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Chapter 285: Picking Sheng Hua Up From The Airport – 1

After Fu Zhi finished planting her flower and taking care of Mrs. Xu, she went back to school two days later.

Gu Yan and Lu Yushen went to school first. Without Gu Yan, the atmosphere in the car became lively once again.

Lu Yumo was humming the song “Little White Boat”, his voice crisp and clear like a chirping nestling.

There were a lot of things going on in Class 21 every morning, but it seemed that the students were particularly busy today.

Song Fang greeted Fu Zhi. “Morning, little fella…”

Then, he beckoned at Fu Zhi as a genial grin blossomed across his face. “Gu Yan is staying at your house, right?”

Fu Zhi put her bag on the chair and nodded.

Before Song Fang could say anything, the group of young men around him gasped in shock and said, “Is she your sister-in-law? Does that mean that Xiang Yang has no chance already?”

They were talking about the young man who had participated in the preliminary round of the Physics Competition with Fu Zhi. He was a lanky young man who’d had a crush on Gu Yan from the first year of high school.

Song Fang chimed in, “When we came to school this morning, we saw your second brother bring Gu Yan to school. They were holding hands.”

Lu Yushen had come to No.1 High School to deliver an umbrella to Lu Yumo during a rainy day in the past. Therefore, Song Fang had seen him before, and his maturity and introverted nature had left a deep impression on him.

“So is it true? Are they together?” He withdrew a package of milk from his drawer and stuck a straw in it before handing it to Fu Zhi.

Fu Zhi replied, “I don’t know.”

She was not lying. After all, it had been a week since she had last seen Lu Yushen, so she had no idea what was happening between him and Gu Yan.

However, the group of young men thought Fu Zhi was lying to them. All of them turned to Xiang Yang and comforted him. “Well, there are plenty more fish in the sea.”

For example, Fu Zhi was a good candidate!

Xiang Yang was sad. “Forget it. I don’t deserve her.”

There was a faint sadness in the air in Class 21.

Fu Zhi took her earphones out and began to play games.

When she returned from Director Liu’s office, she knocked on the door and said, “Fu Zhi. Master Sheng Hua has made a call to No.1 High School. He will be arriving in Yu City shortly, so Director Liu asked me to bring you along to pick him up from the airport.”

Sheng Hua was the president of the national Physics Association. He was respected throughout the country, and people often said that his dog would score even better than humans in the college entrance examination.

Most importantly, the Physics Association was at the forefront of China’s education industry. Therefore, Sheng Hua could offer direct admission to Tsinghua University to four students every year.

The reason he made this call was that he wanted to hold an exchange meeting at the stadium of No.1 High School. Everyone knew why he chose No.1 High School as the venue, so Director Liu wanted Gu Yan to bring Fu Zhi to pick him up from the airport.

Considering Gu Yan’s high-and-mighty attitude, as well as the fact that she had just had a hot dispute with Fu Zhi, she was reluctant to bring her along. However, just as she was about to reject Director Liu’s suggestion, she thought of something and said yes in the end.

Therefore, she came to Class 21 and told Fu Zhi about it. The students in Class 21 became agitated when they heard the news. The girl sitting in front of Fu Zhi turned her head around and said, her voice laced thick with admiration, “Gu Yan is so nice to you, Fu Zhi. After all, not everyone has the chance to meet Master Sheng Hua!”

Song Fang had not expected this either. He’d been cracking a walnut just now before he was stunned.

After a few seconds, he finally came back to his senses. He went up to Fu Zhi and talked to her like a mother nagging her daughter. “When you’re there, remember to be more active. Try your best to make an impression on Master Sheng Hua. With your grades, you will not have to participate in the college entrance examination if he’s willing to give you a hand.”

The sky in Yu City was downcast, and it seemed like it was going to rain.

After Gu Yan finished her task, she was called away by Xu Wenhao and Sun Tian.

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