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Chapter 293: Lu Yushen Starts To Talk – 1

Song Fang said, “All of them are busy scolding that guy, so they have no time for you.”

Their success at the international Physics competition was something that every resident in their country took pride in, yet someone now had the audacity to trample on their pride by saying that it was just a stroke of luck that they had won the competition? It went without saying that anyone who loved their country would be angered by that statement.

Even Su Xing could not help joining the fray.

There were a lot of comments underneath the video.

[???? Does this fool have any idea what he is talking about? Has your mom died?]

[Well, I didn’t mean to come in, but since I’m here, may the dead rest in peace! Live strong!!!]

[What the hell is this? At the very least, we’ve brought back a trophy before, but your country has not even won once, yet you still have the gall to make such a statement? Is the way you people from Country R treat other people?]

[Argh! I’m so mad! Ms. Gu Yan, go slap their faces and kick them out of our country!]

[Calm down, you guys. They are not entirely wrong. After all, it’s a fact that we haven’t won over the years, not to mention that Sheng Hua is on the decline. There’s very little he could do now, and he is just taking advantage of old news to gain fame and wealth. In my opinion, this is as far as we can go.]

Fu Zhi frowned and put down the pencil in her hand.

The morale of the participants from Country R was high, and they seemed well prepared for the friendly tournament.

Due to the discussion about the participants from Country R, as well as other factors, the government announced that the final round would be moved up a week and would be held on Saturday.

Then, the friendly tournament with the participants from Country R was scheduled for next Sunday in the capital. The progress of the tournament would be recorded and live-streamed through different social platforms such as Weibo and Twitch.

As for Sheng Hua’s exchange meeting, it had been delayed multiple times, and there was a good chance that it would be canceled in the end.

In the afternoon, Zhou Zihuai and Song Fang went back to their dormitory.

Zhou Zihuai had heard the news, and his face was dark.

As for Song Fang, he was lying on the bed while checking on Gu Yan and Fu Zhi’s Weibo. The former had about 600,000 fans, while the latter had only over a thousand.

Both of them excelled in Physics and were staying in the same house.

Even Song Fang could not help comparing them.

Gu Yan had gotten the direct ticket to participate in the international Physics competition, while Fu Zhi had to earn the spot herself…

What a poor kid!

Song Fang then clicked into Gu Yan’s Weibo.

Her last update was a photo of herself taken by an anonymous person. She was reading a classic Russian book in the library.

The netizens were astounded.

[Oh my, she’s so gorgeous!]

[Is she reading Russian literature? That’s so awesome. By the way, have you decided on your teammates yet, sis? There is no certain girl named Fu among them, right? I’m really worried that she will drag you down…]

[It has become a norm for a certain girl named Fu to piggyback on Gu Yan’s popularity. She’s dumb, so there’s no way the government will allow her to take part in the competition. Anyway, Gu Yan, you have to try your best. We will always support you and we will be anticipating your good news!]

Nearly all the netizens were encouraging Gu Yan to take part in the friendly tournament, and even though no one was talking about Fu Zhi, Gu Yan’s fans still did not let this chance go and kept throwing mud at her.

Gu Yan liked the top 10 comments and even left a comment herself, saying that she would try her best to win the tournament with her team.

Song Fang did not feel comfortable with it.

Not only had Gu Yan ignored the fact that her fans were criticizing Fu Zhi, but she was also supporting them by liking their comments. Besides, judging from the comment she had left, it seemed to him that she was going to fight for the captaincy as well.

Song Fang’s admiration for Gu Yan faded a lot. At the same time, Lu Yubai returned to the dormitory and asked, “Did Gu Yan refuse to help Fu Zhi?”

“Well, that’s not necessary.” Lu Yubai chuckled. He opened his closet and changed into new clothes. His jawline was delicate, and his skin was fair. “The friendly match with the participants from Country R is around the corner.”

‘So what does the match have to do with Fu Zhi being scolded? Dad, did you not see how Gu Yan’s fans scolded her? Besides, an exchange meeting is a private meeting, so only the participants will be laughing at Fu Zhi. A friendly match is an international event! If Fu Zhi shows up with Gu Yan, she will be targeted by everyone on the internet!’

In Yu City, in a private room of a hotel…

Gu Yan was sitting aside, while Jiang Zong had not shown up yet.

After a long while, his secretary came into the private room and refilled Gu Yan’s tea.

“Young Master Jiang Zong is not feeling well and just went to bed after taking his medicine,” the secretary explained. After he took a seat, he handed a document to Gu Yan. “However, he knows that you’ve always wanted to participate in the Chu Family’s entrance exam. The Chu Family is the Jiang Family’s friend. I have a letter of recommendation here, so after you pass the entrance exam, you will study under Chu He, one of the elders of the Chu Family.”

Gu Yan knew that Jiang Zong had been born with heart problems and was not suitable for long-distance travel, which was why he usually stayed in the capital. Therefore, it must have been a tiring journey for him to come all the way from the capital to Yu City this time, and there was nothing she could complain about.

Gu Yan took a look at the document. Even though she was attracted by the offer, she knew it was not that simple.

Just as she had expected, a second later, the secretary added, “The Jiang Family has been working on black technology…”

Ten minutes later, in the hotel room…

The lights in the room were bright. The secretary opened the door and approached Jiang Zong, who was nestling on the couch.

He was wearing a white casual shirt, and there was a cigarette dangling from his lips. The smoke that fluttered from the cigarette rendered his expression unreadable.

He was holding a roster in his hand, and his finger was pointing at a name on the first page. He looked as if he was bored stiff, and there was an oppressive air about him.

His health was poor, and he was supercilious. However, nobody dared to oppose him due to his background and aggressive look.

The secretary walked up to him and reported, “Ms. Gu has said yes.”

Staring at the name list, the young man replied, “Okay.”

The expression on his face did not change, and he seemed as if he had expected the outcome.

The secretary looked toward the place where his finger was, and the name “Fu Zhi” entered his vision.

Fu was a rare surname in the capital.

Then, he heard Jiang Zong give his orders. “Do everything you can to make this person team up with me to participate in the competition.”

It was already 7 o’clock at night by the time Fu Zhi went back to the Lu Mansion.

Xu Wei and Lu Jingqing were not at home.

She was holding a sizable cake in her hand, stunning Mama Zhang. “Whose birthday is it today?”

“It’s for my second brother,” Fu Zhi replied simply. After putting down the cake, she turned to look at Mama Zhang and asked, “Where is he now?”

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