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Chapter 283: Don’t Think Everyone Is Stupid

Gu Yan looked at Fu Zhi, her eyes filled with shock.

However, she soon reverted to her normal poised self as she sneered.

It occurred to her that she had overestimated Fu Zhi.

Not only was she not willing to compromise for Lu Yushen, but she also refused to back down.

She reckoned that it must be because she did not love Lu Yushen as much as she did.

“How about this,” said Gu Yan as she sat by her bed. She did not care what Fu Zhi thought anymore and played around with the extrslim black phone in her hand. “I know that girls your age are quite concerned about your reputation. You cannot handle relationships, but I can continue to give your team tutoring lessons and buy luxurious items that you don’t have for you. Therefore, from this day onward, you…”

“No need. I just came to tell you something.” Fu Zhi squinted her eyes as she pushed word after word out of her lips. “Be careful how you speak and act.”

After saying that, she left Gu Yan alone and went back to her room to grow her flowers.

This flower had been specially prepared by her for the Chu Family’s entrance examination. It was a new type of flower that could not be found on the market yet.

Then, Fu Zhao video-called her.

“Autistic disorder is a mental disorder. It requires psychological treatment, and the medicine you’re going to prepare with the Chu Family can only play a supporting role,” Fu Zhao said slowly, observing the expression on his treasured daughter’s face. “Besides, you’re not suitable to treat this kind of disorder, and the Gu Family’s treatment plan is the best based on the current situation.”

A psychiatrist had to be gentle, knowledgeable, and full of patience. Fu Zhi was knowledgeable, but she did not have patience. She would indirectly aggravate the patient’s condition during the treatment process.

Fu Zhao continued to speak while Fu Zhi watered her plant.

She glanced across her desk, and her eyes stopped on the spot where her chair had originally been placed.

Her chair was gone.

Well, technically, she had not lost her chair, as she had seen it in Lu Yushen’s room the other night. However, she had taken a fleeting glance, so she could not be sure either.

Her brother’s condition had gotten worse. He had taken the chair that he had given her back. Not only that, but he’d also been avoiding her recently.

Fu Zhi did not know how to explain these feelings. She felt that something was missing, and her heart was empty.

Keeping her head low, she mechanically dug a hole in the soil and put the seed in it.

Fu Zhao stared at her and continued to speak. “In fact, autism has a strong genetic basis and can be easily passed down from parents to children. However, your adoptive family is very active. If you can find the reason that triggered his autism or some kind of behavior that stimulates his brain, there’s a good chance his condition will improve and he will talk again.”

Fu Zhi just listened and engaged Fu Zhao in an on-off conversation.

Mama Zhang went upstairs and said, “Madam is going to visit Mrs. Xu tonight. What do you want for dinner? I will go prepare it for you.”

“It’s okay. I ate something on my way back,” Fu Zhi replied. She did not have much of an appetite now. “I’m tired, so I want to rest earlier tonight.”

Mama Zhang did not think much of it. After she left Fu Zhi’s room, she went to Gu Yan’s room.

Holding the flower pot in her arms, Fu Zhi sat blankly on the floor.

Fu Zhao observed her expression as he silently pulled out the “365 Ways A Good Father Pleases His Kid”, which was summed up by Fu Jiang.

He flipped through the pages nervously, and after a short while, he closed the book and said cheerfully, “Ah, is my beautiful, elegant, smart, generous Zhizhi baby still there?”

Fu Zhi cocked her head. Her eyelashes were fluttering as she looked at him with a confused expression.

On the other side of the screen, Fu Zhao waved his claws happily. He had no idea why, but he felt that he looked really handsome in the video. After a pause that lasted a few seconds, he added, “I must have rescued countless galaxies and parallel universes in my previous incarnation, right? Otherwise, why else would I have a little fairy as my daughter?”

He tried to imitate the meme on the internet as he continued to speak. “Bullet: Cuteness, Target: Locked—”

Well, he did not know if he’d scored a mark or not, but when Fu Zhao opened fire through the video, he was charmed by himself so much that he nearly fainted.

Fu Zhi did not know what to say.

Her second brother’s condition had become worse, and her biological father had just gone crazy. Fu Zhi felt that she must have enraged the Unlucky God recently.

Gu Yan was not in the right mood for dinner either.

She came down from the third floor. Initially, she wanted to talk to Xu Wei and Lu Jingqing, but Mama Zhang said they had gone to the Xu Family.

Gu Yan found no way to vent the pent-up frustration in her heart. Just as she scratched her head in frustration, she suddenly thought of something and looked at Lu Yumo, who was sitting in the garden right now.

The young man was playing games under a pear tree with withered leaves. He was tall, and his legs were long. He gave off an insouciant air, and the warm light that filtered through the layers of leaves dyed his jawline and Adam’s apple gold.

He kept his speaker on, and it seemed like he was giving orders to his teammate.

The anger in Gu Yan’s heart had not dissipated yet. She walked up to him, knocked on the back of his chair, and said in a commanding voice, “I want to have a word with you.”

She had gotten used to pushing her weight around, but Lu Yumo did not care.

“I’m not free,” he replied. Truth be told, ever since Lu Yushen’s condition had gotten worse, he had more or less been unhappy with Gu Yan.

“It’s about Yushen and Fu Zhi.”

Gu Yan took a deep breath. She stuck her hands into her pockets, assuming a condescending posture.

Her behavior was different from Fu Zhi’s usual indifferent behavior. Lu Yumo could sense that. Even though Fu Zhi was aloof and standoffish with people of her own station, she treated other people with manners and respect. However, Gu Yan was different.

She liked to grade people according to their usefulness to her, and she treated people differently according to their social status. Therefore, even though they had grown up together, Lu Yumo did not like her very much.

“Okay then,” Lu Yumo said as he exited his game. Then, he put his phone down, raised his head to look at Gu Yan, and said indifferently, “What do you want to tell me?”

“Fu Zhi has seriously affected my mood to treat Yushen.” Gu Yan lifted her chin. “If you’re her brother, then you should do your duty and watch over her. Did you know that she kicked my door just now? She doesn’t have any manners, and how the hell am I supposed to help Yushen if she keeps getting in my way?”

Lu Yumo fell silent for a moment, and it took him a short while to understand what Gu Yan was trying to say.

Gu Yan stared at Lu Yumo confidently. After all, no matter how important Fu Zhi was to them, it still could not change the fact that she was an outsider. However, Lu Yumo was Lu Yushen’s brother, and the two of them were connected by blood. It was an easy decision to make. Besides, she had grown up with them, and…

“Hah.” A laugh echoed and tickled her ears.

Gu Yan snapped out of her reverie, and the first thing she saw when she raised her head was two eyes as deep as the abyss.

Unbeknownst to her, Lu Yumo had gotten to his feet, his jaw tightly set. He was very easy-going, but when he became serious, he gave off a dangerous vibe.

“You’ve been paid, so you should do your job as a doctor. If you’re unable to act professionally and can’t cure my brother, then get the hell out of my house. You get me?”

Gu Yan was stunned. She stared at him and asked, “What do you mean by that?”

‘How could he allow Fu Zhi to affect me? Does he not care about his brother?’

“If you can’t understand what I said, then perhaps you’re really not cut out for the job,” Lu Yumo replied as he leaned against the tree. “She just kicked your door. That’s not a big deal at all. My sister is already very lenient with you. Please don’t think too highly of yourself, and stop thinking that everyone is stupid.”

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