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Chapter 284: The Way To Make You Talk

When Madam Lu had offended Fu Zhi, she’d refused to give her the medicine or treat her heart attack. She had kicked her leg until she’d nearly had to put a cast on it, and she had made her pay her a lot of money.

Therefore, Lu Yumo could more or less guess that Gu Yan must have said something that she should not have said or done something she should not have been doing. Otherwise, there was no way Fu Zhi would have reacted so violently.

However, compared to Madam Lu, Lu Yumo knew that Fu Zhi was more lenient with Gu Yan because Gu Yan was treating Lu Yushen.

Gu Yan’s face was dark.

She wanted to say, “Do you know who you are talking to?” However, upon contemplating it, she swallowed the sentence back to her stomach pit. After all, she still needed to stay in the Lu Mansion, and it would not do her any good to have a fallout with him right now.

Lu Yumo then prepared to go back to the house. When he passed by Gu Yan, he dusted off the invisible dust on his shoulder, showing off his pretty hand and slender fingers.

“Ms. Gu,” Lu Yumo said, bringing his brows together over his nose. Upon closer inspection, she could see a shadow of Lu Jingqing in him. He seemed to have matured a lot. “I’m crazy, and I have a bad temper. Your trick won’t work with me, so if you don’t want the situation to get ugly, stop messing with me.”

When Lu Yushen got down to get water, he bumped into the dark-faced Lu Yumo, who had just finished talking to Gu Yan.

Lu Yumo looked at him with a stern face. Just as Lu Yushen thought he had something to tell him, he peeled his eyes away and went upstairs.

Gu Yan was still standing in the garden. Mama Zhang had finished preparing dinner, so she came out of the villa to go home. When she saw the Valley Orchid in Gu Yan’s hand, she remembered the thing Lu Chuwan had done and her heart skipped a beat. She shouted, “Ms. Gu, what are you doing?!”

Gu Yan was startled for a moment, but she soon calmed herself down. She suppressed the frustration in her heart and glared at Mama Zhang coldly. “You will remove all the flowers in this garden tonight. I want to plant my herbs tomorrow.”

She was going to prepare the herbs for the Chu Family’s entrance examination. The herbs required to concoct the medicine to cure Lu Yushen’s vocal cords were expensive and difficult to grow.

Sunlight and the condition of the soil were extremely important. This garden met all the criteria, and she’d had her eyes on it for a long time.

Mama Zhang was stunned. “Huh? But these flowers are Ms. Fu Zhi’s, and they are…”

Before she could finish her sentence, Lu Yushen appeared. He waved his hand at her, gesturing that she could leave now.

After Mama Zhang left, he turned to Gu Yan and typed, [You can’t touch these flowers.]

“I can’t touch them because Fu Zhi is growing them?”

Gu Yan could barely contain the sadness and rage in her heart as she snarled, “She treated you like a disgrace. She doesn’t care about you, and she will only disappoint you! I, on the other hand, care about you. The herb I’m going to plant here will treat your illness, so Fu Zhi wouldn’t say a word or care even if I replaced all her flowers!”

[But I care.] His gaze was cold, and his lips were tightly compressed. He could taste the iron tang of blood at the back of his throat as he typed on his phone. [I’m not disappointed in her.]

He would never be disappointed in her because she was Fu Zhi.

Even though Lu Yushen did not type the second half of the sentence out, Gu Yan could read it in his eyes.

Everything she had done had failed to make Lu Yushen hate Fu Zhi. He had not avoided Fu Zhi because he hated her, but for the reason that he felt inferior. Besides, he was blaming himself for being unable to stand on Fu Zhi’s side like a normal person as well.

Several times, when Gu Yan had gone to get water at midnight, she had heard a very faint noise come from Lu Yushen’s room.

He was learning how to talk, and because of this, the corners of his lips were swollen.

He’d even started to not let Gu Yan treat him.

“Lu Yushen!” Gu Yan felt so aggrieved that her eyes went red around the rims. “I’m your fiancée!”

Lu Yushen did not stop walking.

“I have a way to make you talk!”

She paused for a moment, looked into Lu Yushen’s bright eyes, and said, “If you can take me to and from school every day and be nice to me, I will teach you how to talk.”

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