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Chapter 280: Disappointed

The following day was a Tuesday.

After Fu Zhi gave Mrs. Xu her prescription, Xu Cheng asked their servant to prepare the medicine.

Mrs. Xu did not feel different after taking the medicine yesterday. The only difference was that when she had gotten out of bed at night, the swelling on her joints had gone down a little.

Xu Cheng heaved a sigh of relief inwardly as he said, “Mrs. Xu Wei and her family are truly impressive. The art of healing that was passed down by our ancestors is even more effective than going abroad for treatment!”

Mrs. Xu was delighted as well. Ever since she’d gotten sick a year ago, she had been tormented by the weakness and excruciating pain that coursed through her whole body. However, with Fu Zhi’s acupuncture and the Chinese medicine working in tandem, her condition had improved. Indeed, people always said one shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but it was only now that she realized how true this phrase was.

Lu Zhiwen learned about Mrs. Xu’s condition the next day.

He then told Bai Yao, “The key to one’s success is also one’s undoing. The relationship between the Xu Family and Jingqing’s family has become better because of Fu Zhi, but it can turn nasty because of her as well. Without the help of the Xu Family, Jingqing wouldn’t have been able to keep his company.”

As expected, the medicine Lu Zhiwen had taken from Chu He began to take effect the next afternoon. Mrs. Xu, whose condition had improved, suddenly began to vomit blood after she took the medicine.

This was something that had not happened before. Not only did she vomit blood, but her body also began shivering, and she broke into a cold sweat.

Then, she lost consciousness, causing the entire Xu Family to descend into chaos.

Everyone could see that Mrs. Xu’s condition had turned worse.

Xu Cheng quickly asked his butler to call Fu Zhi and Lu Jingqing.

The butler said hesitantly, “It seems like Ms. Fu’s medicine is not working. Should we call Dr. Chu and have him come here to check on ma’am as well?”

“Dr. Chu is too arrogant. He’s not as humble and skillful as Master Sun Sanzhen,” Xu Cheng replied as he shook his head.

Lu Zhiwen heard the news very soon and took his phone out to call the police.

Bai Yao was a little worried about it and asked, “Are you sure they won’t be able to get to us?”

“The prescription was given by Fu Zhi, and the herbs were prepared by the Xu Family. Even the doctor in the hospital couldn’t give an exact plan. All we’re gonna do later is keep saying it’s Fu Zhi’s fault, and there’s no way they will suspect us!”

After Lu Zhiwen put on his jacket, he continued to speak, his voice dripping with sarcasm. “It was too moronic of Xu Cheng to believe Fu Zhi. If it were not for him, I wouldn’t have the chance to get revenge. In any case, I will bring the police to arrest that little b*tch first!”

When Fu Zhi visited the Xu Family after school, Xu Cheng was bawling his eyes out, holding tightly his wife’s hand.

There was a bowl on the desk beside him.

“Ms. Fu, what’s going with my wife? She—”

Before Xu Cheng could finish his sentence, Fu Zhi interrupted him. “Mrs. Xu’s immunity system has deteriorated greatly after she got sick. Now that her physical condition has improved, the systems in her body have started to work again to flush the toxins out. That’s why she’s sweating profusely and vomiting blood. It’s my fault for not telling you yesterday, but don’t worry too much, Mr. Xu. There’s nothing wrong with your wife, and she will get better soon.”

While Fu Zhi was talking, her voice was unhurried and full of confidence. She had a calm and cool composure that did not fit her age very well, but it was this calmness that soothed his nerves.

He believed in Fu Zhi.

Fu Zhi would only work with a patient and a family that believed in her. After all, no matter how skilled a doctor was, if he or she was not trusted by the patient or the patient’s family, there was nothing they could do.

Upon seeing that Fu Zhi was taking out her silver needles, Xu Cheng led Lu Jingqing out of the room without any hesitation. “Then please take care of my wife, Ms. Fu.”

Twenty minutes later, the police officers finally arrived at the Xu Mansion.

After Fu Zhi finished the treatment, she walked out of Mrs. Xu’s room and started talking to Xu Cheng.

Lu Jingqing, who was standing aside, raised his head. When he saw the police officers and Lu Zhiwen, a hint of disappointment crossed his eyes and he asked, “What do you mean by this, brother?”

However, Lu Zhiwen did not reply. He looked straight at Xu Cheng and asked, “How is Mrs. Xu doing?”

“She hasn’t woken up yet, but…”

“I knew it!” Lu Zhiwen interjected before Xu Cheng could finish his sentence. Then, he turned to Fu Zhi and smiled coldly at her. “Do you really think you’re a genius doctor? She’s going to recover in half a year? Look what you’ve done! You’re going to pay with your life!”

Lu Zhiwen felt ashamed of his daughter, who had been defeated by a conceited young girl like Fu Zhi.

Fu Zhi glanced at him but did not say anything. At the same time, Xu Cheng was stunned.

Lu Zhiwen still did not know what was going to befall him. He turned to Lu Jingqing and laughed. “Jingqing, your daughter killed Mrs. Xu. You are her guardian and the one who advocated for her to treat Mrs. Xu, so you have to take full responsibility for her death! I can’t protect you this time!”

Lu Zhiwen and Bai Yao had been praising Fu Zhi yesterday, saying that her skills and medicine were superb. Along with Chu He, the three of them had agreed and said that Fu Zhi was the most suitable candidate to save Xu Cheng’s wife. However, he had changed his tune today and said that Fu Zhi was a conceited charlatan.

Xu Cheng, who was smart, had figured everything out. He looked in disbelief at Lu Zhiwen and said, “Aren’t you the one who introduced Ms. Fu to us in the first place?”

“Of course not. If you’re talking about Dr. Chu, then yes. I’m the one who brought him here to check on Mrs. Xu’s condition. As for Fu Zhi, she was brought here by Xu Wei, so what she did has nothing to do with me,” Lu Zhiwen replied, grinning triumphantly and broadly like a Cheshire Cat. Then, he turned to the police officers and said, “What are you guys waiting for? She’s a murderer and a charlatan! I have all the evidence, so hurry up and take her away!”

Leaning against the door, Fu Zhi looked at them calmly as a police officer approached her with a pair of handcuffs in his hand.

Xu Cheng went forward to stop the police officer and said, “I see it now. You have a personal grudge against Ms. Fu, so you’re using my wife’s illness to frame her!”

“Mr. Xu. I know you’re very sad that your wife passed away, but your priority now should be to make the murderer pay the price!”

Lu Jingqing could see the manic light in Lu Zhiwen’s eyes, and it was only now that he realized his brother had been lying when he’d said he was not angry with Fu Zhi for putting his daughter in the reformatory.

Lu Jingqing was disappointed. Even if he had evidence, he still had faith in his brother. He believed that his brother would not do something so evil. However, now…

It seemed like he was wrong.

“Mrs. Xu is fine,” Lu Jingqing said, his disappointment apparent in his eyes. “Brother, your plan has failed.”

“That’s impossible!” Lu Zhiwen did not believe it. After all, Chu He had told him that the attributes of his medicine were not compatible with Fu Zhi’s medicine, and no one in this world would be able to save Mrs. Xu once she took the medicine.

Lu Zhiwen surmised that Lu Jingqing was making excuses for Fu Zhi. “If Mrs. Xu is fine, then why hasn’t she woken up yet? Just plead guilty, brother. Maybe the judge will consider giving you a lighter sentence!”

The police officer pushed Xu Cheng aside and continued to approach Fu Zhi.

Just as he was about to take Fu Zhi and Lu Jingqing back to the police station, the door to Mrs. Xu’s room was slowly opened from the inside. The first thing they heard was a coughing fit, and then Mrs. Xu walked out of the room.

Her physical condition had clearly improved, and her complexion looked healthy.

Lu Zhiwen looked at her in horror as he took a step back.

‘She… She’s still alive? But how is that possible?’ he thought as all color was gone from his face.

Gazing at Lu Zhiwen, Mrs. Xu greeted him. “Mr. Lu.”

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