the next second—

The camera zeroed in on the inner view of the villa, and several intelligent robots sweeping the floor and doing housework entered their line of vision.

[Holy... This is so high-tech. There’s no way an ordinary family can have so many robots in their house...]

[Sob, sob, sob. I’ve been dreaming of visiting the villa of the FZ Research Institute every day. I never thought my wish would come true today.]

[By the way, don’t you guys feel that the furniture in the villa is a bit too pinkish? Even though there is a lot of black technology that I’ve never seen before, even the robots are pink in color. It looks just like a little princess’ boudoir...]

[True, true, true! Now that you mentioned it, I’ve started to imagine that! It also looks like the golden abode that a rich man uses to house his mistress!]

Most of the netizens did not take the teaser seriously. They had just come here to enjoy themselves and have some fun. Never in their wildest dreams had they imagined that the FZ Research Institute would play a part in the variety show, so they were marveled beyond measure now.

After all, the FZ Research Institute was known as the gathering hub of the best talent in the country, as well as the birthplace of high technology. It was not every day they got a chance to take a glimpse into the inner side of the research institute.

Hence, topics such as “Teaser for Up Up You Go” and “FZ Research Institute Villa” became the hottest topics on Weibo.

For a moment, there was a massive influx of netizens in the live-streaming room. Everyone, including those who had initially not been interested in the variety show and bigwigs of the industry, wanted to take a glimpse at the most mysterious scientific research organization in the country.

When the clock hit 10:20 in the morning, there were nearly 400,000 viewers in the live-streaming room. Then, the camera once again zoomed in on the five participants.

Three of the five participants were male, while the remaining two were female.

All of them were handsome and pretty, especially Jiang Zong. He was already very popular and had more than a million followers on Weibo thanks to his identity as the young master of the Jiang Family. Therefore, no matter what he did, even if he coughed or heaved, he could cause a commotion in the crowd.

[Ahh! My husband is so handsome!]

[Don’t stop me, guys! I want to throw myself at him!]

[You guys can take President Li or President Fu. Jiang Zong is mine.]

[I know President Li is a man, but do any of you know the gender of President Fu?]

Due to Jiang Zong’s popularity, the screen of the live-streaming room was filled with bullet comments.

Of course, it went without saying that some comments were praising other participants as well. For example, Gu Yan.

Ever since she had stepped into the villa, many people had been looking at her. She was wearing a white dress today, and she had a natural grace and elegance about her. It was easy to see that she was a girl with a genteel upbringing.

Some of the viewers were curious about her dress, so they looked it up on the internet. When they realized that her dress cost a few hundred thousand yuan, they admired her even more.

[Her suave aura, her waist, her background, her achievements... She’s really such a keeper!]

[Yeah, right. A certain Fu girl is just out of her league. Anyway, make sure you learn as much as you can and get to know as many people as possible while you’re there.]

[Gu Yan is truly the most talented out of them, and I’m really proud that I chose her to be my idol.]

Then, the camera filmed a close-up shot of both Lu Yubai and Xia Tian. However, the two of them were not as popular as the other three people, so they did not receive as much attention as them, and the bullet comments were obviously fewer.

After some of the netizens had had enough of praising them for their good looks, they shifted their attention to Fu Zhi, the team leader.

However, despite looking for her everywhere, they did not find her.

Where was she?

Then, the screen froze for five seconds straight, and the camera shook.

The netizens clearly felt that the cameraman’s hand had trembled for a moment before he zoomed in on the couch.

Nobody knew when Fu Zhi had sat on the couch. Not only was she hugging the teddy bear on the couch, but she was also sitting in a lazy, casual position. Then, she gave an order to the robot next to her. “Bring us five glasses of juice. Don’t forget to toss in some honey for me. Put my bag in the study on the third floor and remember to recharge yourself when you run out of battery, got it?”

All the pinkish robots were cleaning the house. When they heard Fu Zhi’s orders, they stopped everything they were doing, went up to her, and answered in a mechanical voice, “Aye, milady!”

The group of robots seemed very delighted. Then the shortest one picked Fu Zhi’s bag up from the floor, tugged at her sleeve, and said, “I’m leaving then, milady.”

Fu Zhi wanted to say something else and count her money on the couch like she used to do. However, she dropped that thought in the end and snuggled up on the couch with her mouth pouted when she realized she was in front of a camera right now.

The villa belonged to Fu Zhi. Even though Du Min had invited Chen Ming and Jiang Zong, he had not arranged any rooms for them.

Other than Fu Zhi, Jiang Zong was the only one who had the guts to throw himself on the couch. He even put his legs on the table as if he was in his own house.

Fu Zhi then said, “There are some guest rooms on the second floor. You guys can go pick your own rooms later.”

Chen Ming was stunned. Then, he nodded. “Oh? I didn’t realize there were guest rooms here. Remember to pick your own rooms later.”

Lu Yubai and Xia Tian nodded in return. Gu Yan looked at Fu Zhi and sneered inwardly.

The interaction between Fu Zhi and the robots was lovely, but the netizens in the live-streaming room exploded.

[These robots are not yours! How can you order them as if they’re yours? Do you have no shame?]

[Both of you are girls, so why is Gu Yan standing obediently at the door and waiting for orders before taking a seat? People from the countryside are so rude!]

[This is not the Physics Association! It’s the research institute that has glorified the name of our country multiple times! Jiang Zong is a young master from an elite family, so he can sit wherever and whenever he wants, but how could you have no sense of propriety? Did your parents not teach you how to behave in other people’s houses?]

[You’re indeed very pretty, but you’re brainless. How can you treat another person’s house as your own?]

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