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Chapter 298: Fu Zhi Throwing The Document – 2

Lu Yubai felt that the things happening on Weibo had made Gu Yan completely lose control over her own temper. Just as he was about to say something, Gu Yan added, “Honestly, I don’t want to say this, but her lackadaisical attitude really ticks me off. It seems to me that she doesn’t have a goal in life, as all she’s ever done in class so far is eat, sleep, and play her games. Not only that, but she will also turn the other students against me. It’s giving me a lot of trouble, and I can’t concentrate on my studies. If she goes to Class 1, Ms. Qian can watch over her. I guess you guys don’t want her to end up like Shang Zhongyong, do you?”

Zhou Zihuai looked at Gu Yan in disbelief, as if he had heard the funniest joke in the world.

‘Is everything she owns now something that Fu Zhi doesn’t want? Shang Zhongyong? She is just lazy. What the hell is wrong with you?’

Lu Yubai said, “There’s no way I will ask my sister to change class. If anyone needs to change class, it’s gotta be you, understand?”

Gu Yan did not understand Zhou Zihuai’s speechless expression, but she understood Lu Yubai, as he had made his stance very clear. She pushed the document forward and said, “I don’t want things to reach an impasse, and you guys should know the things you do with Song Fang behind my back. Right now, there are two options for you: One, take the document, get a good score, and withdraw from the competition. This way, you can still keep your dignity. Two, reject my offer, and I will tell the person in charge that I don’t want to be on the same team as you two. The choice is in your hands.”

This was the privilege of being captain. If the association wanted to win, they had to mind the mentality of the most capable candidates. This did not mean that Lu Yubai and Zhou Zihuai were incompetent. Their Physics knowledge was on par with Gu Yan’s, and what made her stand out was her popularity. Therefore, the association had to prioritize her before the remaining candidates.

Sticking her hands in her pockets, Gu Yan gazed contemptuously at the duo as if she was looking at ants.

Lu Yubai’s jaw was tightly set. He met her gaze, but he did not say anything.

The silence was hanging densely in the air. Nobody spoke for a long while until a loud bang on the door shattered the silence.

Fu Zhi pushed the door open and barged into the classroom, followed by Sun Tian and Xu Wenhao. Both of them had an awkward expression on their faces as they said, “Fu Zhi insisted on coming in. We couldn’t stop her…”

As if she had not expected Fu Zhi to show up there, Gu Yan raised her head and looked at her.

The two of them held each other’s gaze for a few seconds straight. Then, a smirk hopped onto the corner of Gu Yan’s lips as she lifted her eyebrows condescendingly.

Zhou Zihuai licked his lips. He did not have a good feeling about this. Just as he was about to say something, he saw Fu Zh step forward and pick up the document from the table.

Gu Yan had known that Fu Zhi’s indifference to fame and fortune was nothing but a facade. She leaned backward, and as a scornful grin danced on her lips, she saw something that stunned her to the core.

Instead of taking a look at the question paper in the document, Fu Zhi hurled it out of the room, slamming it hard on the ground outside.

For a moment, Gu Yan’s face turned livid from rage.

None of them had expected this, and everyone in the classroom was dumbfounded. Sun Tian was the first amongst the group to regain his composure. He did not know why Fu Zhi would do this, and his face was scrunched up in anger. Pointing at Fu Zhi, he snarled, “What the hell are you doing? We’re all friends, so no matter how angry or jealous you are that Gu Yan is the team leader, you should never throw her things away!”

Fu Zhi turned her head to look at him with a smirk dancing around her lips.

“Team leader? Are you sure?” She repeated, enunciating every syllable. Then, she stuck her hand into her pocket and pulled out her phone. She tapped a few times on the screen and then threw the phone on the table. “I forgot to tell you that your so-called privileges were withdrawn a few days ago.”

Thankfully, the quality of the screen was good, and it was spared the fate of getting smashed into pieces.

Everyone then moved forward and looked at Fu Zhi’s phone.

On the screen was the conversation between her and Sheng Hua.

[Please, Zhizhi. Please be the team leader. I assure you that I will arrange everything for you and no one will disturb you!]

When Gu Yan saw that sentence, the smirk on her face froze and she felt her heart stop beating for a second.

Fu Zhi had treated Gu Yan nicely when she had first come to the Lu Mansion. Since she was the one who had a better chance of curing Lu Yushen, Fu Zhi had chosen to ignore and put up with all her unreasonable tantrums. She did not want to become the team leader at all, but she had not found it funny when Gu Yan had started to abuse her power and browbeat people into submission. They were all fighting for one cause—to win the competition and bring glory to their country. Therefore, only by competing squarely and selecting the fittest candidate could they achieve their goal. What Gu Yan was doing right now was basically going against their goal, and she did not know why she wanted to do that.

The two students who wanted to stand up for Gu Yan were stunned. There was a confused expression on their faces, as they did not know what was going on.

‘What, what’s happening? Isn’t Gu Yan the team leader? Why has Fu Zhi suddenly become the leader? What is Sheng Hua thinking?’

Sun Tian’s heart was pumping faster and faster as this flurry of questions swirled in his head. It seemed to him that he had sided with the wrong person, and he refused to believe it. Picking Fu Zhi’s phone up, he clicked into Sheng Hua’s WeChat Moments, and his heart skipped a beat.

Lu Yubai felt like he was in a dream when he saw the conversation between Fu Zhi and Sheng Hua.

After all, the Physics Association was large. Gu Yan must have gotten wind of the news that she was going to become the team leader, or she would not have acted so arrogantly. However, reality had slapped her in the face, as it turned out that Fu Zhi was the real team leader…

Zhou Zihuai thought for a while and shrugged. “Alright, I get it now. It’s as if I’ve been given a cheat code while playing a game.”

Lu Yubai also had a feeling that he had become a pearl in Fu Zhi’s palm.

He did not know how things would develop this way either.

If the team leader had been decided after the final round, then Sun Tian and Xu Wenhao would not have had such a big reaction. However, right now, it had been decided before the final round… It was almost the same thing in nature as Gu Yan’s guaranteed participation in the international Physics competition!

Initially, Gu Yan had wanted to utilize her power as team leader to kick Lu Yubai and Zhou Zihuai out of the team, but it was Fu Zhi who had the power to do so now.

Ashen-faced, Gu Yan looked at Fu Zhi and shouted, “This is impossible!”

Frowning at her unwillingness to accept reality, Fu Zhi said, “Stop complaining and reflect on yourself and your inability to keep your position as team leader.”

After saying that, Fu Zhi put away her phone, nudged her chin toward the document on the ground, and added, “I’ll let it slide this time on behalf of my second brother. If you still want to enjoy the benefit you got by riding on my identity, then keep it to yourself and stop making so much commotion. This will be your last warning. There will be no next time.”

After she finished speaking, she led Lu Yubai and Zhou Zihuai away.

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