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Chapter 286: Picking Sheng Hua Up From The Airport – 2

The reason Xu Wenhao and Sun Tian came to look for Gu Yan was that it had been almost a week and Gu Yan had not come to tutor them in the meeting room.

After listening to their concerns, Gu Yan dusted off her school uniform and replied, “Well, I agreed to help you guys because of Lu Yushen. However, since Fu Zhi doesn’t like me getting so close to Lu Yushen, to avoid any embarrassment, I’ll stop tutoring you.”

“But Fu Zhi was adopted,” Xu Wenhao said, frowning. “She doesn’t have any say in the matter between you and the Lu Family. Besides, you still have the four of us backing you up!”

Well, Sun Tian and Xu Wenhao aside, Gu Yan knew that Lu Yubai was a popular figure in their school. As far as she knew, he had never offered any girl a ride before, not even Fu Zhi.

Gu Yan let out a chuckle and replied, “Well, I don’t like to gang up on people. Besides, Master Sheng Hua is coming to Yu City, and the school authorities have sent me to receive him, so there’s not enough time for me to do that.”

‘Sheng Hua!’

Xu Wenhao and Sun Tian were jealous of Gu Yan, who would get to interact with Sheng Hua. Well, honestly, there was no student in their school that was not jealous of her.

In an indifferent voice, Gu Yan replied, “If I get the chance, I will introduce you guys to Master Sheng Hua as well.”

On the other side of the classroom…

Song Fang pulled a box of milk out of his bag and said, “Well, Gu Yan has done you a big favor. Even your cousin gifted her a watch when she told him that she’s taking him to receive Master Sheng Hua, so you have to show something as well. When you see her later, give this to her and thank her properly.”

Fu Zhi was packing her stuff. Even though she’d heard him, she did not raise her head or respond in any way.

Just as Song Fang was about to say something again, Fu Zhi’s phone rang, and a few words appeared on the screen of her phone—Sheng (moneybag).

Song Fang was stunned, and his heart leaped into his throat.

‘What the hell…’

“Who is this?” Song Fang asked. Even though he knew he should not ask, he was worried about her.

“He’s a customer of mine, but we rarely talk.”

Fu Zhi picked up her bag, answered the call, and began walking out of the class.

Since she looked normal, Song Fang did not pursue the matter.

It started to rain in Yu City at 2 o’clock in the afternoon.

Most of the flights were delayed, including the plane Sheng Hua was in.

Fu Zhi had been urged by Director Liu from 1 o’clock. Along with the group of Physics teachers, all of them arrived at the airport to receive Sheng Hua.

The airport was full of people, and it was noisy.

Director Liu was both delighted and excited. Cocking his head, he told Fu Zhi, “There are so many elite schools in the capital, and yet Master Sheng Hua chose our school to be the venue of the exchange meeting. Do you know why?”

Fu Zhi replied matter-of-factly, “Because he has too much time on his hands.”

Director Liu was stumped.

He did not want to talk to Fu Zhi anymore. Just as he turned around to discuss something with Gu Yan, Lu Yubai put a baseball cap on Fu Zhi’s head and pressed the brim down.

Then, he scanned the airport with a dark expression.

Lu Yubai was only interested in two things. One of them was racing cars, while the second was Physics.

He took a look at his watch. There were many reporters and fans outside the airport, and all of them were waiting for Sheng Hua.

They waited until 3 o’clock in the afternoon. Only then did Sheng Hua and his staff, along with the vice-president of the Physics Association, appear through the gate.

The moment he made an appearance, the reporters couldn’t wait any longer and rushed forward, flocking around him like a swarm of bees attacking an intruder as they pointed their microphones at his face. There were plenty of fans there as well, and some of them had even brought signs with his name.

This was very rare for an old man in his mid-fifties who was not a celebrity. Even Professor He had not caused such a huge commotion when he’d arrived at Yu City.

Sheng Hua looked at his fans and said, “Thank you all for coming.” His words caused his fans to call his name three times together in unison.

“I can’t believe that I got the chance to meet him in real life. This is all thanks to Gu Yan,” Lu Yubai said. It was apparent that he was very excited too. After he took a look at his WeChat, he shrugged and added, “I’m going to take her to dinner tonight. Do you want to come?”

Fu Zhi shook her head. She was wearing a facial mask, and her eyes were half-closed, as she was bored stiff. Then, she asked, “Do you like Sheng Hua?”

“Well, I’m pretty sure there’s no one who likes Physics who doesn’t admire Sheng Hua,” Lu Yubai replied as he looked at Sheng Hua, who was standing not far away. There was some seriousness on his face that he seldom showed normally.

“Did you know that our country was not allowed to participate in international Physics competitions in the past? The people from Country M looked down on us. They thought we didn’t possess the quality and ability to win the Junior Nobel Prize. Then, ten years ago, after some hard work of our government, Sheng Hua brought a team and participated in the competition. In the end, we managed to win the Junior Nobel Prize and beat the people from Country M. Since then, the prohibition was lifted and nobody dares to laugh at us anymore!”

It would not be far-fetched to say that it was Sheng Hua and his team that had started a new Physics competition dynasty.

Lu Yubai added, “Five participants represented our country that year, and other than Sheng Hua, only one contributed even more than him. I heard that in order to prevent our country from winning the competition, the people from Country M intentionally added several Physics questions that nobody in history could answer, but she managed to answer all the questions in just an hour. Unfortunately, she never showed up in public, and there’s been no news of her other than the few articles that featured her ten years ago. It seems that she doesn’t want to be disturbed.”

Sheng Hua was the hero that had brought glory to their country, but no one would forget his teammates, who had fought alongside him.

Fu Zhi did not say anything. She just kept her head low and looked at the floor.

Lu Yubai rubbed her head and said, “One cannot say that you will be as good as her in the future. Anyway, you go and sit on the chair over there. I’m going to look for Gu Yan and ask her to get an autograph from Sheng Hua for you.”

After Gu Yan finished talking to Director Liu, she prepared to take Sheng Hua to rest at his hotel.

The reporters asked their last question. “There’s a rumor that you’re going to cooperate with the Jiang Family in the capital, so is there any reason for you to set aside this cooperation and come to Yu City to hold an exchange meeting?”

“First of all, the rumor about me having cooperation with the Jiang Family is nothing but pure nonsense. With my ability and experience, there’s very little help I can offer to a giant company like the Jiang Corporation.”

Sheng Hua paused for a while. He looked at Director Liu and his group before continuing. “Secondly, I indeed didn’t come to Yu City just to hold the exchange meeting. I came here because… I want to meet a senior of mine.”

Every reporter on the scene was stunned. “A senior?”

‘There is someone who can be your senior?’ all of them thought.

“Yes, my senior,” he reaffirmed.

Yu City was not a big city, and they doubted whether such a person really existed or not. “Can you tell us something about this person?”

“She’s a student of No.1 High School and a member of our association,” Sheng Hua replied, straightening his back. “To me, she’s a teacher and a good friend.”

The airport fell silent for a moment, and then a commotion swept across the crowd.

A student from No.1 High School? She was his teacher and his good friend?!

As Sheng Hua was heading outside, the group of reporters chased after him and pressed on. “Can you tell us more about this student? Maybe her name?”

Sheng Hua waved his hand and said, “Nope. She doesn’t like people to disturb her.”

Then, he paused in his tracks and added, “But she’s going to represent our country at the Physics competition. Therefore, the Junior Nobel Prize is in the bag!”

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