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Chapter 301: From A To Z, The Face-Slapping Beginning

The Physics Association was holding an emergency meeting.

The human resources department commented, “It’s very obvious that the real goal of whoever is the mastermind behind this conspiracy is to disparage Fu Zhi. The netizens are a bunch of people who will jump on a bandwagon as they see fit, and since most of them are supporting Gu Yan, no one would buy it if we were to increase Fu Zhi’s popularity now.”

Ever since this incident had broken out, the exam markers in the Physics Association had been working tirelessly overnight to mark the question papers. The public relations department had issued a legal letter and published Fu Zhi’s result as soon as possible in an attempt to clear Fu Zhi’s name of those fraudulent claims.

However, the effect was unsatisfactory, as most of the netizens found that it lacked sense. In their opinion, Gu Yan was the most suitable candidate to lead the team based on her popularity as well as her ability. Right now, the team members had barely had the chance to familiarize themselves with Gu Yan, and the association had decided to replace her out of the blue? What if this had a negative impact on the mentality of the other participants and resulted in their inability to perform in top condition at the competition? What if they lost? Who was going to be held responsible for their defeat?

The human resources department then chimed in, “Many people on the internet are against our decision to allow Fu Zhi to take part in the competition right now. She is, after all, a girl. We could not confiscate her cell phone in time, and she would be devastated if she saw those nasty comments. Therefore, rather than letting her participate in the event in her current state, why don’t we just replace her? Besides, this incident will affect your reputation as well...”

Even some list celebrities would get depressed due to cyber violence, let alone Fu Zhi.

Sheng Hua took a deep breath. He had not imagined that things would develop this way, and he was more frustrated than anybody else. “Don’t worry about me. I will be fine.”

Fu Zhi was obviously much better than Gu Yan in terms of everything, so he could not fathom why those people just could not see it. They had just jumped on the bandwagon and begun throwing shade at Fu Zhi baselessly.

Right now, not only did the association have to present every proof they had in order to clear Fu Zhi’s name, but they also had to work relentlessly to remove those hot topics from Weibo, which made the whole shebang even more suspicious.

After all, an innocent person would always be innocent. If Fu Zhi was really not guilty, they did not have to react so violently.

Sheng Hua wiped the tears off his face in frustration and then video-called Fu Zhi. When the call was connected, he only saw darkness on the other side. Just as his heart leaped into his throat, a low, slightly raspy voice rang out. “Why are your eyes swollen?”

‘She’s worried about me even though she’s going through hell right now!’

The thought brought more tears to Sheng Hua’s eyes. He wiped the tears off his eyes again and replied, “I’ve been crying for 30 minutes because my heart aches. Anyway, I’m fine now.”

“Take medicine if your heart aches,” Fu Zhi replied. It was brighter on her side now, and it was only then that Sheng Hua realized she had just come out of a haunted house. There was a lollipop dangling from the corner of her lips as she said, “You’re an adult, so how could you still cry for so long? Besides, how do you know how long you’ve been crying? Do you time yourself when you cry?”

Sheng Hua, who felt that Fu Zhi was calling him a pretentious prick, fell silent.

Suddenly, he realized something was not right and said, “Forget about that. Shouldn’t you be at school now?”

“Well, about that...” Fu Zhi cleared her throat. She felt pain in her throat after eating too much candy, so she took a sip of her bubble tea before answering Sheng Hua. “Director Liu heard that I’ve been cyberbullied again, so he gave me some money out of his own pocket and asked me to go out to relax.”

Then, she let out a sigh and added, “I’m having a lot of fun today, and you should stop worrying so much. The competition is just around the corner, and I suggest you put on some facial masks when you have some free time so that you’ll look better in front of the cameras. If you don’t have anything to say, I’m hanging up now. My mom is calling me over to get in line for the pirate ship. Later.”

Sheng Hua did not know what to say.

‘So I’m the one who’s being paranoid here?’

He watched speechlessly as Fu Zhi hung up the call. Just as he was about to continue to figure out a plan, the things Fu Zhi had said to him just now suddenly popped up in his head.

There were still five more days to go before the competition. He could not allow the netizens to keep scolding Fu Zhi until the day of the competition, so what if he held the live broadcast in advance?

Sheng Hua was an efficient man. He quickly contacted the editor-in-chief of Time Entertainment in the capital and said, “The students of our Physics Association will go to the capital tomorrow. I want you to film the entire progression from beginning to end. I want everyone who watches the competition to feel a sense of participation!”

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