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Chapter 282: He Is Not Mute

Gu Yan admitted that she was concerned about her own reputation, but she truly loved Lu Yushen. Every time she saw Lu Yushen get close to Fu Zhi, she would feel as if someone was stabbing her heart with a knife.

However, nobody cared about the way she felt. Right now, even Fu Zhi had taken the spot where she used to sit when she would come to have dinner at the Lu Mansion.

“I already gave Fu Zhi a watch that is worth more than a million, and I even helped her organize the questions for the Physics competition. Otherwise, how is there any possibility she would have gotten a place in the final round with her passive behavior? I bared my soul to her, and this is how she returned the favor? How could she flirt with her own sibling? Does she have no shame whatsoever?!”

She paused for a while before adding, “Don’t get me wrong. I’m not being arrogant or anything. Dad always told me that Lu Yushen is mute and doesn’t deserve me at all, but I’m still devoted to him. I have even forsaken my own pride for a mute person like him!”

Before her mother could say anything in reply, Fu Zhi lifted her legs and sent a kick with a force stronger than the kick she had delivered on Lu Yushen’s door last night.


Gu Yan jerked her head in the direction of the door.

She did not know when Fu Zhi had returned from school, nor did she know how long she had been standing outside her room. She was carrying her bag and holding a cup of bubble tea in her hand. Her brows were tightly frowned, and she seemed seriously displeased.

Gu Yan was just letting go of her anger. She knew she had lost control a little, but she had not expected that Fu Zhi would be listening outside her room.

She felt embarrassed and angry at the same time.

It was rare for her to have these kinds of emotions.

After all, everything had been coming up roses since she was small. She would get her way all the time, and nobody dared to oppose her. She had a good family background and she was smart, not to mention that everyone said she was going to surpass both Z God and her parents in terms of achievements.

She was standing on the pinnacle of the pyramid. She was more excellent than her peers, but she had never once in her life forgotten about Lu Yushen and her intention to protect him.

However, she only wanted Lu Yushen for herself. In other words, Lu Yushen belonged to her. She would rather destroy him than let someone else have him, especially Fu Zhi.

After all, a bad hunch had been stirring in her heart ever since she had learned about her existence.

Mrs. Gu knew it was because of Gu Yan that Lu Yushen’s condition had turned worse. Initially, she had wanted her to apologize to the Lu Family, but Gu Yan had changed the topic and started to pour out her grievances.

Now, Fu Zhi had heard everything…

“Well, although it’s not nice to eavesdrop on other people’s conversations, what’s done is done. I guess you don’t need me to repeat myself,” Gu Yan said as she hung up the call. She licked her lips and set her face in a stern expression. “I don’t feel comfortable with you, and I want you to keep your distance from my Yushen. It’s for everyone’s good.”

She paused for a moment before adding, “After all, you don’t want me to get moody when I’m treating him, do you?”

Gu Yan had come alone to Yu City. She did not have anyone to back her up, so if she did not want anybody to steal Yushen from her, she’d have to be strong.

After all, he belonged to her and her alone. Also, she was certain that there was no girl in this world who would not do something when her fiancé got so close to a girl that was no blood relation of his.

She thought it was good that Fu Zhi had heard the conversation. She was just stating the truth after all.

There was no expression on Fu Zhi’s face. She looked calmly at Gu Yan as she hurled the gift in her hand at Gu Yan’s bed.

The box contained the watch that Gu Yan had given her. Right now, she was giving it back to her.

“First, he’s not mute,” Fu Zhi said, her voice stern. “Second, don’t ever try to threaten me.”

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